Friday, April 06, 2007


I Survived! And It's Floofy Friday

Thank you to my friends for being concerned that Uncle Andrew might leave me to starve again. Fortunately he did not forget to feed me this time (I think the notes and pictures of me that my mum stuck in his kitchen, his hallway and on the back of his door might have helped!) I was happy that I stayed fat, and that some of my friends teleported over to visit me, but I was still lonely and not getting enough scritches or laptime. I was furry happy when my mum and dad got back from Venice last night. They said they had had a lovely time but I could tell they had missed me. I gave them a lot of licks and purred furry loudly. This morning I got up extra early just so that I could enjoy the pleasure of sitting on my dad's pillow and licking his head. I nearly got two breakfasts too because my dad got up and fed me and then later my mum got up and she was going to feed me again because I was acting hungry and she did not know I'd already been fed while she was still asleep! Unfortunately my dad told her I had had breakfast so my plan was foiled.

It is lovely and sunny today and it is supposed to stay warm and sunny all weekend. My mum has been doing some tidying in the garden and I have been helping her. I thought this picture would do for Floofy Friday too.
I have much to tell, including a story about an interesting package that I got in the post while my humans were away. I might even let my mum post a picture of a cat she met in Venice. I hope all my friends in the Cat Blogosphere are enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend with their humans.

Whew - I'm so relieved that you were fed and cared for while the People were away. We were all worried for you.
That is a splendid picture of you in your garden, and I'm looking forward to hearing all your news.
Thank goodness you survived! And with all of your floofiness intact. Relaxing in the garden looks like fun. I can't wait to hear about the package you got!
Oh Eric, we are furry glad that you survived. That looks like a lovely garden.
Whew!! We are so glad that everything went well this time, we were so worried you might starve again. Looks like you are enjoying the sun in the garden .We have been getting plenty of sun here too. We have been helping dad in the fields, and I (Flynn) have been busy climbing trees. We really enjoy the sun.Happy Easter to you.
ya know eric ...
i don't think i'm az floofy az u!
i'm glad uncle andrew came thru ...i'm anxious to see wut wuz in da packaje.
Oh, we are so relieved that you didn't starve to death!You must keep your strength up for garden work now that spring is here.
You look lovely in your shady spot.It looks like a good place to supervise from...
Hi Eric, glad to hear you didn't suffer a shortage of calories! I think I might have to, though, because I've heard the humans talking about my butt getting bigger than the backyard.

You're lucky it's warm and sunny there. It's below freezing here and I saw snow flurries today. YUCK! Spring has come unsprung.

That's wonderful that Uncle Andrew fed you this time! Great Floofy Friday pic!
Very happy that your Uncle Andrew didn't forget you this time. Happy Easter and looking forward to what came in the post.
Awesome! It would be horrible if you were just and empty sack of fur because nobody fed you. Too bad you didn't get the extra breakfast, though...I've managed that a couple of times :)
I am very glad that Uncle Andrew remembered to feed you this time. I'm glad you are having such nice weather and you can spend time in your garden. We are supposed to have snow for Easter.
We are so glad you survived! Have a wonderful weekend! Purrs and Scritches
Glad you have your folks back! I wonder what's in the package!?!
I'm not sure what happened with Uncle Andrew in the past but it sounds terrible. I'm glad you survived!

I love your picture in the garden. you look so happy and relaxed!

Happy Easter!
We're very glad that you were fed this time while your beans were having fun in Venice!!! Great job that your mum posted pictures of you all over Uncle Andrew's house to remind him to feed you!!

Wonderful floofiness display in your picture there too. Maw needs to get more pictures of Obi's floof to post on Fridays.

Luf, Us
We hope you checked that the package wasn't ticking when it arrived.
Did they bring you anything from Venice? Maybe a Venesian mouse???
We are furry glad to hear you did not get starved this time. Once is enough. Did yer 'beans bring you a venitian goody? Ask for some whip cream as a treat we luv it and it has a lot of taste in a little amount ~Poiland Tribe
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