Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Tummy Tuesday...

...or how to totally immobilise your human.

Look at that fabulous tummy foo! DKM wants to rub it like a Buddha
Wow, that is a very impressive tummy. It is just crying out for a good rub.
Fat Eric, the expression on yer face is priceless!
Oh Eric you have the bestest tummys!!

Yup! That would do it!!
We would love to snuggle on your floofy tum!
Jasmin and Saffi xxx
Eric, you definately have the bestest,fluffiest, rubbable tummy! And I just love that little orange beauty mark!
That's a tummy tuesday and a widebody wednesday all in one Eric.
Furry impressive.
Dat is definitely a beeutiful Buddha belly and needs to be rubbed immediately. Yoo are one happy guy Eric.
Dood, it looks like yoor smiling! I'm working on getting a tummy like yoo~Speedy
Total bliss.
Wow, dat iz sher a gud tummy!! N you are a furry hansum hunkahunka happee cat!!!
kin you come to my pawty? My purrfy is 2/22 n I will be 17!! I am jes noo at bloggin, but I will try to have pixchers n lotsa niptea. Pleeese bring yer furrends n come to my porch!!
Thats some good lap layin'.
Sometimes I have to put the bitey on my mumbean if she trys to move me when I'm comfie like that.
Oooo kiss the floof!!!
---Beezer's mumbean
Wow. I fink that's also Big Man Cat Monday, wif emphasis on Big. There's sure a lot of you, Eric! I hold Mom in bed by lying like that on top of the covers while she's beneath. Aren't Mom feet wonnerful?
We are speechless Eric! You are one big cat!
Oh, you do have the floofiest tummy ever! Beyond this, we're speechless!

China Cat & Willow
Hey! Eric. Rub your cute tummy and make a wish...soon. Have a great day cutie.
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Hi Eric! You have a lovely white tummy. Me too! I don't particularly like having it rubbed, though, but the woman still always tries.
OMGosh!!! Dat ist a gud tumbly. Maw wantz to stick her face in it an blow raspberries. You'd probly put da bitey on her. We do.

Luf, Us
Eric, that is the biggest, floofiest, cuddliest tummy I have ever seen! I am very impressed! I would love to rub my fingers through all that fluff.
great pikshur Eric
If I could whistle I would. That is one gorgeous tummy. FAZ
OMG Eric, you look like a throw rug. What a fabulous tummy display!
Gosh what a floofy tummy you have. Mom would just love to pet and rub it. Gizmo is the only one that allows her to rub a tummy. Mine is really soft so she says but I don't let her rub it. She gets to it sometimes when I'm standing up and can't get her hand in a clutch. She cheats.

Aaaah. Behold the floofiness!
Fat Eric...yer a big buddle full of furry luv! Yer one of owr favurite cats on the bloggosfere fur pickturs like these!!!
HE HE HE HE! That is a great example of the kitty restaint device.
Can you immobilise two beans at once, Big Man?

Dude - that is one cool floofie tummy!!

Hey, Eric, Faz & I are thinking about seeing Dr. Daisy for some nip/tuck work. Faz wants off his diet, and I've got a severe case of belly flop. Maybe you should join us? :-)

You ought to be the poster child for the photo hunters this week, Eric. We've been looking at all sorts of "soft" photos and there you are!
heeeheee Mom says she would have to kiss that tummy ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
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