Thursday, April 12, 2007


Pictures of Cats

It's a beautiful sunny day so I woke my humans up at 5.50 AM so that they wouldn't miss any of it. Just for a change, I decided to get on my mum's pillow and wash her hair instead of my dad's. I know she enjoyed that. I got fed at 6 AM, lay in the sun for a bit, saw my dad off to work and then went back to bed for a while to cuddle and share my mum's lie-in. She is still on holiday until Monday.

I am letting my humans post a few pictures of their trip to Venice. They had heard there were lots of cats in Venice but even though they saw lots of model cats in the shops, they only saw one real one. He (or she) was living in an art gallery guarding the pictures. They thought he might be a sculpture for a moment but then he moved. Venice was very pretty so they didn't mind the lack of cats too much.

My mum then went down to Cornwall for a few days to see Cornish Grandma. She went to an art gallery which has got an exhibition of pictures of cats. I would have enjoyed that. She thought you might like to see some of the pictures here. It was an exhibition by the Society of Feline Artists. What a sensible group of humans they must be - and they support cat charities too.

Eric, Venice looks like a lovely place to visit. We liked all of those birds in one of the pictures. However we Really liked those cat pictures from the Cornwall Gallery! Our Lady thought some of those would look great in her office!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow
I agree, Venice looks beautiful! But I never knew gondolas could get into a traffic jam like in that picture.

That art gallery cat has a good job.
Our mum would have a tough time in Venice because she gets queasy in boats. The movement of the water does it.
We heard there is a museum in Russia that has lots of cats inside & outside and the museum people feed them. The cats hunt the mice on the property so they encourage the cats to stay!
We also know our mum would have stayed all day petting that cat in your picture!
Hi Eric... great Venice photos. I've heard it's a beautiful place and those pictures proove it.

And about the cat artists... have you ever heard of Gertrude Jekyll? She painted a beautiful portrait of Puss N Boots and it hangs in thd Godalming museum! It's very , very beautiful... as most cat art is.
Wow Venice. We had the chance to go there once but stayed in Vienna instead. One place is probably as gorgeous as the next.
Oooo, mom like doze pikshers frum da gallery. She sed dat Pidoux lady's paintings look like fotografs (dats fancy fur piksher).
We're glad yoo din't starve dis time!
Venice looks lovely! :) Very cool that the art gallery had a resident cat!
Those pictures are lovely - my slave's recently went to venice and loved it.It really is a beautiful city.
Great pictures of Venice. But Eric, where is the huge pile of gifts they brought back for YOU? They did bring something back for you, didn't they?
Those are lovely pichurs of Venice Eric. We are glad your Beans had a good time there. We like the Art Gallery pictures too, speshully the Ginger kitty. Your mum might have seen us waving when she went to Cornwall. When she saw the Tamar Bridge, where the rivers Tavy and Tamar meet, we are about half a mile up the Tavy and about half a mile inland. We fink we saw her looking out of the window, so we were waving like mad to her.
Lovelyy pictures of Venice. Lovely pictures for sale, but mum says she can't afford them. I agree with The Crew, what did they bring you?
Thanks for sharing those great photos! I'd love to go to Venice and pose with art! 'Course, I'd be prettier (tee-hee!)
Those are great pictures!! We're glad that you woke up your beans early so that they could enjoy the sunbeams too. G.T. woke Maw up at 6:30 when he yakked. Yesterday it was Gatsbi that woke Maw up at 5:30 when she yakked. Lots of yakkin around here.
We luf the Maw would buy all those pictures.

Luf, Us
Them was some beeeyoooteeeful paintings of cats!
My OTW is VERY jealous! She wants to go to art galleries and she doesn't even care where anymore! (But Venice would be good)

OH, and she says about those pictures the neighbours took? My OTW wouldn't have been able to resist either. Though she would have asked you if she could pet you first.

I say, tell your mom to remind the new neighbours they can't use your picture unless they get a model release form signed by you.
Hi Fat Eric!

We have our Floofy Friday pictor up!!!

Luf, Us
Hi Eric!We would like for you to post the picture of the guinea pig. We only have 3 left now.
The male, Eddie, somehow has a paralized back leg so he drags himself around in his house. He messes himself since he can't stand up. Mom is worrying what to do with him. She will have to have him put to sleep if it looks like he is suffering or his quality of life is bad.
I think Venice is very beautiful but I am glad I don't live there - there's too much water for us cats.
The art gawwewy kitty sure wooks comfy! I wouldn't mind a job wike his!
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