Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Wordless Wednesday - Flat Eric

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. I understand congratulations are also in order for your mom who won Ganymede's October quiz. Well done.

We will be bloggin again soon.

Velvet and Arty
Oh my goodness! You are flat! Furry impressive!
Looks like 'tummy tuesday' to me!
Frist class form, you have there Eric.

you look like you're sunk into the comforter. . .mmmmm how comfy!

your buddy, ed
you look so comfy. i've never seen such a floofy belly. that looks like a great way to get the bed all to yourself too! who could disturb such a comfy kitty??
You look very comfy Eric!!

Yu have reached a new level of comfy!

Belated happy purrday!

He, he. We love Flat Eric.
Our Mum says she wants to cuddle up with you and rub that belly. watch out, she means business when it comes to belly rubs.
Oooh we just love these photos. You would not remain peaceful in that position if my Mom was around! But it's nice to read in the comments that other people's Moms have the same belly obsession as mine!
our Lady has the same ub-sess-shun wif tummys an fluff, but she also wants ta pet yur fuzzy paws. is that okay wif you?
That is a very slimming pose there FE. You don't look like you need a diet at all.
Like I just said to Ed, that's a great human lure! I bet you catch lots of humans with that belly!
Errr, I just wanna kiss that tummy!
Stunning, Eric!
PS: You are right that Scooby does not cuddle. But if Shaggy joins him he allows it. If Scout jumps up, he hisses & jumps down.
Eric, doesn't your neck hurt?! And btw, I love your tummy! Also, love that back legs stretch!
Flat Eric! That just made me laugh a whole bunch!
HAHAHAHA, that is the silliest picktur of a kittie weve evur seen!
That pichur makes yoo look streamline. I will haf to start laying like that. We bofe like the way yoo got those back legs stretched out.
(Big) Eric
Mum says she wishes HER tummy was that flat, FE!!! Saffi and Jasmin xxx
Have you lost wheight??
Oh Myyyyyyy! Yur leggies are all straight! Oh Eric you are the funniest boy around.
Eric, it looks like you've melted into the quilt! You look sooo relaxed and comfy. Jasmine said to tell you (again) that you've got the most irresistible tummy. She's been patting the picture of you on the 'puter.
You appear to be practising your Purruates exercises Eric! This is obviously a very flattering camera angle for your magnificent figure, and the duvet seems to be concealing those less than flattering lumps and bumps - (jots down a quick note... "must try this position next time I am asked to pose for my next close-up")!Once again you lead the way for catkind!!
~ tammara
Flat Eric, that is a great pose and a great picture. And you look so darn comfortable. Wow. What a cat!
Nugs and I would like for you to visit us at Louise
Hahaha...our Mom said that you look like roadkill.

To answer your question: I am only overweight by about a pound. My belly does sag a bit, but I am bigger than the girls. Now, Lizzie is overweight (but just don't tell her that I said that).

Fat Eric, this is a grate foto for Widebody Wednesday!
Hi there, Fat - oops, I mean Flat Eric - I'm Lux and just had to comment on that flat photo of you - it's adorable!
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