Sunday, November 26, 2006


Lots of News

It has been a mixed weekend in the cat blogosphere. We are all sad because lovely ginger Tilly has gone to the Bridge. We are all happy because it looks like little KC is going to be all right after her terrible illness. There is always something changing. Sometimes our kitty friends don't feel very well, like KC, Mittens and Brendan. Sometimes our kitty friends have to get used to new cats in the house, like Mu Shue, Bubbles, The Rat and Sooner. It is good that we have so many online friends who are kind and supportive.

It has been fairly busy here. My dad has been away for the weekend on a trip with Uncle Sim, so I have been keeping my mum company. Yesterday she slept late (it being a Saturday) and when she woke up I was all snuggled up asleep with her. She thought that my dad must have fed me early when he left, otherwise I would have been jumping all over her asking for breakfast. So she was surprised when she got downstairs and found out I had not been fed. She thought I must be ill if I wasn't demanding my food, but in fact I just fancied snuggling more than food at that moment. I scoffed my late breakfast, so she knew I wasn't ill!

It has been mild and autumnal here, but this morning we had a big storm. We got woken up by the rain beating on the windows, and then it turned into hailstones, which were even noisier. Then there was some thunder and lightning. I haven't been outside much this week, it has been too wet in the garden for my tastes.

At lunchtime today, after the rain stopped, I was looking out of the window at the garden and I saw something shocking! The Tabby Terror and one of the Small Black Kitties were sitting on the shed roof again. They were washing each other in a very conspiratorial way. To my horror, my mum walked down the garden towards them and tried to talk to them (I was pressed up against the window mewing Chase them away, mum!) The Tabby Terror backed off from her but the Small Black Kitty came and patted her hand with his paw, so she...she...(I can't say it)...she gave him some of my treats! If she behaves like that, how are the Evil Intruder Kitties going to know that they are Not Welcome in My Garden?

Today I made my mum stop doing school work and get on with adding new kitties to the Gorgeous Gingers page. There are lots more members of the GGs now, including Nitro, Ace and Skittles and Mu Shue. We also moved sweet Tilly from the GG page to the Rainbow Gingers. We hope we don't have to move any of our other kitty friends there for a while. Purrs to all for a peaceful week.

Wow, lots of news. Thanks for mentioning Mittens. She is fine today, sleeping on Momma's bed.

I worry a bit about your Momma feeding your treats to the intruder. Sounds like a good way to make friends and have them come back.

Not good when your mum is nice to the intruder kitties. They will just keep coming back looking for more treats.
Yoo are just going to haf to tell yer mum straight. SHE IS NOT TO GIVE YER TREATS TO EVIL INTRUDER KITTIES. Just what is this werld coming to? We had that storm in the night. We thought sumbuddy wuz throwing fings at the windows cuz it wuz so noisy, an then all the flashies and boomies started up, an we just cudn't get to sleep.
Demand that you have access to those treats so you can eat them all so there are no more treats to be given! Ignore her when she comes in from giving away YOUR cat treats to nasty little intruders. Eric, you MUST MUST MUST stand your ground!
Oh, Eric, I don't know about that treat-feeding business. After all, it is an alien cat.

Unless he's really a fun-loving tiny black boy like me--that could be kinda fun!
Hey,lots of news about kitties!!
And wanna some more news about my kitties!! then check out this post on my adorable kitties. I hope you all will like it...

Fat eric wants to snuggle befour, we wuld have thaught yoo were sick too! Gud thing yer ok and just wanted to hug yer lady!!
It's not been good kitty-"goin' out-side wevver" this week, has it? We was lucky, cos the big wind and nasty bangin' thunder stuff didn't affect us much here in the west of England. My humans said it was worse over your way. But it was bad enuff to put me right off going outside. It's Bad News that your mum is actually encouraging those Evil Intruder kitties. The Evil Intruder next door to me often gets petted by my humans(oh, the betrayal!!). But I sees him off good and proper if he comes anywhere near my back door an' MY FOOD! Good luck, Eric...
She gave him some of your TREATS?!? No!! The horror!! I hope you nipped her ankle when she came in (or at least gave her the cold shoulder). Eric, you'd better be careful or you will end up with a sibling, make no mistake!
~ turtle
No treats fur the introoder kitties! Not a gud fink Eric! Those are yurs!!!

Oh it does not sound good that your mom is feeding treats to the intruders. That is how intruders become family members!
What!!! Your Mum gave TREATS away? I can't believe it.

Now food, that's a necessity for kitties that might be hungry, but TREATS, no way. Those are yours and it's up to you if you want to share them!

Maxwell Smartkitty
this is bad. our Lady gives treats to a nayburr kitty an the nayburr kitty now comes rite up the stairs an starts meowin' fur treats. plus, one time she walked rite in our front door an then had the nerve ta hiss an growl AT US!
I think ya need to have a good talk with your Mum. Tell her that if she's gonna give treats to the in-troo-ders you are gonna come to San Francisco where the crab is fresh, the greenies are in every pet shop and a floofy tummy is respected!

AAACCCKKK!!! Feeding evil intruding kitties your treats? How dare her!
Don't those Evil Intruder Kitties HAVE a home? Down the street? Don't they have their OWN humans to give them treats?

What WAS your mum THINKING?!?

You don't go around giving away HER stuff!!

Hmpf!! And after you chose to snuggle with her and let her sleep in instead of jumping on her and waking her for breakfast.

That's ungrateful, is what THAT is!!!
We don't think this looks good. Mums should not be giving away YOUR treats right in front of you. If she MUST give them treats at all, she should at least have the common decency to give them CHEAP treats or some that you dont' like. It's only right.
I think your human lady pet is up to something. Feeding strange cats in front of you sounds almost torturous. Have you been good lately? Perhaps she is trying to get some subtle payback for something you did...hmm...
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