Sunday, November 12, 2006


Return of the Evil Intruder Kitties


Remember the
Evil Intruder Kitties who like to hang out in my garden and annoy me? The most recent intruders have been the two Small Black Kitties who live at number 29. Well, the intrusions have been particularly bad in the last few days.

Exhibit 1: One of the Small Black Kitties lurking on the roof of our shed.

Now, this is particularly evil since't jump up on the shed roof on account of my build not, I don't want to get up there anyway! But that doesn't make it all right for Evil Intruder Kitties to sunbathe on the shed roof!

The plot thickens. A totally new Evil Intruder Kitty has appeared in the garden this week. He is a floofy tabby cat and he looks pretty big, and mean with it! So far we have glared at each other through the living-room window, but that's all.

Imagine my horror when I looked out the window this morning to see...

Yes! It's the Tabby Terror, plotting with one of the Small Black Kitties! I didn't realise they were in league with each other! I sent my mum out immediately to see if she could listen in to their evil plotting, but unfortunately they heard her coming...

Look at the evil glare the Tabby Terror is giving can just tell he is up to no good!

I am going to have to keep a furry close eye on this alarming situation, and I may have to call for reinforcements to help me out.

My humans left me in charge of defending the house this morning, and went to a model railway show. For some reason, my dad gets very excited when my mum lets him get his train set out in the spare room. I think they met lots of other nutty train people there. My mum says that she knows Bonnie & Victor's humans like model trains too, so she has put some photos up here in case they (or anyone else) wants to see them. She has also put up some photos of her recent trip to Paris here. She says she and her sister had lots of fun there, apart from the incident with the poisoned mushroom crêpe.

Hope all kitties have a safe weekend with no Evil Intruder Cats to worry about!

Where are you? Your post reads 11/12/06. Good to hear from you. Visit again. Louise and Nugget
He Eric, what for kitties are that? Male or female?
I think, when I see them on the picture so next to each other, it must be females.

And when it are indeed females, then you know why they are there.
They want you!!!!
First was the black one, now the marbled one. I'll give it a week, and the roof of the shred is loaded wit females.
Oh, dear! That tiger looks VERY thuggy. You can tell that just from the look on his face. If I were you, I'd stay inside and protect my food bowl. We can teleport over to help if there's gonna be a fight...
WOW evil lurking! need to put a stop to this or your shed roof will be crowded with intruders. Maybe Mette is right....perhaps a harem is gathering, but on the other hand it could be that you're being spied on! You could ask your mum to weaken the shed roof, then they'd just sort of drop through and be caught underneath for questioning, or if you wanted to be really mean, you could put a bath of water under.....that would either shock them into submission if they're spies, or cool their ardour if it's a harem! (Unless, of course, you're interested in a harem, but if so, rmemeber that they would probably expect some of your food!)If you see 3 at one time, start getting REALLY worried, send us a massage and we'll be there to help!
Jasmin and Saffi xx
Something is definitely afoot!
I felt the same way about Mistrie, you know, but she turned out to be a pretty nice girl. She has good manners and knows her place. Maybe you should give them a chance.

Uh-oh,looks like you got trouble. Me and Flynn will be right up to help you out. Flynn is so fast he can run circles around them, and between us two Erics, we have 42lbs of weight we can use on them to push them out once Flynn has got them dizzy.
Dude! If you need some floofy weight, I'll be over to Wolf-in-toe as quick as I can teleport.

Mum is feeling a little better and I'm so glad she helped me see your terrible sitoo-ashun.


We hear you we got a new sutiootion about to happen in the spare room. I telling you it evial inture coming
Obviously up to no good & a plotting on the roof - plot plot plot written all over their faces.
Good luck Eric
Eric my friend. Those creatures are up to no good. It's plain as the nose on your face. You need to get them gone. I can't help you much because I'm an inside cat on the other side of the planet but I'd suggest you hire a couple of really tough magpies to beak them a couple times, or perhaps you could have a few pigeons dive bomb them. Else you'll have to hire a DOG to sit in your backyard for a few days.
Eric, mate - it's a tough old world outside our front doors (& back doors too!). I'd love to give you a paw so's we could jointly expel these invaders, but I got a few probs in that line of my own. P'raps you could give me a hand to give the old "heave-ho" to a few pretenders to the throne of Queen Tinker, if I help you out. It's true that like your goodself, I don't look or act very athletic these days(owing to my enforced diet of salmon, turkey, chicken, catnip treats etc, combined with a total lack of exercise) but I have been known to move like Spidercat up the fence at the bottom of my garden in pursuit of an Evil invader kitty. You should've seen my humans' jaws drop a mile when I made it onto the bungalow roof behind the fence (woo-hoo!!). So don't underestimate your prowess - maybe you've still got what it takes once the adrenaline takes over. Good luck anyway - hope you can nip this invasion in the bud - call if you need help - I'm only down the other end of the M4!
No evil intruder cats, just snow, which shows lotsa bunny tracks. That tabby DOES look evil - no relative of ours! I'd hide behind Bonnie an let her talk to them.

We sawed your train show pics. Nice details on those layouts. Mom & Dad espeshully like "traction" - the seafront layout wif overhead wires for the trollies. The modeler did a great job of capturin that time an place. Lots of people on the layouts really make them good. An yur beans got good pictors. Our train show was good, too. Mom & Dad run N scale but sawed efurryfing from Z to G (for Garden) running. Also sumone brot a 1/3 size steam engine, but can't run it indoors. My boy wants to make a Z-scale loop in a cigar box cuz he saw sum at the show. Purrs!
Your intruders certainly are bold. And what a look to give the camera! They act as though they own the place!
Hmmm - those kitties don't seem very friendly - definitely plotting!
Yeah, you are getting an in-fess-tation!
This is getting to be a matter of Ginger pride. I just hope your Mum & Dad aren't giving them treats or somthin'

this is a furry bad sit-you-a-shun! we gots a purroblem wif the nayburr kitty. she follows our Lady up the stairs an asks fur pettin', but twice she walked rite in the front door when the Lady opened it ta come in! an then ya know what? she stood there an growled at US! she wuz intrudin' in our house an we wuz bein' polite an just lookin' at her an she wuz growlin' at us. ya gotta watch out!

the Lady liked yur picshures. she an the teenagers all love minny-a-chures of any kind. the oldest teenager got ta go ta Paris so the Lady's gonna show her those picshures too.
Hi Eric! Thanks for coming by our blog! That IS very alarming about the Evil Intruder Cats. We used to have many of those in our old house but not so much. If you need reinforcements, we'll be there to help defend your turf!

We've added you to our blogroll & we'll be back often to visit.
Oh no, not intruders. We hate intruders. Bubbles will fight them to the death.
Its a conspiracy! We had an evil intruder Kitty also!
Good luck with those evil intruders! That one looks like it has vicious eyes!
We haf a problem with evil intruder kitties too. Mommy talked to me one day and told me that the house was my den and my food and fresh water would always be there and I'd never haf to share my toys.
Now they don't bother me. Weird. Half the time I walk by when they look in my door and don't even go over!
You must defend your turf Fat Eric! Thanks goodness my mommy understands and won't let them in my house.
Intruders are never good. They can take attention.
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