Saturday, February 03, 2007


What A Week

Sorry I haven’t been around the cat blogs much this week, but I was grounded from going on the computer. It’s a long story, but let’s just say that:
a) it was all my mum’s fault for jumping up to answer the phone and leaving her plate of delicious cheesecake at cat-level;
b) my paws slipped – I was intending to eat the cheesecake, not sit in it, and;
c) having one’s behind scrubbed to remove vanilla cheesecake which is matted into one’s floofy hair is a very traumatic experience for all concerned.

Anyway, my mum and I have now agreed to forget the whole thing. She has a stinking cold at the moment (along with most of the children in her class) so I nobly forgave her for the Cheesecake Incident and have been doing a lot of snuggling to make her feel better.

While I was grounded, many of my friends in the Cat Blogosphere seem to have been finding Valentines for the party Beau Beau and Angie are having. I did actually have a girlfriend – Athena – but she doesn’t seem to have been around the cat blogs for a very long time now. I don’t know if we are still an item but I may need a new date to the Valentine’s party – any offers, ladies? I'm even prepared to write an ode to my new girlfriend for Skeezix's competition. Maybe if I give you a cute photo of myself it might tempt you…

I don't have a valentine either. Evidently, I'm too much of a grouch...
That cheesecake fiasco sounds like a big mess for all concerned!

I hope you find a Valentine!
Hi Eric... Oh yes. Having one's behind scrubbed is terrible. (Not that I've ever had to have that done).

I hope your mum feels better soon. These stinking colds are bad news, so I've heard.
Hi Eric, hope yoo haf recovered furrom the cheesecake eppysode now. Having yer behind scrubbed duzn't sound like much fun. We wondered where yoo had got to. We haf just had a compytishun furr the poodin who posted our 1000th. comment, an last night we were waiting furr one more comment and went to bed. The comment came two minutes after the computer wuz turned off. Can yoo beleev it???
Hope yer mum feels better soon. Our mum swears by First Defence, she sez it really works.
o, Eric, i finked u's had at least one girlfurriend cat! hee hee. i's posted ur's comment on tha Cat Blogosphere, i's imagine all tha available lady cats will be linin' up.

oooh, 'n an ode? that be so nice, no one's effer writed an ode fur me! impressive. She will be a lucky kittie two times (furrst fur hafing u's fur hers feller 'n fur gettin a writed ode to hers).
~~~~ KC
Fat Eric, I am glad you put the Cheesecake Incident "behind" you!
Eric, my friend, cheesecake is MUCH better eaten instead of sat on!
Mum and Dad are planning to corner me later for a butt trim, so I've got to make escape plans.
Mum recommends hot tea with whisky for your Mum's cold. She says even if it doesn't help, you don't care. Hope she's better soon!
We gots not one, but TWO elli..elig...available ladies at owr howse if you still needs a Valentine!
~Meeko & Kiara (Emmy too, but she's taken)
Mommy loves cheesecake yet I've never but my behind in, your very cute so you should'nt have a problem
finding a date.
If you's still need a Valentine, Storm is avaiwable - she can be a bit temperatmental but that's just cuz she's a tortie.
Eric, cheesecake is for licking not sitting in. And it is no fun to lick it off your bum.

Hope you are better and that your mum gets better too. Be warm and glad you are not here. It is -6F or about -20C. Glad I am inside.
Hey now, Eric, my sister Lizzie Bennet thinks you're really cute. She's not a bad looking lady cat but she's real shy.
LOL...what a mess that must have been to get out of your fuzzy fur! Happy anniversary too!

Oh Fat Eric, I am sorry you did not get to eat the cheesecake with all the yummy milk and fat in it. I am sorry you had to get a bath too. I hate baths. I even hate when my human comes after me with a damp towel!
yikes! sorry to hear about the Cheesecake Incident! we know you'll find a Valentine really fast - you're a very handsome floofy Man Cat.
Your Mum must have had a real time getting the cheesecake out of all your floofy fur. It's a real bummer that you slipped. I am sure that you will get a Valentine date soon.
Eric, the incident with the cheesecake sounds dreadful. What's worse is you had to be bathed. Oh, the torture! I'm glad to see you're alright now.
I don't like any part of me washed by anyone but me. Didn't your mum know you that the cheesecake on your behind was take-out??
~ moose
Ezra sez... I haded to get washed last week too. I haff to take sum icky medicine cause I got a sneez from livin in the puond wiff all the offur kitties and me and Momma learned it makes your fur all sticky when you spit it up.

PS - I'm only 8 pounds of man cat, but I'm only 10 months old.
Hi Eric,
You look a LOT like the Fancidots Gang's Grandpa Sasquatch, who now is at the rainbow bridge - but our little Emma loved him SO much, she might be willing to be your valentine, if you go to Zenith's blog and ask her nicely.
(just a hint)
She has a Catster page, and you can get to her catster page, from Zenith's blog, too.
warm wishes for you to have wonderful valentine's day!
Fancidots (the gang's bean)
Did you get a taste of the cheesecake? Was it yummy?

My mommy has a cold too, it must be goin' round the blogosphere.

we hope you had a chance to eat loads of cheescake before you slipped.
It was very selfish of your mum to leave the cheescake plate unstable but maybe she wasn't thinking straight cos of her cold.
we hope she feels better soon
Sounds like you have some offers of being a Valentine. Just keep looking handsome in that picture. I am glad the cheesecake incident is behind you but Mom said it must have been a hilarious picture of you sitting in the cheesecake instead if licking it. Mom, says she sorry. Yeah, I bet. Gee, I sure hope your Mom will be feeling better real soon.

Eric, that cheesecake sounds horrible! I hope that you weren't too traumatized. You know there are a number of girl cats looking for dates. I know I just saw one the other day at their blog... but for the life of me I can't remember who.

We did want to say that we are thinking of having a blog devoted to orange cats. We hope that you won't feel that we are trying to horn in on your gorgeous gingers site, as it's not really a competition with it, but merely another site to show of your wonderful gingerness. Momma wants to do this to honor her Iggy cat, but she would feature other gingers as they wanted to be part of it. But we wanted you to know so you didn't think we were just copying your page. After all, we'd expect the gorgeous gingers to hang together on your site!
well... did ya find a girl?
Eric... I did something very cheeky. I just posted a valentine to you on Skeezix blog but I didn't ask your permission first. I hope I didn't throw a wrench in your valentine plans.

I would have jumped into the cheesecake too!
Too bad you couldn't get to your behind to get the cheesecake off yourself poor guy! ; )
Hope your mum feels better by now.
Hi Eric! Before it goes up on the Cat Blogosphere, I'm doing some intercontinental travel to let everykitty know we're having a special benefit for Mu Shue over here at ArtsyCatsy. Hope you can join us!

Rocky, ArtsyCatsy CEO
Hi again Eric. I don't know if you saw my comment from my blog, but of course I'll go to Beau Beau and Angie's party with you.

And thanks for being my valentine.
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