Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Under The Weather

I have been feeling a little bit poorly this week. On Monday evening when my mum came home from work I did not come to meet her at the door, I just lay next to my Scratchy Mouse looking sad. Normally when she gets home from work I meow! meow! until I get fed, but on Monday evening when she put my dinner out I was not interested. I didn't want to eat or purr. I threw up a little bit and then I wanted to sleep. My mum and dad got really worried when I refused two flavours of stinky goodness, bits of ham, bits of cheese and Temptations! They worked out I must have a stomach ache because I had made a horrible mess in my litterbox earlier.

I was so droopy and listless on Monday evening my mum was talking about taking me to the v-e-t in the morning. She knows that turning down food is very out of character for me!

On Tuesday morning I didn't come upstairs to wake my humans but I was a bit brighter and I felt hungry so I went meow! meow! for breakfast and I ate most of it and then used my litterbox, so my mum felt a bit happier about me. On Tuesday night I ate all my dinner and I was nearly back to normal.

This morning I came upstairs as usual and jumped on the bed and licked my humans and then gobbled down all my breakfast. I felt much better. This evening I have been cuddling and purring and playing and begging for food and walking round the garden having a good sniff around. My mum thinks I seem back to normal now so luckily I didn't have to go to the v-e-t after all. Phew!

I am glad I only felt ill for a little while because there has been too much illness round the kitty blogs lately. Big purrs to anyone who needs them, and sorry I have not been commenting on many blogs this week.

Oh my goodness. You did not want to eat! You must have been feeling very poorly indeed.
We are glad to hear you are feeling better now.
Oh Eric! Thank goodness you are feeling better now. I get very scairt now whenever one of my friends is feeling poorly.
Whew! When I first started reading I got scairt! I am glad you are OK now. Stay Floofy!
Oh Eric we have had lots of digestive issues lately. Glad yours was a short lived issue AND no visits to the VET.
I have nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award!!! If you want to participate, stop by my blog and pick up your award and read all about it!
We're glad you're feelin' better now!
I'm glad you're feeling better, Eric. Maybe you ate a terrible bug or something.
we are so happy to hear you are feeling better now! Our 2-legged kitten is sick :(
I'm sorry to hear you were not feeling well. I bet you decided to get better quick when they mentioned the VET.
Whew. I was getting worried as I was reading. Glad to hear it was only temporary.
maybe it was one of those 24 hour bugs Mom talks about. At least it left you quickly even if it visited without bein' asked. we are glad you are feelin better Fat Eric ~poiland tribe
Yoo musta ate a bad bug. Speedy at sum kinda crunchy bug dat he din't swallow all of (mom sed da bugs butt wuz on his tung!) and about 5 minits later he barfed den he had hershey skwirt poops (like Skeezix) den he started feeling better. I bet yoo ate one of doze bugs too.
we are glad you are feeling better now Eric
We are very glad you are feeling better.
wow, turning down food is a sure sign a kitty isn't feeling well. i'm very very glad you're feeling better. maybe it was a bad bug like speedy ate.
take care of yourself eric, we don't want you feelin' icky anymore!
Mum and I are so glad you're feeling better. I've had a bit of the same problem and Mum has been extra worried with all the cat food recalls here.Even though I don't eat the brands recalled. I'm feeling better much today, though.
We floofy boys need to take care of ourselves, so you'd better lie in a nice sunny spot and rest up!
Take care!
Oooh Eric, I am sorry yu woz feline pawly, but so glad yu iz betta now. Yu look hansum in yore piksher.
Eric, we're so glad you're OK! When we first started reading, we thought "Oh no, another case of food poisoning". What a relief.
Hi Eric. I'm sooo glad you're feeling better. It must have really scared your mum to find you feeling so ill. You must have had a little 24 hour bug or something.
Glad you are back to your usual, robust self!
Gwad that you're ok now Ewic!
What a cwose shave with the v-e-t!!!
Maybe it wuz some of dat free food yous been getting. Or maybe a big buggy you ated. Or maybe it wuz coz of spring and yur furs are coming out and there were too many of dem in yur belly. Whatefur it wuz we am glad yur better.
we is glad yu is feelin better. too many sick kitties in the blogosphere right now. we thots yu wuz gonna be the next one.

yuki & kimiko
Oh, boy!
My mombean would get really upset if I stopped eating. I'm so glad that you are on the mend. You look good in your garden. Its nice that spring is finally here.
Oh FE! We're glad you're getting back to your normal self. It is very bad for a "well-proportioned" poodin to go without food. It causes what Lilly Lu had. Hepatic lipidosis. Nasty stuff.

Eat and be merry!

Luf, Us
Eric I am so glad you are feeling better! That's wonderful news!
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