Friday, February 16, 2007


Daisy Update and Garden Update

Thank you for all the Valentine messages. My dad had a good purrthday too and I know Daisy's mum appreciated all the nice messages for Daisy.

Daisy had a very stressful visit to the v-e-t hospital on Tuesday when she went and had her scan. The hospital people said that Daisy's regular v-e-t hadn't sent them her notes or history but it turned out later that actually he had. Also Daisy did not like the nurse holding her down for the scan and being shaved and having gloopy stuff put on her. Daisy does not like being examined by v-e-ts in any case!

Since the traumatic hospital visit, Daisy's mum has spoken to their own v-e-t who was very cross about the people at the hospital messing up. The good news is that the "mass" near Daisy's heart is not an aneurysm and not attached to her heart. There is a small mass in the space between her lungs and they don't know what it is. It may be benign and it may be something she has always had. They don't want to operate on her unnecessarily so they are going to just monitor her and see how she goes. She already goes to the v-e-t once a month for her kidney and arthritis checks. The good news is that Daisy has got over the trauma of the hospital visit and seems quite happy at the moment.

Meanwhile, my mum is still enjoying her holiday at home with me. Our weather has been very weird lately. A week ago we had snow and my mum managed to get me outside for 0.5 seconds while she took this picture, before I ran back inside to get warm...
The children she teaches had enough snow to make snowmen.
Then the snow all vanished and we had a lot of rain (an inch in one night) and everything was very soggy. Today it is sunny but chilly so my mum and I went out in the garden to check for signs of spring. I had a good sniff round to see if any Evil Intruder Cats had been there, but I think the snow and rain kept them away. I checked to see if the grass still tasted delicious...yes, it did!
The grass needs cutting now but it's too wet to cut. I got dew from the grass on my whiskers...
I checked that I still look gorgeous posing in my garden.
Lots of things are growing already in the garden, maybe I'll post some pictures of them next time.

You do look very gorgeous in your garden! And we can see the dew on your whiskers. We're sending purrayers for Daisy's well-being.

Luf, Us
I am glad Daisy is doing ok, and that she doesn't have a mass on her heart.
Fat Eric, your furs look amazing in that last picture!
Eric! glad to see you are big & floofy as ever! I'm still floofy but on this stupid diet I MIGHT be losing weight. It is still deep winter here, my feet get too cold if I stay out longer than a couple minutes. -Shaggy
You still look gorgeous Fat Eric and we loved yur story in the WATK book ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
good news 'bout Daisy - purrs! when our Lady saw your last picture, she went nuts. wow - totally gorgeous!
We are so happy about Daisy. Her Momma emailed us all about it and we had already been to your site. Then, out of the blue, we got the blue screen of death on our puter and it shut us down. First time efur in three years with this computer, so Momma doesn't know what is happening.

We will be telling you all about the bisit with Precious and Beezer tomorrow.
That last picture of you sitting on the pathway is terrific. You're so handsome.

You're outside thinking about spring while here's it's -200 degrees with a squillion feet of least from my perspective. Mom says she's had enough of winter. I agree...I want my birdies to come back!

Maxwell Smartkitty
Oh my, Mr. Fat Eric Sir - you iz indeed such a hansum purrson. Wot a wunnerful piksher ov yu in yore gardin. I like yore beeyooty spot on yore cheek.
I orlso like thuh snowmanpurrson.
Thank yu to evrywun fur their gud wishes.
Eric, nice to hear that Daisy doesn't have a major problem for now. So we are on wait and watch.

The green grass looks sooooo good. Our grass is still buried under the snow.

And about that snowMAN? It has a tiara on, isn't it a snowWOMAN.
The Ducchess of Snowball?
oh Eric, you is soooo floofy!!! mommy loves your pikshurs!
Hello, Fat Eric! You are looking especially floofy in the garden.Mum is trying to pet you throught the computer-AGAIN!
Take care and don't let your paws get muddy!
P.S. So glad that lovely Daisy is doing OK.
Thanks for giving us an update on Daisy. Sometimes keeping an eye on things is the best course of action.

Eric, I must say, you are one handsome cat in your garden!
Hi Eric. You are so gorgeous. I think you get even more gorgeous with every photo I see!
You are certainly a most gorgeous ginger!!! That last picture is particularly beautiful. We love your floofy fur!

China Cat & Willow
i jus red yer chapter in da book.
it wuz eksepshunal.
i giv it 2 pawz up!
you are indeed a beautiful boy.

Glad to hear that Daisy is ok.
we don't have snow at our place, did you try & eat it?
You look very handsome in the outdoors.
Hope Daisy continues to do well.
I'm glad that Daisy doesn't seem to have a major problem at the moment and that she has recovered from the trauma of the v-e-t visit. You do still look gorgeous sitting in your garden. You have green grass already and we still have lots of snow.
Sending big kisses to Daisy from across the pond. Hope she is feeling better soon and will forgive her humans for the trip to the you-know-where.

Happy belated birthday to your dad! Hope you had a good one.

Also, happy belated Valentines day to you all!

Last but not least, a very Happy belated cat day to you F.E. (it was yesterday). Hope that you were treated like the king you are!
Opus and Roscoe
i wish i was as big an' fluffy as you eric...

daisy is lookin' lush in her pic, i wud love to meet her an' her ma
I am very pleased to hear that things are turning out well for Daisy.

You look very grand and handsome in that garden Eric!
It's good to hear that Daisy's problems aren't as major as first thought. Hope she goes on ok.We didn't get any snow, just rain.We haf been away furr a while cuz furrst of all the phone line stopped working, and the man cudn't mend it until toosday, and the Beans went away again furrom Monday to Fry Day.They went to the same place they went to befurr wiv the Roman Mosaic, an they nefurr had any rain at all. But home here it rained efurryday. But now WE'RE BACK!!!!!We haf to say yoo are looking eggseppshunly hansum and floofie in yer pichurs in the garden.
You're looking mighty catly and striking there in that last photo. Sir Eric, ruler of all he surveys!
Yup - you is stillfurry good lookin' (but then we has to say that or you might sit on us a squarsh us).
Hi Eric!
Thanks for the update on Daisy. I'm sure she'll be just fine.
Love your outdoor photos-so jealous! We still have an arctic landscape going here.
I think you look sharp in that one photo all fluffy and all.
Me and mom will pray for Daisy.You still look gorgeous and not just in the garden :)
Poor Daisy. We worry bout her often. We am furry glad you all finally got to meet! :)
WOW! you ARE gorgeous!
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