Friday, September 08, 2006


Who Are You Calling Erica?

Well, it’s been the first week of the school term here so it’s been a bit hectic, I’ve been giving moral support to my mum as she runs round with files and papers looking stressed. She doesn’t like having to get up early in the mornings again instead of sharing a cosy lie-in with me.

We had a surprise visitor yesterday. My mum’s sister (who lives in Cornwall) phoned and said she had to come to London unexpectedly and could she have a bed for the night? It was nice to see her, another person to give me lots of fuss! I spent a lot of time throwing myself down at her feet and begging for tummy tickles. The only thing I don’t like about her so much is that she keeps calling me Erica! She says that any kitty so pretty and so fluffy must be a girly. I find this very offensive. I may be pretty (handsome) and I’m definitely fluffy, but can one not be fluffy and macho at the same time? I am a BOY! Erica, indeed! Next thing she will be trying to tie bows in my fur.

I have some sad news about another Gorgeous Ginger. This is Jaffa.
Jaffa has been a member of the Gorgeous Gingers for a while. Unfortunately, recently Jaffa had a really bad accident. His owner, Michael, had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. Jaffa was only fifteen months old. I know you will all feel as sad for Jaffa and Michael as I do.

We have 36 members of the Gorgeous Gingers at the moment – and a few more waiting to be added. I am going to add a bit about Gorgeous Gingers who have gone to the Bridge, like poor little Jaffa and the lovely Trixie.

Oh, Fat Eric! Being called a girl! At least you got lots of loving cuddles from her.
The beans are not at all mad about Red Auerbach. In fact, they were worried that they might have offended your beans.
Our Grandma is English and she doesn't baseball either, and she's lived in Red Sox Nation longer than she lived in England...
My Mum wants to kiss your little ginger dimple.*sigh* It's so embarrassing...
Sorry to hear about Jaffa.
i'm extra fluffy an extra cute an extra cuddly an i'm a boy. not only girls is purrty, SO THERE to Fat Eric's Mum's Sister!

What happened to poor cute Jaffa? That's so sad - the same age as my 3 babies.
servant to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
Our hearts go out to Jaffa and his people. Its always so sad.
We have a great gramma who always calls us girls & she & her and all those girl terms because she says cats are "always" girls! Geez. If thats true, where do baby cats come from?
Sheesh Eric you would think your own beans relatives would know you are a boy. Even human males have long hair, does she call a Patrick, Patty?

Hope your mum is adapting to going back to work. I wish mum could stay home and play all the time too.

So sad to hear about Jaffa. It is not good when a kitties life is so short.
Next time she calls you Erica, roll over and show her the goodies. Or just lick yourself. That gets their attention.

I am really sorry about Jaffa :( 15 months is too young.
Ohh don't let anyone call you a girlie name. That's jus not right ya know. Poor Jaffa. That am so sad.

Hmmf! You would think that your own relatives could remember that you are a manly man of a cat. I am so sad to hear about poor Jaffa.
I am sorry to hear about Jaffa.

Of course you are a manly cat! I can't believe the lack of sensitivity! Look at GK: he prances around in a boa for crying out loud.
oh, fur heffen's sake! of course you are a big, catly, man-cat. some beans is just silly.

glad to hear your mum and you are better. too bad about the biscuits. perhaps she could leave them outdoors for wandering kitties who are not quite so sophisticatted?

please tell your mum we appreciated her boston pictures. our mommy showed them to us and 'splained about some of them. she & daddy went there on their 25th anniversary five years ago, and they saw lots of the same places. she says it was nice to revisit them again and see some new places, too.

so sorry to read about poor little jaffa. we will purrray for his beans' comfort!

be good to mum, now--the little monsters can be QUITE trying, and she will need extra lovins from you.

best fishes--
edmund percival
Eric, I think you are quite manly and handsome. So does Georgia!
Eric, if they are making you feel less than manly, you can come by our home and we three girls will make you feel like a man again.
Oh Eric, please pass along our purrs and nuzzles to Michael. We are purring for Jaffa.
Oh Eric the indignity of it. Once more of calling yoo Erica and yoo want to show yer mum's sister yer claws. Do yoo call her Auntie?
We's reely sorry to heer bout poor Jaffa and we's sending purrs to Michael.
Aw.....the poor sweet little thing. And there sahe is hugging her little oink teddy bear. That`s so sad :o(

The next time she calls you Erica pounce on her foot. Maybe that will get her attention that you are a MALE cat. Cause you are a mighty handsome dude.

I am sorry for Jaffa, she was to young to have to go. But if her Dad thought it best I guess it's best she don't suffer.

When I was still a stray living under Ma's porch she called me "Emma". I looked big and fluffy and was very calm so silly Ma thought I was female. Once I decided to move in for good I gave Ma a real surprise. I was laying in the bed cleaning myself and Ma saw clearly I was not an Emma but a "Guy".

Many kitty tears for Jaffa and his family.
ERIC HELP! She's making me diet again! -Shaggy
We haves relatives who call boy cats or dogs "she/her" and girl cats or dogs "he/him". We don't know why they can't get it straight!

We are furry sorry to hear 'bout Jaffa. Please let his dad know that we are purrin' for him.
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