Sunday, October 01, 2006


A Poem To Share

My mum was given a book of poems yesterday. They were written by an English lady a long time ago in the 1930s, but have only just been rediscovered and published. One of the poems is about a cat and my mum and I rather like it, so we decided to share it with you. We hope you like it too.

Benedict Bishop Benjamin Binns
- Here, the tale of his life begins -
Clad in a velvet coat as black
As the gathered soot at the fireplace back
Owned two humans he found one day
When, frightened and cold, a trembling stray
Over the shed he found his way
Into a home where he came to stay.

First they gave him a saintly name
After a bishop of mighty fame.
Such a sedate, superior cat
Merits a given name like that!
“Benedict Bishop” his grave look wins;
But, when they knew him so full of sins
Scrapper, and haunter of old dustbins
He came down with a run to “Benjamin Binns”.

Everyone said, “What a handsome cat!”
Benjamin Binns was used to that;
Often a-neighbouring he would go
Everyone loved and admired him so!
But he loved the best his Missus, and Ganna
For them he reserved his most loving manner;
And, late in life, he took under his banner
A wee little kit as yellow as manna.

For sixteen years he ruled the place
Huge and beautiful, full of grace,
And beloved by folk upon every side
Till, old and tired, our Benjamin died.
Benjamin Binns now sleeps at ease
Under the pink flowered chestnut trees
But I think in the Happy Hunting Ground
His spirit awaits the joyous sound
Of a yellow kitty's eager bound
To join his Ben in the heavenly round.


P.S. Please go and visit Gemini and her family. They have had some bad news and need your kind thoughts.

That is a furry nice poem. We have already been over to visit Gemini and Georgia. Given them some extra purrs.
Great poem thanks for sharing.
Love the poem. Love British Literature. You should link this to the Weekend Cat Blogging and share.

I made a post on Pet Prayer and Praise for little Georgia.

Also, Tilly of the Tower Hill Mob is very, very sick today. Mom Kate says she will go to the vet tomorrow and may have to be helped to the Bridge.

Lots to prayer for.
Loved it! Already been to Gemini's and Tilly's as well.
that was a lovely poem, eric. thanks furry much for sharing.

and thanks for the paws-up about gemini's sweet georgia. we are purring and purrraying!

meows from the meowers--
nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Thank you Eric and thank your Mom too for sharing the poem. It was so nice. My mom said she likes the older type of writing than what they write like today. Ooops, she has to go out to watch the sunset. She is a sucker for sunsets. This one is all golden like. Thanks again for the poem

it's a lovely poem - thank you for sharing it.
I put a linky to your poem post on WCB, Eric. :) Furry nice poem!
How beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Isn't it amazing to think of kitties who lived so long ago, loved by their humans.
We liked it, too! :-)

~ turtle, moose and nala
Oh it's a furry beautiful poem. Thank you so much for thinking of us, Eric!
Oh that is a very beautiful poem.
Thas a purrty poem! Thanks for sharing!
Hi Eric. Thanks for your comments about Mr Crumples. I've asked Oscar to get his mum to tell Mr Crumples new beandad about catblogging. I thought Mr Crumples might be interested in having his own blog! But if not, I hope he'll send us the occasional picture + update to post. :)
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