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This cat was on the news in the UK today. He is very lucky if you ask me! I hope he finds a great furrever home.

My mum got dragged to a classic car show all day today by my dad. She finds them quite boring, but my dad says she has to come because he needs her navigational skills to make sure he finds the way. They nearly got hit by a really stupid driver on the way home so she was a bit shaken up. Now my dad owes her a favour. She wants him to go with her to visit the place I was adopted from. I do not think this is a good idea. I am very happy as a Spoilt Only Kitty. I do not need any new siblings. However, she keeps going on about this kitty she has had her eye on for some weeks who has still not been adopted. This is her.
She is seven years old, friendly to other cats (allegedly) and has no name.

Don't do it, mum! I might not like her. And if I got hungry in the night, I might even eat her...

What do my friends in the blogosphere think my mum should do? Please tell her I don't need a sibling!

P.S. Last week my dad said definitely no cats except me. This week he is saying maybe. I find this very worrying...

Eric... this a real -- what I would call -- dilemma. Now... I don't much care for other cats except Pumpy and even he gets on my nerves sometimes. Still... it's awfully nice to snuggle up with him on a daily basis. Plus he cleans my ears.

You might not like this other kitty at first but I've been told that cats will eventually work it out and live together peacefully.

She's kind of cute, no?
Well Eric we don't know what to think about this. I don't think we would like being an only cat cuz we have always been togevver.
If she did come to live wiv you, you would haf to make sure she knows you're the boss. It is nice to snuggle wiv another cat when yer Beans are out.Just think, you could train her to see off Evil Intruder Kitties.
TO FAT ERIC'S PEEPLE(fur Fat Eric to reed)
No way!! Fat Eric is enuff to luv. No need fur anothur kitty who is not neerly as huggable as Fat Eric. Don't do it! -R&C

TO FAT ERIC'S PEEPLE (NOT fur Fat Eric to reed)
She's so cute and luks like she would be grate at blogging. She's lived 7 yeers withowt a furevur home and yer love and security is eggsactly what she needs! -R&C
Fat Eric, what a lucky kittie to get rescued before he gotted all drowned. Hope he finds a furrever home.

Now, tell your Dad to be strong. If he said 'no', then it should stay 'no'. No maybe, no more kitties. But she is cute. Well, maybe.
Oh goodness. That poor kitty that almost drowned!! And the article says it is very timid. Well, duh.

We are in no position to give advisement regarding additional cats here at the Forty Paws.

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. She is very pretty and looks lonely.
Oh Eric, she really looks like a sad kitty. I think she'd be nice to snuggle up to. I bet you could train her to do your bidding.
Normally I would say sand your ground and do not allow another kitty in--I mean, look what happened to me when my People brought Buddah home.

But that poor kitty isn't a cute little kitten that most people will want to take home, and she needs a forever home. She needs people to worship her.

Plus, if you work it right, you can get extra treats for being a good brother!
Eric, it is lots of fun having other cats around after you get used to it.
it is fun playing 'big fierce cat coming to get you' & 'we are a herd of cats running up & down the hall' & 'chase each other up the cabbage tree then pretned you are a koala' & lots of other games & you will never get bored !!!
Oh eric she calico,

How can she not do it she remides me of My sisfur Kayla Voilet shy. I was an only cat for along time and I luffed her!!!! I miss her every day Now rember I put up wiff two sisfur she looks like a great one

1) she an older adult you wont have to worrie about kitten

2) you had a sisfur before

3) it might be nice to have a freind to expor wiff

5) it would be awalfly nice of you maam to make another cat as happy as you are!!!!

Your good buddy

Mu shue
Sorry Fat Eric, I think you should say YES to the beautiful calico. She looks very sweet, and most of all, she looks like she could use a great brother like YOU!
Um this is a tough decision, but I know that if I didn't have FIV I would certainly not be an only kitty. She needs a good home and a good floofy big brother to snuggle with and good beans to love her....
I'm sure your daddy would love to have a little girl kitty to look up to him....
She needs you & your beans. She is 7 years old and most likely will not have a forever home if you don't come to her rescue. She needs love. Think how sad she must be if your mom has been visiting her for weeks only to see her leave each time, not knowing if she will ever come again. Open your hearts and your home. You won't regret it.
PS: That poor kitty stuck in the rain! He is lucky he meowed loud enough to be heard and resuced!!!
Question: On the same page as the kitty we were looking at the other news and went to Wales, because thats where mom ancestry is and there is a story about a crazy 81 year old lady who was arrested for harassment and "breaching her Asbo." Can you tell us what "breaching her Asbo" is????
Eric I like you am an only cat.I love the fact that I'm spoiled yet sometimes it can be lonely.
My friend, she is an awfully pretty kitty. If your Mom and Dad have the space, time, and love for another kitty, I'd tell them to go get her now.

As others have noted, being an older cat she might *not* find a forever home. (There are many, many homelesss kitties in shelters here in the U.S. A great many are sent to Heaven after only a few days.) I'd think you'd agree that living your life in a cage is not fun.

Eric, if you're like my kitties, (I have five indoor only), you'll be upset and hissy when she first arrives; but, you two will eventually work things out. You might even become best friends!

Of course, I'm biased. Your Mom, Dad, and You, have to decide what is best for your family.

Hi Eric,

I used to think I didn't want a sister, too. Then we got Olivia (well, Olivia and her kangaroo). Honestly? Right off it was kind of fun having her around. It took about a month for her to get used to us, but she'd been without a home for a while, too. Then, just when I thought that was it, we got Caroline. She's a little firecracker and I like playing with her, too. So, see? I was against it at first but now I'm glad they both came to live with us.

My mom and I thank you very much for leaving such a touching message about my bro. It helped us a lot.
I am a poor one to ask. It all started with just me, and that was great, and now there are three more! Our Momma says it would be wonderful. She says two are twice as nice.

It is not like she is a kitten, you would enjoy having someone to snuggle wif when the beans are gone.
oh our mommy says she is furry purrty and after 7 years she deserves a furefurr home. who knows Eric, you might love her like you loved your sisfur!
Dear Eric,

We think it would be wonderful, especially as she has been there so long. You will always be the special first cat. you could train her in the ways of adoring you and making you still feel like a spoiled cat. Consider it a helper to train the beans better in the way of cats. PLEASE Eric's dad, consider it.

Mookie, Chaiyah, and the Person
Eric, it takes a very special cat to accept another kitty into his home. We think you are a very special cat, so it might work out for you. You'll always be top cat in your home, and this kitty needs a forever home. Go for it! Tell your mum that you'll be a wonderful brother.

I am a bit torn here. I know that you love being a spoilt only kitty, but it might be fun to have another cat around to play with and snuggle up to. She is an awfully pretty cat and she needs a good home, but only your beans can make the right decision.

I tagged you for the Sunday meme. Come to my blog for the questions.
Eric...she's a girlcat and you're a handsome dude cat. She'll worship you within 3 days - guaranteed. And if she doesn't...well your peeps will help you figure things out.

PS she looks something like my Zippy, so maybe I'm biased towards her.

PS2 - what about the cute little black kitcat? Maybe he(she)'d work well into your family.

I say go for it AND THEN TAKE ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT... Your friend Fat Eddy
Well, my friend, I can only tell you how I feel. After my brother and Tilly went to the Bridge, I was quite content to be the only kitty. I like having all the attention and food. However, it is a bit lonely. I think the beans sense this because they keep mentioning it. I think I will be getting a sibling this spring. I would prefer an older kitty who likes to eat, nap and go for quiet strolls rather than a rambunctious kitten.
Go for it!
NOOOOOOO! That's JUST how it happened to me. MY woman kept telling MY man bout homeless cats she'd met, an just when I thot we had this all straitened out, MY man sed YES because if not, she'd keep askin, an there was VICTOR. Oh, Eric, that was the worstest week of my life, when I realized this strange (an I do mean STRANGE) cat was actually going to LIVE in MY howse! Look, I fink my woman was won ofur by the cuddlin, purrin fing, so if you do lotsa cuddlin an purrin, she won't fink she needs anofur cat. I'm so upset! Where's Victor? I need to whap someone.
Oh, hey, she looks a little like my sweet Emmy! I fink you should gif it a try. You got along wif yur sisfur. An if she's nice, she can help you groom places that are hard to reach.

Mom's curious bout the car show; there's a Tiger in our car-adge (66 Sunbeam - BR Green).
awww - she's older...she doesn't have a family to can you resist?

would you like a Feline Greenies Variety box? we gots lotsa flayvers here and we'd be glad ta pack 'em up an send 'em to you. if yur innerested, e-mail yur address ta kch917 AT
Dude - take the's sogood having someone to pick on!!
Trust me, I know - pandora is my regular vic-teem.

btw - I tagged your fur the new meme doing the rounds!!

Eric, you've been tagged by me. See my blog Tuesday 27th for details. FAZ
Man this is a tough one. I know you love being spoiled. I love being spoiled but I think I'd be lonely without someone to pick on. I mean it's not like you have other cats to be mean to BEFORE you get another cat...
I am so glad that black and white kitty got rescued. I hope he gets a furever loving home very soon.

I think you should let your beans adopt that calico girl. If I wasn't so dominant and Meowm had more money I would have a sibling. I think you should give her a loving home.....all kitties deserve that!
Eric, this is your chance to show what a big heart you have...well, in addition to the rest of you! Anyway, this kitty needs a forever home and you can look good in the process. Both of you can be winners!
Hi Eric! Wow... this is a tough one. I think you're going to have to trust your Mum on this one. It was tough at first having Harlie around, but Mom and Dad looked at other cats and decided that a kitten would work best for me. Your Mum will have a good idea if this kitty would mesh with you after an adjustment period. You did have a sister once, and it might be nice to have another!
Just think Fat Eric, wif a sibling exercising is more fun. You run around wif them and don't efun realize you are doin it. Plus yer mightbe sister looks furry cute ~Merlin, sHadow, Ko KO
Fat Eric ... You might actually LIKE a new sibling and that pretty patches-looking kitty seems furry sweet. Please tell your mum to go and get her.

Oooo ... my word verification letters say: jktin

That looks like "J" Kitten! It's a SIGN!
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