Saturday, January 27, 2007


Winter...was that it?

It's been very mild here so far this winter. Until this week, my mum had hardly worn her gloves or hat to go out. We have only had about two frosty mornings in total. Spring flowers are already coming out. It just hasn't felt very wintry.

Then, on Wednesday morning, we looked out and saw this...

Yes, we had some snow. Just a little bit. But by Wednesday afternoon, it had all gone again. Yesterday it was quite sunny and I went and had a sniff round the wet garden and a little sunbathe. Now it is rainy and mild again. No frost or anything. So, even though my friends the Meowers from Missouri have been frozen with an ice storm, and lots of Mericky kitties like The Calico Girls are up to their tails in deep snow, it isn't really very wintry here at all.

So...winter...was that it?

That's enough snow, Sir Eric. Just enough so you can say you had some, and after that it can warm up again until spring. Enjoy that sun while you can!
bloomin' cold out innit?

i knows daizee cat from essex wot knows you so i stopped in ter say hi :)
Eric, that isn't much snow at all and it is gone. We had warmer temperatures today, but it will be cold again tomorrow. But mum says she can really tell the daylight is getting longer. She is happy on that.

Glad you got to go outside and check things out.
Concatulations on your blogversary Fat Eric. We haf never seen snow in poodie person, just in pictures. Yours looks pretty ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Hi Eric!

It was 1F here this morning. That's -17C. Is that winter enough for you?
It is weird. Although, since this is my first winter, I can't really tell.
We had snow here a few days ago but it's all gone since it was up to 60 degrees F today! Your snow did look pretty and that's nice that you were able to go outside.

China Cat & Willow
Your snow looked very pretty. It looks like you did have a very short winter. It could still get bad again, though. Enjoy your sunshine when you get it.
It's been cold and snowy in Wisconsin in Mericky for a couple weeks and mom sez she's alredy sick of it. Happy Blogiversary! Mom luvs yoor tummy and want ta kiss it, don't let her. She gets carried away...
It's very cold here.Yesterday it was 9 degrees. I stayed warm under my fleece blanket.
It's been quite cold here. I hope it stops for awhile but they are saying another storm sometime next month! It's been a long winter. Stay warm.
Yes - we were surprised to see the snow over here in Surrey. And you're right... it melted away very quickly.

But it was pretty, wasn't it?
It sounds a lot like our winter so far, except our snow stuck around! It had been a very mild winter up until Tuesday, then it started snowing. There's about a foot of snow on the ground now, and we're supposed to get more tonight.
noo york haz had sum snow flurriez ... but nuthin dat'z stickin to da grownd. it haz been colder heer ... an da udder day it wuz abowt 17 degreez. dat'z cold.
mi mom teechez 4th graderz. dat'z between 9 an 10 yeerz old. dat'z da best age ... she sez!
dey all know skeezix. he makes 'em laff an laff!
We don't get any snow here in Louisisana, but just lots and lits of rain.
just enuff snow ta make things purrty!
Oh, you have got snow ! We here in Belgium still have only rain and grey weather. Why don't you visit my cat blog you could meet Arthur and his sisters ! Arthur is so white, that when it snows you can only see his tail !
We didn't have any snow here which we are glad about, because if we did, mum would just have made us go out furr photos, when she knows we'd rather be in by the fire. It's got colder again today, but sunny.
Hi Fat Eric, you are very furry aren't you. You aren't that fat, just very furry over a nice insolation layer. These winter pictures look cold. I was in the winter once before my humans found me and grabbed me out of the cold. I was nearly froze to death when they found me. Lucky I have 9 lives. AND look at me now! no starvation anymore!
Oh Fat Eric, I just saw your whole page dedicated to Ginger Kitties. I am in Love! I saw lots of kitties that look just like me, or nearly like me! They are the prettiest kitties I have ever seen! I am gonna email you with my picture too. Can I be on your pretty Ginger Kitty page?
You can come over anytime and tiptoe through the snow, Eric.

i bet you'll get more snow,it's early yet in the winter season
We hope that was it. We're all definitely ready for warm weather!
Hi Fat Eric!
Happy Anniversary on your bloggin! Awesome.
We thinks this is the first time we've been to your site. But we know you put the Obi up on GG. We looked at your past year and are very impressed. Quite an active year. The remote control on the head doesn't sound like fun though.
Our Paw is from Colchester and his brother lives in Battersea.
Luf, Us
It's furry confusing these days! We're not sure we've even HAD winter yet!
We are still waiting for a real good snow here in NY. It has been bitterly cold lately and maybe this week Ma will have to break out the shovel.
Oh so that's where our winter went. That's ok yall all can have it. Well maybe we should have some winter Mom says to kill the fleas. I don't like fleas so that'd be ok.
And you're right, I won't let mousies run free in this house! I'd be embarassed to unlike some unnamed sisfurs. heh heh
Your bud Pepi
I'm the same as Eric and Flynn, coz I'm on the same side of England - no snow for me either(but lotsa rain!!). In fact, I don't fink it's effur snowed round here in the whole of my life so far ('bout seven human years)so I dunno what it efun looks like for real. I'd probably hate it speshully if it's cold an damp - I reelly hate getting my little paw pads wet(yuk!!)

love from Tinker
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