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My mum is tired, having spent all weekend doing planning for school and having no fun. I am tired, having spent all weekend being supportive of her. My dad is tired of waiting for the boiler man to come round and finish fixing the boiler - our heating works but we don't have any hot water. I think my humans don't really enjoy cold showers.

Here are even more pictures from my Christmas holidays.
Yay! My stocking contained tins of luxury food and some Temptations.
But I did not like being made to wear a silly Christmas ribbon.
Nor did I enjoy having gold icicles thrown at me.
But Scratchy Mouse and I did enjoy basking in front of Devon Grandma's electric fire.

Not much of a "party animal" are you Eric? Ha Ha
Seriously, that is some good basking you are doing by that fire!!
What is it with the Beans that they have to put silly bows and ribbons on us? We can see you were enjoying Devon Grandma's fire.
ohohoh, cold showers, not a fun fing.
gess wut! we got a noo hot water heeter today ... becuz owr old one broke ... an dere wuzzen't enuff hot water fer long hot showerz in dis howse.
i purrsonallee don't take showerz but it wuz important fer da 2-legz!
You look quiet good in red, rather dashing if I say so. But I am not one for wearing extra stuff either.

Mum just went AHHHHHHHHHH, when she read that your beans don't have hot water. She would send some to you if she could. No hot showers is no good. Pete better come back and fix that boiler!
I would HATE cold showers - wait a minute, I would hate showers period!

That electric fire looks toasty warm!
Oooh, that fire looks lovely and warm! I, too, would doze belly-up in front of it if I could.
Mum says be careful with the Christmas icicle. Tilly ate some once and it had to be,er, extracted by Dad. Then she was watched closely to make sure it was all out. It was, but could no longer be used as a decoration It was traumatic for all concerned.
Eric it looks like you had wonderful holidays despite the mild harassment. And it's good to see you looking as robust as ever in front of that cozy fire!

I have a question about your zoom groom. I can't remember, do you like it? And does it help keep your shedding down?

Hope your beans are rested up soon. And have a great New Year!
What the?! Dat mouse is almost as big as you! Kill it quick! Feed it to da fire!
Great pictures! And you're quite the sport for putting up with being decorated.
We love the scratchy mouse. We could rip it to shreds. Uh, that's what it's for, right?

Hi Fat Eric! I'm a FatCat, too! I'm Rocky, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) at ArtsyCatsy. Come sniff us out & watch my catstaff of 15 formerly-ferals train our humans to start a new business for cat lovers. If we make you purr, want to link to each other?
Eric, you have a look of stoical resignation on your face on that pikchoor where they draped you wiv those silly bits of shiny stuff. When are the beans ever going to learn that we cats are superior to them in every way and yet they still insist on trying to humiliate us? Keeping dignified is the only way to combat this, but I see yoo have mastered this technique. I see yoo have also mastered the technique of blocking off the heat from the rest of the room by wedging your body in front of the fire....way to go, Eric, you showed 'em!
Oh my goodness that fire looks sooooooooo devine and you certainly look like you enjoyed that after all the horrid things your human's did to you.

Cold shower's are terrible, Hummy at least warms up my water before she bathes me. However I find it quite amusing that her and Haddy swim in the big drinking hole 80% of the year ... isn't that a bit like having a cold bath?
The peep says I'm supposed to write the following
"I can't image why your peeps would even have a TV with you in the house to keep everyone entertained." No offence dude, but I think perhaps someone hit my peep on the head with the remote.

Great pics. I especially love your fat mouse and the fireplace. Can life get any better? I think not.
I love the tummy shots. You have a furry belly just like me! Actually Momma says mine is like yours and she thinks of those great shots when I roll slowly over on my back!
we love Scratchy Mouse! our Lady found one almost as big at Petco, but she didn't buy it for us yet. we want it!

we're a little freaked out about something though. the word verification right now is "smenita". the problem is, it's been the exact same thing for the last 3 blogs prior to this also!
See why it's better to be a cat than a human? We don't need any ol' boilers to keep ourselves clean!

Hoping your mum gets some rest soon...
Your beans really put you through some horrors for the holidays! But it looks like you got some great gifts too!
that fire looks so cozy! And flipped over like that you are all set to get the most out of all the warm.
Cozy fire, scratchy mouse duz life get any bettur.
Oooh, no hot water is very bad. I hope the boiler man gets there soon. You are very patient with your People to put up with being decorated. At least you got to bask in front of that great fire with Scratchy Mouse.
The fireplace is worth it, Fat Eric. I LOVE my fireplace. Doesn't it just get the belly nice and toasty?

Mom said to tell your mum that she feels her pain. She started a new term with her high schoolers on 1/8, too.

Hi Eric, hope you are over being tired. Don't worry about your Mum trying to be festive with you for Christmas with a bow and tinsel. You should see what my Mom did with Cleo. Cleo sat there a took it. I sure wouldn't have let her do that to me. But Cleo is a girl, actually she looked kind of cute. She's on our post. Mom finally got blogger going again for us.

Boy, you sure looked comfy laying before the heater and with the snowflake blanket. Looks like you had a real nice Christmas

Mommy agrees that cold showers are the worst.Love the photos and you look so cute with the red ribbon.
that fire looks lovely as you do.
Hope your beans get some hot water & rest soon
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