Monday, November 06, 2006


Lucky Bounce

Something unprecedented happened tonight.

The evening was going much as usual. My mum came home from work. She fed me. I pinned her to the floor for half an hour so that I could have some quality lap time. My dad came home from work. I licked his hair. My mum cooked dinner. The humans sat down at the table to eat. I took up my usual position under my mum's chair. I like to sit there because, you never know, there's a possibility that food may fall off the table and I like to be in a good position for getting to it. Unfortunately, my humans are fairly tidy eaters so they don't usually drop their food on the floor, but I enjoy the smell of the food anyway. Tonight's menu was expensive Waitrose sausages, garlic mashed potatoes and beans.

But then! Just as they were getting to the end of the meal, my mum tried to spear a juicy piece of sausage with her fork. Somehow, the piece of sausage bounced off her fork at an angle, flew off the plate, bounced off the edge of the table, flew through the air...and landed on the floor exactly half an inch in front of my nose.

My mum looked down at me.

I looked at the chunk of juicy sausage, then up at her, then back at the sausage. Disbelief was written all over my furry little face. I couldn't believe my luck.

Guess what happened next?

I know I'll be stationed under her chair again tomorrow night...I've heard there's chicken on the menu.

...licks lips contentedly...

Woo Hoo! The only way that could have been better was if it had landed right in your mouth!
oooh, how nice! we'll be hopin' yur momma's on sum kinda messy trend an drops lots more stuff - yum!
Niiicccceeee! I try to trip Mom when she is cooking. I have gotten her to drop a lot of food this way. All of us sit around her chair too when she eats, but she doesn't drop much then.

Wow! That is a lucky bounce. Let us know how it goes tomorrow night with the chicken....
That's awesome Eric. Waitrose is good stuff. Well done.
What great luck! Hope it was as tasty as it sounds!
ooooooh-bangers'n'mash! we has that at our house sometimes, and the beans allus gives us some! mmmmmmmmmm!
Oh Eric, you were furry lucky!
But the chicken is not shaped round like the sausage, is it? And it won't bounce off the plate pretty easily. But good luck to your waiting game again tonight.
Heh, Heh. Pinned her down on the floor!! We can just picture it!!
What a wonderful chain of happenstance with the sausage! The food gods were on your side!
You are the luckiest kitty in the whole world!
We never have good stuff like snauges at our house. My person is a veggie-ma-tarian.

That's beyond lucky, Eric! I'm glad to see you made it safely through Guy Fawkes night, too.
wow talk about luck. I been know not to be so nice for chicken. I been know to well Jump on tables take my chicken and run as fast as my paw will let me. Lilly Lu has this begging for ice cream trick that everyone thinks is so cute the give into her. You should see her in Full beg mode wiff her paw waveing ICE CREAM
Yoo are such a grate storie tellur! And sawsage...We can onlie imajine how yummy sawsage is! Way to be on the luk out and ready fur actshun at all time. Congratulashuns on a sawsage well desurved. Next up, yummy chicken!
o, Eric, how very lucky u is.
good luck wif tha chick-ken tomorrow.
I usually just stare ma down or roll over and show her my cute tummy for a handout. Under the chair wouldn't work at all. You are so lucky!
Good for you Eric. Bet it sure was good. My favorite is chicken, Mom lets me have some when they have that for dinner cause she knows how much I like it.

Oh, lucky you! And chicken on the menu for tomorrow, - yum! Good luck!

Lucky Eric!!!

I hope the chicken bounces for you too!
It was a miracle! We can just picshur the surprise written on yur face. Chicken is the bestest. Here's keeping our paws crossed that somefin flies frew the air again.
Oooooh, sausage! We LOVES sausage nearly as much as ham!
Good luck with the chicken. Try to get a gravy-covered piece...
Hoo hoo! Well fielded, Eric!
The mere smell of home cooked chicken is enough to get me out of my cosy bed, and has me gazing pleadingly up at my beans, as they scoff their chicken dinner. I love the smell. Sadly, they never drop any, however, but no matter - I always get my own little chicken piece - all to myself! I just have to wait 'til it's cooled down enough not to burn my furry little gob... but "drool"!!
P.S. Not too keen on sausages, pork, lamb or beef personally - just chicken or turkey for me.

Yu are one lucky poodin!

That was indeed very lucky. We are goingto try sitting under our Mom's chair and wait for our own lucky bounce.
hope your lucky streak continues tomorrow with the chicken (paws crossed for you)
nothing worse than just getting peas or other boring stuff like that.........
that was furry lucky furr yoo Eric. We hope that chicken bounces furr yoo tonight. I don't sit under the chair, I sit beside it and gaze lovingly at dad. Mum tells me to stop scrounging, but dad is a soft touch. Flynn just goes to bed and doesn't bother about getting extra food.
(Big) Eric
Lucky bounces are good. Hope you gots more goodies tonight.
You can't fight fate, Sir Eric. I hope your human understands that this incident was just meant to be. She might as well give you the sausage and the chicken, because as anyone can see, you're going to get some anyway.
nice work!
I'm not sure what Waitrose sausage is, but it sounds good! I'd definitely stay by the chair and see if fortune favors you again tonight.

All smart kitty's know where to sit.
Mmmm sausage something's are worth waiting for.
You lucky boy! ;)
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