Sunday, April 22, 2007


Where's Eric?

Here is a lovely vase of daffodils on our dining-table. But where am I? Look more closely...
A bit closer...
It's me! I like sitting there because I can keep an eye on what's going on outside in the garden. But my mum moans when she has to vacuum the cat hair off the curtains.

The sun is still shining and I helped my humans with some more gardening today, but we didn't enjoy it much because the new neighbours next door (the ones who think I am handsome) had a very loud party that went on all afternoon and all evening and involved lots of drinking and shouting in Russian. I got a headache because our garden was so noisy so I had to go indoors where it was quieter. Bah.

Mustn't forget to send big purrs to Lilly Lu, she seems to be feeling a bit better today - yay! This bit is pink just for her.

Here's some tips fer yer mum's curtains:
1) rub dryer sheets on 'em (helps wif static cling an keeps hairs down)
2) spray wif Static Guard (fer da same reason)
We don't have long curtins like that here. Plus your ginger fur will stand out on those nice dark curtins.

Sorry the neighbors were so noisy for you. It has been almost summer like here today. Everyone is outside, but nice pleasant noises of just normal every day life. Please working and playing outside.
Hi Eric! It's beautiful here in the US today, too. About that curtain thing, our mom just got rid of hers and uses only blinds. Of course, we just bend those so we can see out.

Hi Eric! Great spot. Those curtains look fun to rub fun for the kitty!
We saw the sun yesterday AND today. Mommy planted her annual pot plants. What's that mommy? Oh flower Annuals in pots. That makes more sense....
Wow Eric! Your hiding pwace wooks just purrfect!
You know, sometimes if the beans near mine house party too woudwy, I sing awong with them.
Of course, I sing much nicer than whatever moo-zick they put since I've such a nice singing voice.
We should trade curtains, Eric--we have some separating the den from the dining area and they're more Eric-colored than William-colored! You can always see where I've gone in and out because there's black fur in the shape of me. I have no idea why my mom sighs at this.

We have nice quiet neighbors now. They are Iraqi. My mom always gets a huge kick out of seeing them because for the longest time the man would call out, "Hi, new neighbor!" and the lady would call out, "Hi, honey!" Now they both call her Honey ("Have you seen all my flowers, Honey?"). What my mom gets tickled about is that they are both considerably younger than my mom!
Your tail is soo cute! We have vertical blinds that I can hide behind, and I don't get too much fur on them.
Hahahahahahahahahaaha! Good job!
I see you, Eric! You're all floofy under there!
I can't imagine why she would want to clean your cat fur off the curtains--your fur contrasts so well with them...
Eric...your floofyness gives you away every time!
Cat hair on the curtains just goes with having a cat, doesn't it? I wouldn't worry about it Eric. You need to be able to see out, so what else can you do?
I think your mom should be honored to be able to clean your curtains for you.
Where's Eric? He's all gone! Oops! There he is! Those look like velvet curtains. Very nice for leaving fur on.

Luf, Us
Those daffodils are so pretty. But Mom thinks they are to close to the edge as they might fall off. It's fun keeping an eye on what's going outside. I'm sorry you got a headache from the party that was going on next door. Bet the next day all of them partygoers had the headaches. Turn around fair play huh?
Orange looks lovely on those curtains! Your fur should just stay put! :)
if you gets curtains in your fur colors, then your mommy won't see the furs.

and those flowers look yummy
I don't like loud neighbors, the scare me. When ours are loud, I hide under the bed! Then I go over to their house and poop in their yard.

OSCAR, be nice! Sorry, I must apologize for my crude Oscar. What he meant to say is that he goes next door to deficate on the lawn. Of course, I have to stand look out!
uhoh loud neighbors are no fun. That is one thing Mom and we furries will miss when we move, quiet neighbors. Our whole condominium is quite, which is really nice. We are hopin' whereefer we move it is also this nice and quiet. ~Poiland tribe
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