Monday, December 04, 2006


Weird Weather

There is some weird weather going on. I asked my mum to explain what was happening, but she doesn't understand it either.

Where some of my Mericky friends live, everything is covered in snow. Here, we have officially just had the warmest autumn since 1659. My mum and dad went for a walk in Epping Forest last weekend and took some autumnal photos like this:

You can see lots more forest photos here if you are interested. Part of the forest is about 10 minutes walk from our house, but the bit in the photos is about 10 minutes drive away.

Now it is December, it is supposed to be winter, but it is not wintry yet. It is mild, wet and windy instead. The birds and animals are confused. The little hedgehogs are in trouble.

Even the plants in our garden are confused. Some of the roses think it is still summer, even though my mum cut them back and put them to bed for the winter a few weeks ago.
Some of the daffodils think it is nearly spring already!
And my mum wrapped up her favourite lilly that got frost-bitten last winter, but now she is wondering why she bothered, as there is no sign of frost yet.

It's all very confusing. My dad says it must be "global warming", whatever that is.

My mum has been too busy at school to put up any Christmas decorations yet. She came home all worn out and stressed today because the small people were being hard work. I had to give her lots of headbutts and purrs before she felt better.

Forget the weird weather, let's just cuddle.

As long as you get to snuggle lots with your Mum, then the weather can be weird. You look very relaxed in the picture.

The Monsters
Very interesting news, Eric. Mum is worried about the little hedgehogs,too. She thinks if she could cuddle you it would make her feel better. She keeps trying to reach into the computer to pet you. *sigh* She's nuts.
The hedgehog who lives in the kennel outside our back door still comes out for food every night, as it isn't cold enough yet for him to hibernate. It's all very confusing, Eric, just as you say.
You have got the biggest smile when you are cuddling! Yes the weather is weird. We have had terry-bull storms and the weatherman said the wind reached 115 miles an hour. Mum sed she's never known us have wind that strong before.Then all the lights went out, but they came back the next day. Some people are still without theer lecky-trick since Saturday.Everyfing is banging and rolling around outside again.I hope no more trees fall down, cuz we had to stay in today cuz theer wuz bits of trees falling all ofurr the place an mum sed it wuz too dangerous furr us.
We saw 2 butterflies yesterday, and that's weird in December.
Oh that's scary that global warming might be responsible for the extra warm weather. Things just are not right on good ole' Mother Earth. You gots the right idea Eric, cuddle up wif Mom.
That's really sad about the hedgehogs, but the confused flowers made my Mom laugh. It sounds like your Mum needs a good cuddle anyway with how tough it's been at work. That picture of you with her just exudes love.
You can send some global warming my way. That would melt the snow here. You are looking furry happy and hope you got your mum all relaxed. The decorating can wait.
You are so sweet to cuddle with your mum when she's had a tough day. It really does make a difference.

The little hedgehog story made me all sad. I hope people protect them if they need to and that things get sorted out OK.
Our mom is sad about the hedgies too. Darling little things, she says.
Winter finally arrived here the other day with a cold arctic blast and some snow.
Keep up the cuddling, looks like you are doing a good job!
Wow, and here it is freezing in New Mexico!
That's very sad about the little hedgehogs. I hope they find some nice people to take care of them. Your flowers really are confused. You look so contented cuddling with your Mum. I am sure she appreciated it after a hard day.
A good snuggle makes everything better.
my Not The Mama said we had the warmest Novemeber ever, but now it's turned bittery cold!
Today's high is only going up to 20° -- of course that's in Farenheit for us Yankee kitties!
We gots 4" of snow overnight, so now the birdies are all out feeding on the deck, which Chloe & I like to watch lots!
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We appreciate it!
Meow for now,
~ Daphne
Oh no! The poor daffodils! They are in for quite a shock...

It was 27 degrees here in North Texas yesterday morning. It is supposed to be 60 this afternoon. This is Texas not making up its mind, and is kinda normal, Mom says. I say it's kinda annoying.

~ turtle
we've had 70's an 80's during the day an it's just started to get cold at nite (50's). we wanna take care of summa those cute little hedgehogs, an our Lady wants ta cuddle you!
Poor little hedgehogs.....we will keep our paws crossed that they get to hibernate purrty soon!
We have weird weather here in New Zealand too - last week it hailed and it's meant to be summer.
I think snuggling is the bestest no matter what the weather. You look very comfortable Eric.
Are you going to rescue any of those poorr hedghogs Fat Eric? Poor things don't know what to do. You look furry cute there with your Mom ~Merlin, SHadow, KO kO
Fluffy, furry, fuzzy, fortunate Eric. It's a good feeling to be well-loved, and you are. That's the best kind of warmth.
Eric, the weather here is weird too. Hot then cold. Now it's cold. That's ok, though, I have my winter fur grown in. Snuggling sounds good though. I'll have to go find Pepi. Shoot, he's probably napping inside.
Eric, you are one wonderfully snuggly cat. I bet your Mom enjoys snuggling even more when it gets cold out.

Well, here in the Texas Gulf Coast, where it's usually warm-er this time of year, it has been freezing. It's starting to warm back up, but a few days were really cold with 30 mph winds.

Love the picture of Eric smiling and cuddling. What a gorgeous kittie.
Let my Mom worry about it. She worries about everything, and if there is nothing to worry about, she will find something.

Eric, Mom and us wanted to ask how close you were to the tornado that they say touched down near london...Hasnt happend for 20 years. We miss everyone!! Mom is going to school (I think shes a bit old) after 39 years of saying she was a vocational learner at best...anyway not alot of time for us..:( She is on break after the 20th so maybe just maybe we will be back!!! Love and miss you guys ...Buddy-Puss and Midnight
Eric I hadn't seen anything abouted your tornado. So mum looked it up on the BBC thing. Glad it was on the other side of London from you. Wow, your weather must be all mixed up.

Cold but no more snow here.
Very strange, indeed. You're basking in warmth and we're freezing in 10F weather!
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