Sunday, December 17, 2006


Getting Ready For Christmas

I have been enjoying looking at my friends’ blogs and seeing their pictures of Christmas trees and decorations. We have also been getting ready for Christmas. I was furry helpful when my mum was writing Christmas cards last week…

…and I checked to make sure she had correctly addressed them all and put stamps on them.

Our Christmas tree is up. My mum is famous in our family for squeezing as many ornaments as possible on to every square inch of tree. She doesn’t like empty branches.

We have lots of ornaments from different places because my mum buys them when she goes on holiday. So we have ornaments from places like Munich, Salzburg, Stockholm, Sark, Scotland, New York, Seattle, etc. And some that Uncle Sim sent from Montana. And some new ones that mum bought this year in Boston and Cumbria.

There is only one cat ornament on the tree – this ceramic ginger kitty that mum bought one year in the cat shop in Windsor & Eton. He is quite jolly, don’t you think?

We have taken some lovely Christmassy pictures of me but I am saving those for nearer Christmas.

You certainly are the best helper, Eric! Your house looks marvelous with all of the decorations, and your tree is delightful. I'd say you and your family are very ready for the holidays!
That's an amazing tree! I like the fact that all the ornaments have a story behind them. I'm looking forward to seeing more Christmassy pix.
That is truly a special tree. Our Mum had a nice lady friend when she was little who sent her an ornament every year and those are now some of mom's most treasured ones. Shaggy came out of hiding and is taking his pills like a good cat. -Scooby
That's a furry nice tree Eric. Mum sed we can put up our pichurs of us helping wiv the tree cuz we had fun doing it.She likes yer Sir-Ammick kitty dekkerayshun an sed was the shop in a little courtyard down the bottom part of Windsor, cuz she used to go in a shop there and bought lots of kitty ornyments an pichurs there.But she sed that shop has gone now.
Your tree looks furry nice. Mum hasn't done more than put lights on ours. I think mum is worried that I might start to eat the stuff she puts on the tree. She doesn't want me to wreak or break things.

Your Christmas tree is perfectly beautiful Eric, you should be very proud of it. And I was going to say how wonderful the Cat Shop in Windsor is, but am shocked to hear from Eric and Flynn's mum that it is gone. How can it be gone? There was one in Brighton too - they just can't be gone?
Hey dude. I ain't never seen any cooler christmas decorations that those cats that look like cookies. Are they really cat cookies.. Man I wish my peep had some of those. Hope you have a very happy Christmas. Come visit over the holidays if you get a chance.
Our Mom does the same thing and buys ornaments whenever she goes somewheres. And at Yule Dad always asks her "Don't you think there are enough ornaments on the tree?" when she is only half done ~Merlin, Shadow, ko KO
Yur tree picshurs are so warm and pretty. Hmmmm, only one cat ornament though? There's somefing wrong wif that. Maybe that's what you should get yur Mum fur Christmas.
That is a very purty tree Eric. My mommy luvs seeing other beans purty trees. You looks like you were a big help with cards too. I'm planning on helping mommy tomorrow.
Concatulations (belated) on your 100th post. That is wunderful! You are one of our favorite kitties!
Oh, Eric that tree is just stunning. You may have heard, we aren't going to have one, because somecat, I am not mentioning names, will climb it and tear it apart! That is so not fair!

Congrats on your big 100.

It was nice of you to help your Momma with the cards. My Momma did them on the table this year, so I never even got to help once.

We are impressed by your tree! Our humans also get ornaments everywhere they go but I don't think ours is as full up as yours is though. Can't wait to see your Christmas pictures!
Nice tree, but only ONE kitty ornament? How can that be? Our tree has mostly kitty ornaments with a lot of birds (for the kitties of course) and musical ornaments for Dad since he's musical. Mom tries to separate the birds from the kitties with the birds at the top of the tree. Merry Christmas!


Oh, and congratulations on 100 posts!
Your tree looks nice. I am hesitant about putting the tree out as I am not sure if General Yuan Yuan will take to it kindly or not.
You've been so helpful to your mum - I'll bet something really special is under that tree for you!
Eric, that's the best giant cat toy I've ever seen! You're so lucky. My mom won't put ornaments on ours because someone will do something to them. (Who would do such a thing?)
you must haf a squillion ormanents on there! it's furry purrty!!! how duz yur mum get anyfing dun wif all yur gorgeous floof layin' around?
The tree looks great! :) I'm sure your mum appreciated all the help with the Christmas cards.

The cat ornament is very cute!
Great tree, Eric! That's lots and lotsa ornyments and the kitty is furry jolly for sure! You's furry good to help your Mommy wif the cards too :)
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
that's a furry furry nice tree Eric!
Oh, your tree looks very nice. You didn't say, but I'm sure you were allowed to sign each card with your pawprint, righ?

That's a very beautiful tree love the kitty :)
Oh I bet those cards will go out perfectly now, thanks to you!
With so many ornaments on that tree there's hardly room for a full-bodied cat to climb in it...
It looks like you were very helpful. We love the tree.
Dats a purty tree, I wish mom wood put up our tree but she's fraid dat Speedy will rek it. I helped mom with card too, I maked sher der was at least one kitty fur in each envelope. *snicker*~Sadie
Eric - great krissymuss tree! It looks a lot like my humans tree. My lady likes to overload the tree with zillions of dekkorashuns. She finks your cat ornament is 'spesully furry good!! She bought a little glass cat ornament from the German Krissymuss market in sumplace called Aarchen a couple of weeks ago. I remember that trip all too well - I got locked away in kitty jail, sorry, I mean "holiday camp" fur three whole days while they were away - (groan)!
[Tinker's mum: And she's going back there again at the weekend!!]
You are so much cuter than that silly cat ornament! I'm glad she has something up in your honor, though.

Nicely done with rubbing your stank all over those Christmas cards. The recipients will be extra glad to get them!

Merry Christmas!
Gorgeous tree!!! Good job on helping with the cards!
Boo-tee-full tree Eric! Yur Mum did a grrrreat job of decorating and it wuz furry nice of you to help with the card sorting.

Goodness - We just don't know what your mum would do without you to help her.
Love your tree !!!!!
That's a furry nice tree, Eric. You is a good helper wif the cards, too. I can hardly wait fur Christmouse! An I can't believe how nice Bonnie's bein. Acourse, that's when she knows it will get her treats :-)
I do try to see what my Mom is up to, especially when she is getting butter out of the frig! She gets testy when she is out in the kitchen too long and burns cookies.
Your tree looks as loaded down as ours does-my mom is doing 'themes' for the last few years. You'd think she'd pick 'cats' one year-but no!
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