Thursday, February 08, 2007


My Valentine to Pearl C. Pritchard

I'm happy to announce that the lovely Princess Pearl has offered to be my Valentine. In fact, she has already sent me a Valentine - you can admire it here. Here is my Valentine to her:

An Ode To Pearl

Oh Princess Pearl, my pretty Valentine
To gaze upon your beauty is divine
Your stripy tail and dainty snow-white paws
Would move the toughest kitty to applause

A tough New Yorker when you were a kitten
You’ve crossed the seas to live with us in Britain
How happy am I that you joined us here
Among Princesses you can have no peer.

When peeping between curtains your eyes shine
On cosy heaters you like to recline
When snuggling up with Pumpkin you’re so kind
Please snuggle with me too – I wouldn’t mind!

When wearing your tiara and your pearls
You easily outshine most other girls
So Princess Pearl, feline who is so fine
I’m very glad that you’re my Valentine!

I hope she likes it! And many thanks to the other lovely ladies who offered to be my Valentine.

It has been another hectic week here. It was snowing a lot when we woke up this morning - much more snow than the little bit we had the other day. My mum ended up having to walk to school through the snow because the buses weren't running. About a third of her class didn't turn up today so she took the rest outdoors to build snowmen - they had a lot of fun. However, when my mum tried to get me to pose for snow pictures outdoors I refused to co-operate, as the cosy fleece bed by the radiator looked a lot more attractive than all that nasty cold white stuff.

Our poor car is still sick. The garage finally found out what the problem was but it turned out to be very expensive to fix so my dad is not very happy about that.

The good news is that tomorrow is the start of my mum's half-term holiday. She will be home for a whole week giving me lots of quality attention and she has promised to help me blog much more regularly. We have lots of new photos to post.

See you at the Valentine's party!

Very pretty valentine, glad to hear that your Mom will be home for a while.
That is a purrty Valentine Eric. You got enough snow to make snowmen? Wow. It is slowly warming up here. No longer below zero Fahrenheit.

Have fun with your mum on her holiday.
That is absolutely beautiful, Eric. I'm gobsmacked. And you're a poet too! You obviously have many hidden talents.

The humans are travelling right now and so I've been very lax about logging in to the computer so I hope you'll forgive my slow response to you.
Yay! Very glad that you found your Valentine. That is a very nice poem.
Eric you are a Man Cat of many talents! What poetry!
Our beans had car repairs last week too and the furnace is getting replaced next week. They better not break into the Stinky Goodness fund!
Oh Eric that's so bootiful! She is furry lucky.
that's lovely! what a talented and handsome guy you are!
Very sweet poem Eric. Pearl's very lucky.
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