Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Squillions Day

Today is Squillions Day, and there are lots of events planned over at the Cat Blogosphere. My Squillion is called Mandy (short for Mandarin). She has lived here since last June, when Derby very kindly sent her to live with me. Luckily we were able to fast-track her British catizenship. At the moment, Mandy is living in the study, keeping an eye on the computer. Here are some photos of Mandy:
My humans haven't reached a decision yet on whether I need a new sibling or not. They are going away this weekend to see some friends in Eastbourne (that's by the sea). Luckily they are only going to be away for one night - Uncle Andrew and his sticky little people are coming in to feed me and do litter box duty. When they come back, they are going to check whether the calico kitty has found a furrever home yet or not.

Karen Jo wrote a limerick about me! You can read it here.

Hi Mandy from your sibling Midnight in Americky! Glad to know you're adjusting to life as a British kitty.
Hi Mandy, nice to meet yoo. Happy Squillins Day.
Hi Mandy!
Happy Squillions Day! You look real happy to have been adopted by Fat Eric and his family. And you look real proud to be a British kitty now. Good for you! Oh, Mom says to send McVities Jaffa Cakes, whatever they are. I'm sure she's just pulling our legs though. Maybe. Soemtimes humans are very strange. Take care and keep in touch.
Onyx & Mac
your siblings at HotMBC
Happy Squillions Day!
We like that last shot, Eric! You've got Mandy all dressed as a perfectly patriotic Brit!
Hi Fat Eric!

SheBean checked my papers and can't find how much I weigh. But it's less than BabyBean and she's 27lbs.

What's a squillion?
Mandy my lovely 'ramic sis. I miss you but know you are happy with Fat Eric and his beans. You have as much fun as I do playing in the flowers.

Happy Squillion Day.

Love, Vir-ginger
Happy Squillions Day, Mandy! You look very happy to be living with Fat Eric. Thank you for the link.
Happy Belated Squillions Day Eric. You and Mandy look great!
Hi Mandy!!! Happy Squillions Day!!!

Luf, Us
Hi Mandy Happy belated Squillions day. You have found a furry good furever home with Fat Eric
WOW, yoo and mandy luk sooo happy togethur! Fat Eric...we reely want to get owr own squillion friend to hang owt with. Can yoo tell us whare we can find one of mandy's brothurs or sisturs!?!?!
Happy Squillions Day.
Today is hug another cat day and How can i forget about my great buddy Fat Eric you look almost like me!!!

so you been huged
go hug four othe cats see my blog for deials
Eric, we send hugs to you too.

Hi Mandy! Good to see you again!
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