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Yesterday my mum and dad went out all afternoon, leaving me to snooze in my cosy bed by the radiator, and when they came back they smelled of Unknown Cat! As you can imagine, I was shocked that they had been so unfaithful, but my mum explained that they had been to visit a furry special cat who lives a few miles away. Her name is Daisy, and her mum is Sue who is a friend of Toni, the mum of the Big Piney Woods Cats! What's more, like Patches and Mittens she is a calico girl, and some time ago Toni did a webpage all about Daisy, which you can find here. She is a senior kitty with quite a few health problems but my mum says she is a furry sweet little girl. Here is a picture my mum took when she was visiting her:
At Daisy's house there are also some other cats who visit and sleep in shelters in the garden and get fed by her mum. And there is a hedgehog who lives there too. I decided it was all right for my mum and dad to go visiting other cats, especially because...guess what? Daisy sent me a present! Here I am sticking my paws in the bag to investigate...
I can't believe it, not only some toy mice but my very favourite treats, Feline Greenies! Thank you so much Daisy!
Daisy has to go to the v-e-t tomorrow to have a scan to see if there is something wrong with her heart. Please send her your purrs and good wishes that it will go well. I think it is cool that my humans were able to meet up in real life with someone they met through the Cat Blogosphere, don't you? I hope Daisy's humans will come and visit me soon, that would be fun too.

It's my dad's purrthday tomorrow so I have to get a good night's sleep tonight so that I can get up extra early to sit on his pillow and lick his hair extra well. I bet that's what he really wants for his purrthday, don't you?

Oh, I sure do hope Daisy is ok, and nothing is wrong with her heart. But if there is, Pixie can give her some advice. Daisy is very beautiful, and any cats named Daisy are a friend of mine!
We knowed you had gone to bisit Daisy. When we checked earlier, your post wasn't up yet, so thanks for letting us know.

Daisy is a furry speshul poodin. Her Momma is such a nice lady too. Her and my Momma have been emailing for many years.

Daisy's Momma said you had been to Coeur D Alene when you bisited Montana. That is way up here in the north woods, too, but not quite as far north as us.

Hi FAt Eric! Nice to meet you, and i love your Valentine for Pearl!! I cant belive you got preesents and it wasnt even your purrr day..that must be nice!!!! You are a very pretty kitty!!!
Purrrrs for Daisy!
We are sending special purrs out for Daisy! She is a very pretty calico! And what a thoughtful girl too sending you those greenies!!!
We just know your dad will appreciate the extra head lickin' you are planning!
Yup, our beans apreshiate stuff like dat on ther birfday. Hope yoor dad haz a good one. We'll say purrayers fur Daisy, she look nice and pritty.
That was furry nice of your beans to go visit with Sue and Daisy. And so nice that Daisy sented you some pressies.

Happy Purrthday to the Dad. It is a good month for purrthday's, mum's is coming up on Friday.
you are one lucky dood kitty!
pressies just coz. wow!
the Piny woods girls are all sweet, so I'm sure that Daisy is too.
Percious Flower is my Valentine! That makes me lucky too.
Sending many purrs and good wishes Daisy's way. I hope everything is all right at the vet's.

How nice of her to send you a gift! My mom has seen those feline greenies around but hasn't bought any for me. Maybe I'll tell her to buy some for me to try.
What fun to get presents from a new friend! And Happy Birthday to the Dad - it's a great month for birthdays! We're also sending purrs that the vet visit goes well today.

China Cat & Willow
Well I guess that's not really cheating! And Daisy sure is a pretty girl. Happy Purrthday to your dad, Eric!
Daisy is a bery purrty Calico girl. No wunner her maw and the big piney woods gurls maw ist furriends!! Neat prezzies!! U ist lucky to haf a nu virtual furriend!!

Yes, we fink yur Dad wood like a good hair wash in da mornin. Tell him Happy Purrffday frum da Forty Paws!

Luf, Us
Daisy sure sent you some nice presents. I do hope she is okay after her visit to the V. E. T. I also noticed Pearl is your Valentine, she is very beautiful so you are a very lucky fellow. FAZ
Thank you to everyone for your concern - we will be leaving shortly for the vet hospital, for Daisy's scan, and I will let Fat Eric's Mum know the results when we get them, which may not be for a day or two.
And Daisy says happy purrday to Fat Eric's Dad.
Daisy is a furry purrty gurl! We went and reads all of what her new Momma Sue saids bout her. She am just like me. I has been in a few homes and my Momma promised dat NO ones wood efur take me away. I am here 4efur!!! Dat makes me furry happy. Becuz I love my Momma, dey way Daisy loves her Momma. We's both furry lucky.

Those are nice presents you got!

Meowm and I will purray for Daisy to be okay!
Daisy, we're all hoping and praying and purring for you.

Good luck.

daniel s.
Happy birthday to your dad, Eric! I hope you got his hair all groomed just right for the occasion.
dere mus be sumthin abowt da name daisy. i haven't met one hoo wuzzen't byootiful.
i hope dat yer daisy iz ok. i'm purrayin fer her.
Eric, we send more purrs to Daisy and we hope things went well.

Happy belated purrfday to your Dad and finally, Happy Valentine's to you!
Happy Balentimes day!!!
Daisy and her family sound very nice.
Happy Birthday to your dad and Happy Valentine's Day to you :)
Happy Valentine's Day Eric! :)
Happy Vaelntines Day!!!
Happy Valentine's Day Eric! It was nice of you to forgive your mommy for visiting such a special kitty such as Daisy. Her beans sound very nice, and for her to be so nice to send a gift to your is awfuly thoughtful. It is always nice to make a new friend!
PS we hope her vet trip goes well and they don't find anything wrong with her. we're sending good thoughts.
pps happy birthday to your daddy, you make sure you lick his hair extra well. i think he'll love that!
lotsa purrs fur your pretty furrend Daisy! and a Happy Birthday to your dad (one day late - sorry!) plus, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.
Purrs for Daisy, how's she doin'? Happy Purrthday to your Dad, and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
Happy Valentine's Day Fat Eric. To your mum and dad too.
Happy Balentimes Day!!!
~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy
Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy Birthday to your dad.
Prezzies, way cool.
Happy Birthday to your Dad.
Daisy looks like a sweet girl. We hope she is OK. Mrs. B also likes those feline greenies. Lucky you to get such a great gift.
Happy Valentine´s Day!!

¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥ BESOS ♥.-´¯`-.♥

Just stopped by to say hello
Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad. I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. I hope that Daisy is doing well and that the vet didn't find anything bad. You got some really nice presents.
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