Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Relaxing Together

We are enjoying some spring sunshine at the moment. My mum is happy because she only has two days of teaching to go before the Easter holidays start. It was her purrthday yesterday, so my dad and I were very nice to her. He cooked us a lovely dinner while I sat on mum to make sure she took a good rest. Of course, I gave her a lot of purrthday licks, too.

Oh wonderful -- happy purfthday to your mum.

You are such a schmoozie cat, Eric. Pumpy is like that, too.

We all enjoyed the spring day, too. Long may they continue! (But I heard on the BBC that we're supposed to get another cold snap. Eww.)

love, Pearl
Great job lovin on your mommy for her purfthday. She looks very happy to have you on her lap (as well she should be!). I'm sure she loved the kisses too.
I'll bet you'll have so much fun having her hom for break. Take care!
Such a sweet picture! You're awfully nice to your mum!
Happy Belated Purrthday to your Mum! I thinkyou gave her the best present-----kisses!
I just love pictures of our kitty friends with their people! Lick up your mom's face real good with your scratchy tongue (don't worry, it'll heal over the holidays)!
Happy Birthday Mum.
Oh happy purrthday to your Mum, Eric. Good thing her lap isn't any smaller or you wouldn't fit on it!
Happy Birthday to yoor mom. Looks like yoo did a furry good job of making her sit down. How nice dat yoor dad cooks. Did he do the washing up too?
oh we hopes your mom hadded a happy purrfday!!! good job sitting on her to make shur she rested on her purrfday
Happy Purrfday to your mum. Being home for the school holidays will mean more cuddle time for you.We have been for extra long walks with our mum because it has been so nice and warm and sunny.
Ooh ... happy belated purrday to you from us. You look very comfy there, both of you.
Happy Birthday to your mum, from me and my mum.

It looks likes she is happy with your extra lap snuggles.
good job wiff your mums purrday tell her happy brithday deomw me too

mu shue
Happy belated birthday to your mum! And you get a treat with the upcoming Mum Days. How lucky for you both!
Oh! Happy Belated Purrfday Mum! We're glad that FE made sure that you rested and lots of licks. It was furry nice of Dad to cook dinner too!

Luf, Us
Late HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to your Mom! Looks like you did a good job giving her birthday purrs!
Happy birthday to your Mum Eric!
Happy belated Birthday to your Mum! I hope she had a nice dinner and that you got some of the dinner too!
Happy, happy birthday to your Mumbean!!
Nothing says 'love you' like a good long lapsit. Its the purrr-fect pressie!
Happy birthday to your mum!

Fat Eric:
I've TAGGED you! Stop by my bloggie for the details! It's in the 3/39/07 posting!
Hi Eric! Happy birthday to your Mum!

Oops, I tagged you too!
Happy belated birthday to your Mum, FE! You're the best present a bean could have! The two of you look very happy together. We hope you enjoy your holiday.
You are a purry thoughtful poodie Fat Eric. Tell yer Mom Happy Late Purrrthday wishes from the Poiland Tribe
Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! How cool that we share a birthday!

You are a ginormous kitty; what a big man cat! You make me feel like a little boy cat even though I make posts for man cat Mondays.

Happy Purrthday to your mom! A lap full of cuddly fluff is the best present ever!
Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum. I'm glad you made sure she got some rest by sitting on her. A lapful of floofy cat is a great birthday present.
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