Friday, April 27, 2007


Floofy Friday - Garden Patrol

The garden is getting flowery. The sun is shining. It's the weekend! Here I am on garden patrol, keeping the frogs and newts in order. I am a contented floofy cat.

That is such a pretty picture Eric. Those pretty yellow flowers really compliment your floofy furs. Good job keeping those frogs and stuff in their place. You look like you're feeling OK still!
You look like you are really enjoying your stroll! My brother Rudy saw this photo and is jealous 'cause we aren't allowed outside! You two look so much alike!
good patrolling work Eric, our Mum likes your garden
your garden is looking furry nice Eric. That pond looks interesting, I think I would like to dabble my toes in it. Maybe I could tickle a frog or a newt. We are sorry to hear you were feeling pawly and are glad you are better now.
We have tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Awards.
Your garden is very beautiful! I love the little pond. And you sure look floofy, Eric.
Are der fishies in yoor pond? Glad yoo got over yoor little poor spell and are back to yoor floofy patrols.
Eric you are the master of the outside domain. You look very content in your garden and everything is under control.
Oh, that is a gorgeus yard and pond. We are so glad you are feeling better, and those quilts are lovely, for you and Daisy.

Eric we are adding you to our bloggie roll. You have a nice yard and a nice coat there too.

<3 Princess
Hello my floofy friend! I like your garden. I am not allowed outside, it looks nice though.
That's a great floofy picture. I love it! Beanmom likes the lovely water feature in the background. A very pretty garden indeed.
Wowee wow wow! You sure are looking floofy in that beeyoutiful pictor. What a loverly setting. We'd like to come over and visit.

Luf, Us
Wow! Eric what a gorgeous garden you have and you look just so gorgeous and floofy there!
Oh Eric, I'm so glad you are feeling a lot better. There is so much worry about the cat food stuff going on, so you never can tell. Glad to hear you are keeping the froggies in line. Don't know anything about newts though. I can't find any froggies outside to bat around. We didn't get hardly any rain this year, was wondering if that was it or they just got tired of being batted around. The garden sure is pretty and you look like very floofy walking around in it.

What a beautiful garden! The only enhancement a good garden needs is a cat in it. We love our garden too.

We were sorry to hear that you were feeling poorly, but are very relieved that it was temporary and that you are back to normal now.

I love the outdoors too with all the smells and green grass. Looks like you are feeling better buddy boy!
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