Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mandy's Turn To Blog

Hi, it's Mandy here, Eric's Squillion.

Fat Eric said I could have a turn to blog today because he is feeling tired. He has had a bit of a stressful Sunday morning - it is all a bit personal but I am sure he won't mind if I just whisper about it to you. He had a bit of issue this morning, meaning that when he jumped on his mum and dad's bed to wake them up, they were forced out of bed by an awful smell which turned out to be a big stinky dingleberry stuck to Eric's floofy backside. Yuck! That's when it got stressful, because he ended up being held down by his dad while his mum put on gloves and washed his floofy backside and trimmed all the floofy hair on his bottom. I must say, Fat Eric was pretty calm about the whole thing. He even purred through some of the yucky procedure, whereas some cats I know would have been climbing the walls to escape! When it was all over, Eric was fragrant and floofy once more, even though he is now missing some of the floof on his rear end. But everyone involved was pretty tired so they are having a rest while I blog.

It is really hot and sunny here, like midsummer. The humans have been doing a lot of work in the garden this weekend and Eric and I have been snoopervising. Here is a picture English Daisy's mum took of us sharing a sunspot.

P.S. Yesterday, a parcel arrived and inside were Fat Eric and English Daisy's quilts from Millie's mum! They made it all the way here to the UK safely. Eric is going to blog about that next.

Hi Mandy! Thanks for reporting on Eric's, er, incident. I hope his fluffiness grows back soon on his behind. I can't wait to see the quilts!
i'm sorree but i'm laffin an laffin!
an speekin uv "laffin an laffin" ... mi squillion posted on mi blog today, too! take a look mandy ... maybe u an mi squillion can be frendz!
luv--yer frend--jh
ps--mi apologiez eric.
Ha ha ha ha!!! That is so funny and probably done deliberately - I sometimes do that to my humans in a bid to waken them on a Sunday morning! LOL

Weather on the IOW is gorgeous too - like mid summer!
Oh Mandy!!! Poor Eric must be embarrased!!! We sure hope his floofy bloomers grow back soon!

Paw fownd dis wonderful article we wanna share wid u:

Luf, Us
Hi Mandy good to hear from you. I feel for Eric, while I was having my digestive issues, mum was washing my bum off too. I didn't have to have my fur trimmed, but mum would get me in the hot rain room and shut the door. The proceed to wipe my backside off until it was clean.

It is warmer here too, but not to summer temperatures. More just back to normal. Vir-ginger is bugging mum to let her outside, so soon we should have new pictures of her.
Oh Eric--I am sorry. Sometimes that happens to me too and I hate it when I get all trimmed up.
Oh, Eric, such an indignity you had to endure! Your family is lucky that you're so easy-going.

We envy your warm weather and wonder if spring weather will return soon to Virginia. At least our flowers don't seem to mind the cold.

You're not alone, mate! take a look at my blog to see my story.
Wow Fat Eric you are receiving free food, you haf now reached superstar status. They always get free stuff. Con cat ulations. You are look furry floofy too ~Poiland Tribe
Oh poor Eric, that's just awful (snicker snicker). I mean the indignity (laughing a little louder now). You've been through a (snickering some more) trauma! Although it sounds like you enjyed most of it. Oh who am I kidding, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day! Sorry Eric, just can't help myself. Watch out, a bare backside picks up the draft!
Our floofy sisfur who came before had to haf her but shaved about every 6 weeks or she gots lots of dingleberries. She akshooally liked getting groomed, she wuz weerd.
Hi Mandy! Thanks for letting us know how Eric is doing! Tell him not to be too upset or embarassed. It happens to all of us, floofy or not. I had a similar incident just about a month or so ago. That is a lovely picture you posted of the two of you together. Can't wait to see the quilts!
Poor Eric. He's lucky to have a sister who can explain things in a discreet way so he's not embarassed by the whole thing. But he needs to share the sun with looks like he's hogging it all and you have none!
Hi, Mandy. I am sorry about Eric's embarrassing problem. It happens once in a while to almost every cat.
Oh My!!

This happened to Pumpy a few months ago but it's never happened to me.

You look absolutely gorgeous in the sun... sleeping away like a fluffy, happy love-bug.

Did you enjoy the nice weather this weekend?
Eric has my sympathies too! I've been known to get a berry or two attached to the 'ol backside too.
Totally funny about the rude wake up call! -Shaggy
My brother Rudy goes through it too - then he gets the dreaded "Poodle-Butt" cut from the V.E.T. He gets humiliated, but he survives and gets treats for his trouble. Eric looks no worse for wear.
Oh, Poor Eric, I feel for him! I glad he is all clean and floofy again, thanks for filling in for him!
Hi Mandy! :) Nice of Eric to let you post on his blog. Poor Eric having to have some of his fur trimmed!

You both look like you are enjoying the sun. :)
hi Eric, those dingleberry things are a real nuisance but well done for being so brave. Did you enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. I had a ball and spent all day having dust baths and chasing the wood pigeons. FAZ
Hi Mandy,it's nice that Eric has let you post. My brofurr Eric sometimes gets dingleberries stuck to his butt. I have never had that, but sometimes if I eat long blades of grass,and don't chew it properly, my poop comes out like a string of sausages with the grass in the middle. That is furry embarassing because it won't stop following you.
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