Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Boxing Day

Mmm...Christmas Day was full of diet-busting treats. Chicken...sausage...cheese...I kept following delicious smells round the house. I was so excited about it being Christmas that I jumped on my humans' pillows super-early going "Wake up, wake up!" until my mum got up and looked in my stocking and found a tin of Sheba Prime Cuts of Tuna (!!) and served me yummy breakfast. It was so good!

Later I helped to unwrap presents. I will tell more about the presents later. I really enjoyed the day except for in the evening when everyone laughed at me. I found a bowl my dad had carelessly left on the floor next to his armchair where he had been eating sherry trifle. There was some cream and custard in the bowl, so I had a sneaky lick, but it had this funny taste, so I wasn't sure I liked it. I was cleaning it off my whiskers when the humans started pointing and laughing and saying "Look, Eric's getting drunk on sherry trifle!" Then my head felt swimmy so I had to have a sleep, and this morning everyone keeps asking me if I have a hangover. Huh.

We are waiting for Cornish Grandma to arrive for Boxing Day lunch (and more present-opening). Then she is taking my mum down to Cornwall for a few days to see her family, but I am staying here with my dad and Devon Grandma. I am not sure if my dad will help me blog, but I will get mum to help me catch up at the weekend. Hope efurrycat is having a good Christmas with their families! I can smell some leftover chicken coming out, I'm off...

Hi Fat Eric! I am very glad to meet you (I saw you on my friend Pearl's page). I am a Devonshire Rex cat, so I think my long-ago ancestors lived near you!
Happy Boxing Day Eric! I hope you Mom enjoys Cornwall. Our former office partner is from Cornwall. I hear it's lovely but personally I prefer not to travel.
Sounds like you had a wonderful day! We are back and just wanted to wish you all happy holidays!

Opus and Roscoe
Happy Boxing Day Eric! Was the sherry good? I haf been wanting to try some. - Miles
Happy Boxing Day Eric. So glad that you have recovered from the trauma of your journey now. We were allowed to open your prize yesterday (At last!!)We've never had those sort of treats before, and Flynn went silly for them, and kept pinching mine. The Jitterbug was fun too, I had to put the bitey on it cuz it kept jittering at me.Hope the rest of your holiday is good and your mum enjoys herself in Cornwall.
we're catching up on all the adventures. it sounds like you're having a lovely time after your horrible experience trapped in the evil cat carrier for so long. forget the diet and have lots of those wonderful foods - yum!
No sherry trifle here. But mum has been having stuff in special glasses that smells interesting like milk, but has a funny taste.

Enjoy your stay with Devon Grandma.
My Mum is envious of your lovely English Christmas. She giggles at the idea of you 'sleeping it off' behind the couch. She says she can almost hear you snoring...
I haven't had trifle in AGES. Dad and I think it's high time Mum made one. i don't care sherry, but I have been known to lap Drambuie.
Enjoy your vacation and make sure you get lots of treats.
Every day is boxing day here. Precious is always boxing with me....

Glad you made it safe and sound through the fog. Momma hates fog, slush, ice, snow, rain, pretty much everything except bare pavement.

Always an adventure, Eric!!!!!!
We are glad your relatives like you so much!!!! We make ours nervous!
Sounds like you had a great holiday, Eric! But what a shame that everyone laughed at you while you were, uh, temporarily indisposed. A guy should be able to try a small lick of something that tastes good without becoming a laughing stock!!

Hmph, peepul leeve good tastin stuff just lying around and then laff at us fur tastin it! Glad yoor recovered from the trauma of *gasp* the road trip. I could nefur travel like that, yoo are a braver cat than I~Speedy
Hi eric,

we just came over to wiss you a merry kittymiss late and happy mew year. We fink it all daddy foult they should know better then to leave yummy stuff around then get laugh at us after we try it
Sherry trifle with cream and custard! Yum!
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to you, Eric! Thank you so much for sending my the pretty card in the mail. I hope you received everything you wished for and more for being such a delightful kitty.
mmmm - sherry I've never tried that sounds like the opposite of catnip which makes me run round and round the garden till I fall over.
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