Sunday, April 08, 2007


A Nice Surprise

When my humans got back from Venice, there was some post waiting for them (that's "mail" for Mericky cats). My mum was surprised to find a small package addressed to "The Cat of the House" - of course she passed it straight on to me, the rightful addressee.
I did need some help to open it. Inside was a letter, addressed to "Dear Successful Cat" - must be me again!
More importantly, in with the letter was a free pack of gourmet stinky goodness (not the brand I usually eat). My mum and I are a little surprised about this as we do not remember applying for any special offer, but maybe I'm just so famous that the stinky goodness makers want me to advertise their wares? I should ask Kukka-Maria if she gets asked to endorse a lot of stuff.
Anyway, I ate the free stinky goodness yesterday and it was very delicious, so there's my endorsement. Any other manufacturers who want to send me free food, go right ahead.

We have new neighbours next door. This morning they saw me sunning myself in the garden and they started taking photos of me. Which is a little rude without asking first, but maybe they were just so dazzled by my good looks, they couldn't help themselves. After all, they probably weren't expecting to be living next door to a celebrity. When my mum came outdoors, they told her I was a furry handsome cat. I suppose I'll just have to get used to the paparazzi.

By the way, Happy Easter efurrycat!

Wow, Eric, you are very very famous and important to get to try special gourmet foods. No wonder your neighbors wanted to take pictures of you. Happy Easter!
Free stinky goodness! Yum! :) You must be very famous for them to send you some in the post. I am very impressed!

Your new neighbours sound very nice! They have good taste to want to take photos of you!
Hi Eric,
Hope you are having a nice Easter too. We still have white stuff on the ground and it is no good for going out but the squirrels are hopping around outside so we run all around and keep an eye on them.
Harper and Ramona

Brendan is to dignified to watch squirrels.
Wow eric you getting quite famous I have to argree us ginger boys are quite handsome!!!

happy easter

Mu shue
You are certainly furry handsome and famous. I can understand that the paparazzi just can't help themselves.

If Jasmine lived next door to you, she wouldn't just want a picture, she'd be introducing herself to your mum and asking if she could have an in-purrson interview!
You're famous! Wow! You made me a Gorgeous Ginger over the summer before I had a blog. I didn't know at the time just what an honor that was! Wow, and to think that I get to comment on your blog! WOW!
Free stinky goodness?? You are a furry lucky cat, Eric!

Happy Easter!!!!

Finny & Buddy, Grady & Gilmore and the beans too
Wow, Eric ... fame and free gourmet food! I'm sooo envious!!

Have a furry Happy Easter!

Wowy free gournet foods?! Lucky you!
WOW! Why do I never get such good things????

I think paparazzi is ok.
Just make sure you get wots of temptations and stinky goodnesses.
Hey look! that catfood says Gourmet PEARL!

That's quite serendipidous, don't you think?

I hope your humans had a good time in Venice.

We're enjoying the sunshine so much. I even went outside for a few minutes of my own free will.
What a lucky purrson you are, Fat Eric. Now, if you get yore sekretary to send a picture of you eating that stinky goodness to the manufacturers they might be so pleased they will send you more.
Wow that looks good.You can't blame the neighbors your just so handsome
they can't help taking photos.
Free... stinky... goodness!?!?! I gotta watch the mail closer! We've gotten coupons frum bein on a mailin list, but coupons don't taste good. Eric, I hope the naybors won't be laffin at yur unusual size; beans can be mean sumtimes. I hope they's nice an don't bring any evil invader kitties.
We get that Gourmet Pearl furr special occasions and we had it today furr our purrfday. We think it is delish! We didn't get it furr being celebrities though cuz we know our mum bought it.You are very lucky and very famous to get it sent to you like that. It is an honour to know you. We have been watching out for the planes going over to see if your mum waved to us on her way to Cornwall. We thought we saw a hankie waving from a window, but it might have been a small cloud.
Wow! Aren't you lukcy to get all that free food in the mail. Happy Easter Eric!
Happy Easter Fat Eric. I definitely need to see how to get on that particular mailing list!
happy easter, and congratulations on your celebrity. as long as the paparazzi don't intrude on your private moments, i suppose they can be allowed to live. (hee hee)

It looks like you are on the gravy train now! I hear that c-lebra-tees get all kinds of stuff for free.
Who remembers when Eric when he was just a internet sensation.
You must be a celebraty, free stuff and the paparazzi moving in next door.

Hope you had a good Easter.
We are certainly not surprised that the neighbors would want to take pictures of you - Such a handsome floofy fellow you are. How terrific to get free food in the mail!

Happy Easter to you,
China Cat & Willow
You are really hitting the big time, Eric. Free Stinky Goodness in the post and papparazzi moving in next door. Happy Easter!
Congratulations floofy friend! On the food that is....sympathies on the papparazzi.
Eric, have you stopped to think that maybe these new "neighbors" are spying on behalf of the stinky goodness company. Could be they're just wanting free photos of an incredibly handsome guy to use on their food packages. Beware of signing any contracts that come in the mail accompanied by free food!
Got any offers for commercials yet? Will you be coming out to Hollywood any time soon? We're only about 25 miles away and we'd be glad to show you around.
The paparazzi have found you! We'll be checking our supermarket tabloids for any stories featuring Eric & Kukka-Maria. We can say "we knew them when..."

We're glad you survived your week and that your Uncle is doing better. Well enough to feed our floofy buddy!
Wow FE! That is great!! We're furry impressed with your celebrity and the uninvited photo taking. Maybe you'll be invited to the palace for tea next?

Luf, Us
This is the price you have to pay for being so handsome and so famous! Mini filets with chicken sounds yummy!
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