Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

Argh! Time to attack my favourite prey, the laundry basket! - check out the demonic green flash in my eye!

Life is just fraught with dangers! Kill it!
Tell your mum to give a special greeting to Zippy & Tiger from us in Mericky when she sees them next.
Yeah, nothing is worse that the thing that collects dirty socks!
Grr tries to kill the laundry hamper at least twice a day, but when the Lady gets the camera to take a picture of the vishus attack, Grr runs. Grr must think she's doing something wrong, but actually the Lady hates the laundry hamper too and wishes Grr would hurry up and destroy it so she could get a new one.
grrrrrrrr! kill it Eric! looks like you've got quite a bit shredded already (and I LOVE the demonic eye!)
The Wicker is Evil! It MUST be destroyed! Think of the Evil Intruder Kitties and claw and slash the wicker!
Thanks for all the support regarding DIETS!
Go Eric GO!!!

Oh yeah! Wicker is a great prey! I haf one of those too. You teach that laundry basket who is king of the castle!
Oh yes, you are definitely giving that wicker a good whooping.

Love the laser eye.
Kill it!!!!

Get it Fat ERic, get that evil laudry basket, ggrrrrrrrggggggowwwwllll ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko kO
I think that laundry basket hasn't got a chance
Kill, kill, kill. Your evil flashy eye is very scary.
kill it good Eric!!!
Wow, great laundry basket toy! Perfect for attacking and wrestling!
You have a great attraction to all things wicker. Like your big scratchy mouse.

Keep that hamper under control.
You could also call that "Wicker Wrecking Wednesday"!
Yeah, teach it a lesson, Eric!
Precious does that to the basket Momma has magazines in. What is it about wicker??

You show it who is bosscat
Could yoo be ANY FLUFFIUR!?!?! Yer so cute!
Go, Eric. Kill the evil laundry basket. I love the flashing laser eye, too. Great picture.
Just open it, and lay yourself down on the clothes that smell like heaven to you.
Arrgh!! Don't give me ideas! I haven't had a go at the laundry basket yet (thinks... must go upstairs and test my claws on it right now!!)
It looks like you've given that basket the old one-two many times! Good work.
Go furr it Eric! If yer claws an teef don' frighten it, yer eye will. This pichur shows off yer floofy trousers furry well.
I think you just like to sharpen your claws on it. Good place to do it. Love the eye though. You look pretty wild with it shining like that. Good show Eric. I think you just like to look tough but you are cuddly with Mum around.

Read about the passing of Dewey the library cat here:

Dewey's page:
The evil Laundry Basket must be destroyed.Good job Eric.
Yes is a good job! What do you wish for xmas?
Oh, I love wicker too. I have chewed and destroyed several wicker baskets. Mom won't get any more because of me.

Photos like that are what keep my human pet from buying any wicker and putting it into the house! We need to stop putting these photos up so I can get some wicker in my house, and then, we can all take photos again! Mutters....
Oh YEAH!!! Kill Eric! KILL IT!!!!! KILL IT!!!!!
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