Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

Rocky the Gutter Cat invented Widebody Wednesday. You can see other WW posts today by Rocky, Grr, Big Eric, Mrs. B, Ed and Gizzy.

My mum went to the v-e-t this evening to pick up some more Advocate (that stuff she puts on the back of my neck once a month to keep the creepy-crawlies away). She has to buy the "Advocate for large cats, 4kg - 8kg", even though I actually weigh 10kg. Apparently they don't make "Advocate for XXL cats, 8 kg+".

My friend Tipper wanted to know what Waitrose sausages are. Here you go, Tipper. And may I just say again the sausage was De-lish-us!!! Last night, none of the chicken actually fell on the floor, but I was such a good boy that I got some chicken and gravy in my bowl. Don't tell the diet-pushing v-e-t!

You have a nice wide body Eric! And it looks like you have some nice toys too!
I like wide body. You have a very plushy wide body indeed.
I Gotta get in this widebody wednesday thing!!!! -Shaggy
I didn't know that there is a *new* way to show off! Here is a link to a post from this past summer, I think is show off my best side to best advantage.

Hey, tell your vet you're just big boned, and keep that chicken coming!!!!
My mommy loooooooooooves WideBody Wednesday!
Ohhhhh, soooo much fluffinessssss.
you has the floofiest tummy! our Lady wants ta cuddle you an put her face in the floofiness. an, ya know what? she went back ta visit Copper AGAIN 2 times today, effun though there aren't any new posts! she's addicted ta that little fluffy ginger kitten.

good goin' on the chicken an gravy - mmmmmmmmmm!
did some kitt say Gravy and chickenn YUUMMMY counted me in!!!! I love gravey and I love chicken and I not a fan of those deit pushing vets I ment to be fluffy. If I fluffy then there more of me to luff.
Chicken is healthy. It's a white meat, it says so on the talky box. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko kO
MMMM, chicken! One of my favorites. Mom and Dad usually share with me (and Bathsheba) when they have that for dinner.

Your white tummy looks like a nice fluffy white pillow. That's a good thing!

Ohhh chicken, yum. Mum gives me some when she cooks that too, but usually not with gravy.
Oh Eric, you are the most handsome of the widebody Wednesday cats! Giggle.
Very impressive, Eric. Good going on the chicken and gravy. I certainly won't tell your vet about it. I love all that ginger and white floofiness.
I agree with One of Us. Chicken is very healthy for you and they make lots of cat food with it. Now gravy, that's another subject. But I think just a little wouldn't hurt now and then. I see what you mean about the sausages. They do look yummy, but we hardly ever get stuff like that in our house 'cause Mom has something called "'klestrol", but I don't have 'klestrol, so I don't see why I can't have sausage if I want some!

BTW, you have a most impressive tummy!

ohhh!...(stands back in admiration)...what a magnificent undercarriage you got there, Eric!
You kinda remind me of a partially exploded feather cushion, lying there on the floor like that. I'm in no position to talk, I look like a beached whale in that position, and no floofy fur to blame it on either...must be all the chicken I eat (burp!!).

Yours in kinship.....Tinker ("Two Tums")
Forgot to lady bean puts Frontline on my neck to stop the creepy crawlies coming. I hates it 'cos it makes my little eyes water. I usually need to run outside straightaway til the fumes wear off!
See, my mom would be kissing that tummy by now!
Yummy Tummy
Eric, dear, remind the vet that it's important to get a WIDE variety of foods in yur diet.
I've heard rumblings of my beans going to Mill-walky for a train show this weekend - Trainfest. Have your Dad take pictures and our beans can talk later. Trains! Indeed! Don't they realize we cats are much more important?
Wide body is good on you coz there's so much more beautiful furs of yurs to rub.
Sue left the following on our comments. Don't know if you saw it or now.

if your humans want to come and have a cup of tea on their way to the model railway show, they will be most welcome.

Eric you are looking fit and fantastic as always!
Sue's email address is:
I know she would love to hear from you.

CalicoMom Toni
Hi Eric. As usual, Jasmine says you are gorgeous.

I was just thinking that you must love your wicker mousy furry much because he features in many photos!
Hi Eric, hope this will get posted. Mom tried to comment on your Monday post but it wouldn't go through. Blooper she gets weird sometimes. Anyway it sure sounds like you got good stuff to eat. Mom and Dad had chicken tonight. My favorite, and I got some. I won't tell you got to eat good stuff.

Mom wanted to say sure gets weird. Maybe she's the one that's weird. Anyhow, yea it went through.

Oh Eric! I love your WW picture! Can I borrow you? I am in need of a new pillow! Is your tummy a forbidden zone? I can't remember if you've said before. Ok, going to read the rest of the comments above now! I'm sure Grr's mommy is going gaa gaa over your fluffy tum! :) must be quit famous iff every cat uses your blogtitle.
I visited you earlier and already discovered that you are famous indeed.

10 kilograms!!!! are very, very big. That must be all the hairs youre wearing.

The last few weeks I followed your story's, and I like them. I like them a lot. You are a nauty boy who tell's your tales in a humoristic way.

And that little red mouche on your face! Iff you were a human you should have the title, 1 of the 7 beautys.
Between yer fluffy fur and yer curvashus figure yoo are the ultamate wide body fur widebody wendsday.
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