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Efurrycat in the blogosphere knows that Brandi and her mum are having a lot of problems right now. Mao is having an auction to raise some money for them and you can go and bid right here - you might win something amazing!

We all know that Brandi's website is called Catitude. Check out these socks that Uncle Sim sent my mum from Mericky as part of her Christmas present!
If only we knew where in Mericky Uncle Sim got them, we would make all the humans owned by blogging cats wear these cool socks!

My humans are having a nice restful weekend after working hard all the week. My dad has got three days' holiday next week so he will be spending some quality time with me, which is nice, and I will be helping him with some D.I.Y. jobs around the house. My mum is hoping that the weather becomes less rainy and windy, as she is going to a very muddy forest on Wednesday to plant trees with her class, courtesy of The Woodland Trust. I hope she doesn't get stuck in the mud!

Our boiler got mended last Wednesday, so we have hot water again, which makes the humans very happy as they don't have to take cold showers any more.

And I have got a new title:
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Most Noble Lord Fat Eric the Elegant of Lower Bumhampton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Very fitting, don't you agree?

Humans loves that warm water so if they's happy, we's happy fur them. We like yur new title too. Most Noble Lord is most fitting.
Good news on the hot water scene. Mum has some fancy kittie socks too. I don't know if she ever wears them.

Love your title. "Fat Eric the Elegant" most fitting. I wented to that place and only gotted very strange titles. I figured I could make up my own and get a better sounding title.

Plus we are getting just a little snow right now.
Oh, very cool socks. Our Mom wants a pair.
Your title is purrfect! That may be the best one we've seen so far.
We were thinking of you yesterday when our Lady went to PetSmart. They sell boxes which contain 5 large bags of Feline Greenies! What's your favorite flavor? We think we need to send some to you and to Eric & Flynn. Everybody needs Greenies! And, yes, you were right about the duck. We've never had anything we were all so enthusiastic about eating. Duck is wonderful! We're gonna go online and see if we can get it. If not, we may need a care package!
Oh noble Lord Fat Eric, we are furry pleezed to know yoo. How are things in Lower Bumhampton?
We are furry glad furr yoo that the boiler is fixed now. Happy Beans means happy podins, oh and we like the socks too. Mum has got some wiv Garfield on.
Here's to three day weekends! They're the best!

Those socks are pretty cool, but I don't think I could get my pet to wear them as she tends to go without socks every single day. Her mom says it's her Italian heritage coming through or something like that.

I do love your title. It is very fitting! :)
Suits you Sir (err, are nobel Lord's Sirs's?)
mi familee ar also takin hot showerz again since dey got dere noo hot water heeter!
it wuz verree intrestin heer wen dey were takin da cold showerz!
I wish I could get my Mommie a pair of those socks!
Hi eric we luff your titile that hot water thing might come in helpful when your mama get stuck in the mud. My mama a teacher and she said she luff to take her class to plant trees but the school is in an office pack hummp no woods
Eric, the title is most fitting!
Wonderful socks, if you find out where to get them let us all know.
Those are very cool socks. :) I also like your aristocratic title - very cool. :)
Hi Most Noble Lord Fat Eric! Do I have to bow? :-) Thanks for stopping in at ArtsyCatsy. And yep, my human does portraits on commission - I've left some info after your most recent post on our blog. I'm sure she would be honored to portray such royalty of Bumhampton!

Rocky, CEO
Oh Most Noble Lord, if we cood teech da silly beans how to properly bathe dey woodent need water heeters and all dat soap and stuff. I fink wif da money dat dey safed dey cood buy us extra toys and treets.
Hi Eric!

Gosh... we've been a bit late with the comments I can see!

Sounds like things are going well around your place. Lucky for you that your daddy can spend some time with you. And we're glad your boiler is fixed. And we also like your title.

love P & P
Love the socks and your noble name!

Lord Eric of Bumhampton...yes, I like the sound of it. Now that you're nobility, maybe you can ask the Queen over for tea!
Those are great socks! That would be a good auction item!
That is a great title Eric! Perfectly suited to you I think. How cool you haf your daddy home for a long weekend next weekend. Lotsa extra snuggle time! Makes sure your beans get lotsa rest so they don't get sick like all the other beans.
I'm glad your boiler is fixed. Mommy would be crazed with no hot water! I'd be OK with it.
Love the socks. Love your title. Lower Bumhapton - too funny! My Lady Mom would wear the socks.
Thanks for your good wishes last Sunday! I appreciate it! :)
Tanks for bisiting my blog Eric! We have a London near us. At pirst I fawt dats ware you libed. Now I see you are from da faraway London.
Dose are kewl socks. If Mum hadda pare I would steal dem fer shur!
Love da socks Eric!

And your fits purrfectly!
Hmm, we read all the way to the end of the comments and still no one came forward with information on those cool socks. Bummer. Our mom would like them.

Great title!

Those socks are adorable :)
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