Friday, February 09, 2007


Robyn Appreciation Day

I'd like to join my friends in the Cat Blogosphere by paying tribute to Robyn of Hot(m)BC. She deserves a round of applause for all she's done, producing calendars, helping cat-bloggers, fostering Squillions and all the rest. Yay for her!

o, Eric, i's agree wif u's, Mom Robyn haf done a bunch of stuff to helps us blogging cats.

see u's at tha party tonite...
purrrrssss.... KC
Yay! we love her lots too. this is so cool!
Efurryone loves Mom Robyn.
Are we going to see you at the paartay? Come on ofur and sign our blog so we's can add yur name to the count. We am donating fur two cawses.
Way to go, Miss Robyn!
Hmmmm, Fat Eric the cheesecake incident didn't sound very fun, but we aggree with the Appreshiashion of Ms Robyn
Oh Fat Eric, move over, there appears to be another fat cat in town! Oh, and that cat would be me! I think I need to go on a diet. sigh.
Robyn sounds like a lovely woman.

Thanks, Eric, for giving me the heads up on the Valentine competition!
Aw thank you so much Eric :) :) :) I'm sorry I'm so slow to say thanks, just trying to follow doc's orders. All these wonderful posts like yours just made me grin from ear to ear.
Thanks again!
Love n "Purrs"
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