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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I missed the cat blogosphere party and it sounds like it was really good. We had a quiet New Year's Eve and a nice dinner and then at midnight my humans and Devon Grandma had some glasses of bubbly stuff and some mince pies. Then Uncle Sim rang from Montana to say Happy New Year even though it was still 2006 where he was.

My humans went out on New Year's Eve to go on a steam train and the weather was dreadful, windy and rainy. I was sensible and stayed indoors where it was cosy. The next day when we woke up it was 2007 and the sun was shining. The humans wouldn't give me any breakfast (though I mewed and mewed) and then they started packing up all their stuff and putting it in the car. Oh no, this meant the Evil Cat Carrier would be coming out any moment now, so I dived behind the sofa and it took them ages to get me out. Eventually they moved the sofa and grabbed me and stuffed me into the Evil Cat Carrier. We waved goodbye to Devon Grandma and set off for London.

The journey back was totally different to the nightmare journey down. When we drove down to Devon there was thick fog, the traffic was jammed and it took us nearly 8 hours to make the journey. Going back, it was sunny and cold all the way up, there was hardly any traffic and we zoomed to London in less than 4 hours. Amazing. I was quite loud though and kept mewing and mewing most of the way because I was not happy. I nearly made my dad crash the car because I suddenly mewed really loudly in his ear just as he was pulling out on the motorway and made him jump!

We got home and started unpacking and I stuffed my face with a big meal and checked that all my stuff was back in the usual places. Then things went wrong because we found out the boiler was not working properly and the heating would not work! All the radiators were icy cold and so was my fleecy radiator bed. Brrr!!! It was so cold last night, my humans put several duvets on the bed and huddled for warmth, and I got cold in the night (despite my floofy fur) and I went and got in the bed between them and snuggled down under the duvet so we all kept warm and did not freeze to death. This morning first thing my mum rang Pete the boiler man and he came round and got it working again, yay! It needs two new parts but he managed to get it working for now so the house is warming up again, thank goodness. Today my humans have been cleaning the house so it smells all chemically. We have got some visitors coming tonight but only for one night, friends of my dad's who are on their way back to Spain where they live. One of them is sleeping on the sofa-bed so I may have to jump on him all night. My humans both go back to work tomorrow.

I have lots of holiday pictures to post. I'm going to start off with some pictures of the foggy journey down - these are from early in the journey before it got so foggy and dark mum couldn't take pictures...

And this is me hiding behind the sofa at Devon Grandma's, freaked out by the traumatic journey...I'll continue with more holiday pictures soon!

Hello Eric! (waving)

Welcome home. I'm glad your trip back to London went smoothly.
And I know just how you feel when your boiler thingy doesn't work. Our house is quite cold and so every night we go to bed with a hot water bottle. Seriously.And I almost always sleep with those two and sometimes Pumpy joins us and then the bed is crowded indeed.
Hi, Eric... glad you made it back home safely. Hope you are warm & cozy. Happy New Year
Why did they eat mice pies & not give you any? -Scout
happee noo yeer eric.
wutta trip, mi frend.
well, i'm glad yer home an dat da boiler iz workin.
i'm lookin forward to more holiday pikshurz.
luv--yer frend--jh
We're quite pleased that you made it home alright Eric. I should hope you'd give a thought to running for Prime Minister. I think cats need to be represented in EVERY country. Certainly we could do a far better job than the humans have...
Eric, you always have the best adventures to tell us about. Happy New Year!
Yay fur Boiler Man Pete! it's gotta be purrty freezin' if sumbuddy as floofy as you are gets cold.
Happy New Year to you and your beans!
We're glad the boiler got fixed quickly!
Happy Meow Year
Hugs Hugs Hugs
Welcome back home Eric, yoo didn't haf furry good weather furr yer hollydays. It rained and rained again yesterday morning, but now it seems to be getting better.Good job Pete yer boilerman got yer heating fixed, nuffin worse than being cold. Flynn always gets in unner the quilt between the beans, efunn in the summer, but I prefer to sleep on their heads.
All the best (Big)Eric
Happy New Year Eric!!! I'm glad you had a very nice visit with your grandma.

Glad you made it home safely and that you have heat again. It is not fun being cold.
Happy New Year Eric!!!
Its good that you have 2 peoples to keep you warm! I like to sleep on top of the down covers by the feets when it gets cold, but then I move up next to the pillow when it gets warm. Of course putting the bitey on my person when she rolls over on the pillow isn't always welcome.
Those are very interestin' pictures! I am glad you are home safe & sound.
Goodness, it looks so bleak! Those pictures make me want to hide behind the sofa! Move over!

Happy New Year to you and your whole family, Eric!
I agree with Zeus ... The fog does look awfully bleak.

I'm furry glad that you're back home and that the radiators are warmin' things up.

Did you enjoy jumping all over "livin' in Spain but sleepin' on the sofa bed guy"?

Happy New Year!
Yucky wevver. You look so cute under the sofa tho.
Glad you are home safe and sound, Eric. Stay warm over there!
Hoppy Mew Year!
Hi and welcome back, Eric!
Sorry to hear about your cold homecoming and the horrible journey to Devon. Our central heating broke last year an' it was still broke when we came back from our hols last January. The house was freezing and my bed was icy!! I no just how yew feel , Eric. This Crissymuss, I had to spend a grim few days in the cat holiday camp while the beans were away. I'd just started diggin' a 'scape tunnel out, when my beans came for me. Of course, I was cross wiv them and sulked for all of half an hour - that showed 'em. Happy New Year Eric an effurryone else!
Oh Eric

NO heat...dat wuz horreable...fank gudness yu could hunker down between yur Mom and Dad. I bet yu all kept each oddur warm.

Gud fink yu are back home now..what a journey.

Happy Noo Year!

Abby & the gang
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