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Sorry I haven't been around the blogosphere much. I've been so busy, I've hardly been able to get to the computer.

My Devon Grandma came to stay with us, on her way back from visiting Uncle Sim in Mericky. I was happy to see her (whispers: even though I can't believe she FORGOT to bring me back the Feline Greenies I asked for!!!) She kept going on about how cute my cousins Fred and Barney are (the cats who own Uncle Sim), so my feelings were a little bit hurt but I tried not to show it and was very cuddly and purry with her.

My dad was away for the weekend because he drove Devon Grandma down to Devon, so then I had to take care of my mum. We had a sleepless night on Saturday because our neighbours had a party which was still shaking our house at 3 a.m. on Sunday (boom! boom! boom!) I did not like the noise at all. My mum and I were tired on Sunday. I also had to do a lot of garden patrolling because we have been having an outbreak of evil snails who have eaten all the sunflower seedlings except 1 and all the carrots except 2. Unfortunately I have not been able to catch them in the act yet.

Since my dad came back, I have been trying to explain to him that as he went away and left me to share the bed with my mum, his pillow is mine now and I really don't want to give it back. I am sure you will agree this is quite reasonable. My humans are busy this week (my mum is trying to work out how to make Tudor costumes for 30 children) but next week should be good because my mum has the week off school (half term holiday) and my dad has some days off too. They are not going away, just staying here giving me lots of attention - I hope!

My humans also went to an animal park near here the other day and they met another Eric - but he wasn't a cat! Meet Eric the bunny...

I bet yoor gramma went on about how cute yoo are when she was with yoor uncle. And yes, it is reasonable that since yoor dad left yoo to take care of yoor mom and yoo slept on that pillow that it is yoor now.
Eric, my friend, you're looking marvelous! I have trouble getting my Mum and Dad to give up pillows and blankets as well. I find drooling helps a bit.
Good job with the snails- I've been on spider patrol myself.
Sorry about the neighbors.. Perhaps a strategic poop in their yard would help?
Gasp... they don't have Feline Greenies in the UK? But that's my favorite treat!

Thanks for inviting me to join the Gorgeous Gingers. I will have to pick out a photo.
That pillow is absolutely yours, as is the space on the bed next to mum.
Eric the bunny is cute. He has a nice big hutch.
We hope your mum gets a well deserved rest when her break comes.
It has been busy lately. Mum has only let me hit the highlights on all of our blogs. Glad your mum gets a holiday week.
yeah the pillow is yours. anyfing you want to be yours should be yours.
Well certainly that pillow is now yours - finders keepers!
Wow. You have some serious partying neighbors. Yuck.

Luf the picture of Eric the bun. He's kyooot.

Luf the picture of you on your dad's pillow. Looks reasonable to us.

Luf, Us
The pillow? Yours! You've been working so hard that you deserve it!
That pillow is totally yours now, you deserve it from keeping your MomBean safe while he was gone.

No feline greenies? I can mail you some if you want, MomBean loves sendin' other kitties prezzies through the mail.
I'd totally keep that pillow. It looks uber comfy and the blue brings out your handsome furs. Eric the bunny looks cute too. I'm sure your grammie talks about you to your uncle and his kitties the same way.

I'm glad your beans will be home and spoiling you the way they should!
Eric, you are fluffy like me. When someone does something that isn't too nice to me, I puff them--that is my puffy tail gets in their face. This way they know I am not happy with them.

I mean I can't believe your Devon grandma forgot your treats!
You know the old saying "finders, keepers". Well, he left the pillow there, you found it so now it's yours. There's no question about it and you don't need to give it back!
Oh my, you have been busy -- patrolling the snails and keeping tabs on that pillow. I wait until the woman falls asleep and then I go lay down just at the top of her head and as the night progresses I push her head off and then the pillow is mine!
Of course dear, that is your pillow now. It is your human's fault for leaving it unattended. And Eric the Bunny is very cute! I like his name because it is just like yours.
My goodness, you guys are busy at the moment. I have to say Eric the bunny doesn't look like an Eric to me, he looks more like a Roger or a Bob. FAZ
Eric, the pillow is definitely yours now. I've claimed my dad's side of the bed while he's been gone and he can't have it back unless he gives me lots of treats in return!
That other Eric isn't quite as floofy as you. Maybe he took your greenies.
Hi Eric da bunny and Hi our old friend Eric!! We laffed alot ofur the picture of you in your Dad's spot in bed. You look right comfy there.

Of course that pillow is yours, Eric. If your dad wanted to make sure it stayed his, he should have taken it with him.
Anyways, I hope you have a good halfterm with them both, and do some nice things together.
Oh, Fat Eric! We're so sorry that your Devon grandma forgot the Feline Greenies. They are so delicious ...

Is bunny Eric furry little? He seems tiny in his hutch.

"Wow" you have been busy.I'm sure your grandma knows how very cute you are.Sorry you and your mom had a sleepless night. We have loud neighbors too it's very annoying, sometimes I just want to smack them with my paw.Yes I agree the pillow
is yours now it's your gift for taking care of your mum and the garden.
Hey, Eric, it's good to see you! We've been very busy, too, with my human's daughter visiting us from Italy. Stop by and see us soon!

& everybody at Artsy Catsy
Devon Grandma was going on about your cute cousins AND forgot your Greenies?!?!?! We hope she gave you plenty of extra good scritches to make up for her oversight, and we hope you let her know that you were not pleased. You know what Max would have advised..... Poop on her pillow! Talking of pillows, of course your dad's pillow should be yours now.
Eric the bunny is cute but not near as cute as you are Fat Eric :)

well Eric the bunny is almost as cute as you Fat Eric but not quite. Mom says put beer in an empty pie tin and put it out in the garden in the evening and it will catch the snails.

Good luck,
~poiland tribe
what a cute bunny but we think you are fantabulous eric! purrs and purrs
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