Monday, December 11, 2006


Nice And Nasty Surprises

We put up the decorations. The tree looks pretty but I need to get my mum organised to take some pictures of me posing with it. I have been too busy lying on the tracks of my dad's model railway. He loves having my help really. (Heh heh).

Well. We have had some surprises over the last few days.

First surprise (nice) - My mum has been trying to phone her mum (Cornish Grandma) every night for about a week but all she ever got was the answerphone. We were starting to get worried about whether Cornish Grandma was OK. Then we got a surprise...a postcard from Cornish Grandma in Holland...then one from Belgium...then one from Germany! She decided to go on a tour of some Christmas markets and not tell us she was going but surprise us with postcards. Well, she certainly surprised us! (I wonder if she bought me anything on her trip?)

Second surprise (nice) - A big box arrived from Mericky with CafePress written on it! It had some stuff my mum ordered off CafePress, including the Cat Blogosphere Calendar! We were really looking forward to seeing me - I am on January, February and September! And all my cat friends look very handsome on it too.

Third surprise (nasty) - My mum got a card from the post office saying that they couldn't deliver the box from Mericky until she came down to the sorting office and paid a charge. When she went down there to get it, they told her that British Customs had decided she needed to pay £11.18 ($22) in Customs charges and VAT to receive this box of "valuable" goods from Mericky. (She had already paid the normal postage and packing).

She was NOT happy but she paid up so we have got our box of stuff!

P.S. This reminds us of the trouble Edsel had with Canadian customs a while back! We didn't know evil British Customs were going to charge us just to import 2 calendars, 1 mug, 1 tote bag and a car sticker! Boo...

P.P.S. My next post will be a Special One. Can anyone guess why? I might give a prize for the first correct guess!

are ya hafin' a 1 year Blogoversary? that's our guess!
darn. that can't be it. we looked at yur arkives an ya started in January. hmmm...are ya gettin' a little furry furrend?
Its yer Gotcha-versery!
We don't know what the event could be but why don't you have your Mum take a picture of you on dads railroad???
Is your mom going to have a baby.That was the surprize a friend of my mom's had.
Bummer that your mum hadded to pay extra to gets your stuff.

Hmmm, what happened tomorrow. Somebody already guessed Gotcha day. So I guess, you are coming to visit me Mericky!
Is your special post about gettin' a sibling?

That's what's bein' talked about in my house.

A kitty sibling, not a baby human, just to be clear.
You're having kittens? Okay it wasn't my first thought but seeing that someone else had suggested your gotcha versary I had to think of something else... it's your 500th post? How's that?

I think it's horrible that they charged your Mom more for the package. I can't imagine that there was anything so valuable in there to create a customs fuss.
Did you behave yourself after your Mum put up the tree Fat Eric? I know my cats can`t wait for the decorations to go up. Glad you were safe from that tornado! Imagine having one in London!

On 2nd thought .... your gonna show your catmouse tree for the holidaze.
Hi! I'm guessing your post will be a picture of you as conductor of your daddy's railroad! How neat that you haf your own transportation system at your disposal. I bet your daddy does luv your help.
I'm glad you're OK after that tornado. We had one this spring that was 1 mile from our house. Mommy was home (thank goodness) when the sirens went off and she snatched me up (boy I was surprised at that!) and we ran to the basement. Luckily no one was hurt and there wasn't much damage because it hit where there wasn't any houses or businesses. There was lotsa hail that pounded our house and messed up mommy's garden.
Takes care Eric! I'm going to make my daddy check your post since mommy is hafing surgery.
Mr. Hendrix
I can't even imagine what your special post will be about....I'll just wait and be suprised!
Oooo, a miss-tary. Is it yoor gotcha day? 500th post? We dunt know! We will hafta come back 'amoro and finds out.
We fink it's yer 100th. post. That wuzn't fair that yoo had to pay all that extra money furr yer parcel furrom Mericky.
That's a terrible fee to pay just to get a calendar with your handsome self on it! Hopefully whatever else was in the box was worth it.
We have 2 guesses

1. A letter to Santa. (You are sending one aren't you??)

2. A picture of you mug from Americky.
After careful consideration I agree with Eric and Flynn. It will be your 100th post!

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