Monday, November 20, 2006


So Much Going On

I am sorry I haven't blogged for a few days but there has just been so much going on! My mum has been stressing out all weekend because she was getting ready to take her class at school to the British Museum today to see the Egyptian mummies. She did lots and lots of work to get everything ready for the visit (meaning that I didn't get nearly enough fuss this weekend) and then this morning, when she got to school, she found out that the railway line into central London had been shut down (signal failure!) and so they couldn't go after all! Her class were very disappointed, but luckily she managed to arrange for them to go in 3 weeks' time instead. Phew! I am furry relieved that total disaster has been averted. Silly railways.

Then, my dad didn't go to work today, which surprised me. Instead, he went to the airport and he came back with Uncle Sim from Montana! I was even more surprised because they hadn't told me that Uncle Sim was coming for a flying visit. Another purrson to give me fuss, hooray. And although he hasn't unpacked his bags yet, I think I can smell Feline Greenies in there somewhere! He is asleep with the jetlag thingy at the moment but as soon as he wakes up I am going to hassle him for the treats. I like it when we have visitors from Mericky because they always bring me treats!

My mum has also been busy writing a story all about me for Skeezix's Tales of Devoshun contest. I like this story because it is all about me. You can read it here if you are interested. I would say "Vote for me!" but there are lots of other great stories in the contest so it is a hard choice.

New Gorgeous Gingers are still signing up all the time. Have you met Ace and Skittles yet? They are two ginger brothers blogging in Canada and they have some cute pictures on their blog. Also, have you seen the very very funny post about Copper the ginger kitten and her sister Jojo playing in the washing machine? It made us laugh a lot.

So much going on...and when it isn't being too rainy or windy I have decided to guard the shed in case the Evil Intruder Kitties want to come back and sit on it. Here I am guarding the shed...

You are very handsome in that picture. It looks like it's still warm there --- we are having snow flurries today! Brrrrr.
Not The Mama says you look like you're posing for a new cat calendar!
That's funny -- he says I should be in next year's "Bad Cat". Hmpf.
Meow for now ~ Daphne
You are doing a good job of guarding the shed from the evil intruder kitties.
if ya like Feline Greenies lots, we could send ya a case of 'em. they're all offur the place here.

we read yur story in the contest - it wuz furry sweet! we hazn't voted yet cause it's so hard ta decide. they's all so good!
Nothing is going to get past you, Eric!
Oh Eric, it sounds like you are going to have good company!

I just can't vote with all the great tales of devoshun! Too many really good ones.
Keep those intruders away FE. They need to learn to stay out of your garden.

Bummer that your mum didn't get to take the kid to the museum. Mum says it is furry good.

And your furiends Ace and Skittle, they list me as one of the blogs they like. And I didn't even know about them. Guess I better go and say 'HI'.
oh feeline greenies yummy i get them every night for taking my medison in a treet. yummy

lick lips

mu shue
Ooooh yoo are lucky to get greenies. We had some furrom Grr Midnight and Cocoa when we won their competition. Eric wasn't fussed about them, but I luvved them. I asked mum to bring me home a sackload furrom Mericky when they were there, but she didn't.It looks like yoo are doing a good job guarding the shed furrom those Evil Intruder Kitties.Mum sed to tell yoo that she luvs yer pichur on wordless wednesday on 1st. Nov. wiv yer legs all stretched out. We luvs all yer pichurs though. We hafn't seen Ace an Skittles yet so we will go an visit them.
You'll stop anyone in their tracks Eric! No one will get by you.

I wuz wonderin the same fink as Daphne -- what kinda weather R yu havin? It looks so green and boo-t-full where yu R guardin off the evil introodurer kitties. I can't see any kitties gettin past yu! Yu make a furry gud guard!*Abby
You look like a great guard! I hope you got lots of treats from your Uncle!
Oh Eric, you look very menacing. I bet you are a terrific guard cat.
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