Sunday, November 05, 2006


Noisy Weekend

I need some earplugs. London is a very, very noisy place to live this weekend. Today is the 5th of November, which means it is Guy Fawkes Night. The humans have fun and go to bonfires and watch all the fireworks being let off. Unfortunately, some of the humans always get carried away and we have fireworks going off all over the place for days beforehand. My mum says it has sounded like our street is under attack from shellfire every night for the last week. Bang! Bang! Bang! all evening! I am normally a very laid-back cat but even I get a bit twitchy about all the banging noises. Cats (and woofies) of a more nervous disposition are hiding under beds all over Britain.

My humans are keeping all the doors and windows shut to try to minimise the noise. They don't buy fireworks to let off in the garden, but they will probably go down to the big firework display outside the Town Hall tonight. My mum says the fireworks and bonfire here are not as much fun as going to the village bonfire and fireworks on the beach where Cornish Grandma lives.

*Sigh* At least all the banging noises will stop after tonight, until next year!

By the way, have you met Copper yet? She is a very small, very cute Gorgeous Ginger. And Geoffrey is feeling poorly - he needs some purrs!

Hi My name is Mu shue and I a ginger kitty too can I join your group I look like you come and meet me
We get to hear all of the firecrackers on July 4th. We don't like that day.

We sympathize. Firecrackers are not fun for pets. They are scary to most, and just plain annoying to others. (I suspect people feel similarly.)
~ turtle
Our Mommas friend, Sue, who lives in Lougton hates all the noise and her kitties hate it too. Good excuse to cuddle, Eric.

Hi Eric
I survived Guy Fawkes Night too. My strategy was to sleep through the whole thing in my cosy bed near the gas fire. When I'm awake the loud bangs scare me a bit and my ears twitch a lot, but I canalways seek refuge on my lady bean's lap! Trouble is, the fireworks seem to extend over about 3 weeks over here in the Bristol area, so I don't share your optimism about it all being over til next year. I'm probably going to be grounded for ages yet!
We don't get too much trouble wiv the fireworks cuz we hafn't got enny houses near us. We hear them furrom the houses in the village and we can see the flying ones. Mum finks I am unusual cuz I like to watch them. I like watching lightning too. Flynn duzn't like it and hides behind the sofa. We hear it for about 2 weeks befurr and 2 weeks after.
we neffur heard 'bout Guy Fawkes Night, but then we don't get out much. we gots firewerks on July 4, but the Lady duzzn't haf anyfing ta do wif 'em. ack-shully, she stays home wif us an vacuums. we're scared of the vacuum noise too, but at least it's a constant noise an we're used ta hearing it, plus it covers up the scary booms.
Mom tried to post a comment last night but blooper wouldn't let her. Anyhow she clicked on Guy Fawkes Night and found the reading interesting. Sounds like our 4th of July. There isn't any fireworks allowed where we live so I haven't heard them and don't know what they are. But New Years Eve there are gun shots shot off and that's kind of loud, especially if they are shot around us.

It gets noisy like that here around the 4th of July. Noisy for days on end. But where I live isn't that noisy.
thanks. we think we're gonna be neglected fureffur now cause the Lady an all the teenagers can't stop ooohing an awwwing offur Copper. what about us? it's dinner time an they're glued ta their 'puters.
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