Friday, May 11, 2007


Floofy Friday - Enjoying The Quilts

It hasn't been a very special week around here. My mum had a hard week at work and was tired and stressed every night, so I had to do a lot of purring at her. The weather has been pretty dreary - just when we thought summer was here, it's now cold, windy and drizzling or raining most of the time. I suppose the rain is good for the garden but it means I can't go out bird-watching or sunbathing. So I've been doing a lot of sleeping in my bed, which is twice as comfortable now that my Gizzy Quilt is in it. You can see how cosy I look. And here are some pictures of my friend Daisy enjoying her Gizzy Quilt. (I'm letting her share my Floofy Friday post even though she is not as floofy as me). You can see how beautiful she looks on her quilt. Daisy is getting on very well with her two guinea pig friends, Basil and Parsley.
Lots of cats have tagged me for a meme - I'll try and do it over the weekend. Hope every cat has a good one, with not too much rain.

Looking good Eric!!!
Hello Daisy! Our Mom is looking forward to pictures of Basil & little Parsley soon. You are a pretty girl Daisy and look smashing on your quilt!
When is Daisy getting her own blog? She's a kyootie and we wood like to make frends wif her. Yoo look furry snuggly on yoor kwilt.
Eric, that quilt is the perfect color to complement your handsome orange furs!

I wish Daisy would get her own blog too! Daisy looks little, just like me!
Oh Eric, what a cozy bed you have there, even with a Gizzy quilt! And Daisy is so cute on her Gizzy quilt! We love seeing pictures of you both!
Give your mum some extra purrs from me for having a stressful week. The school term will be over soon!

You look nice and comfy nappy the bad weather away. It has really started to be nice here, finally. Come see the flower pictures.
Hi Eric...

Oh yeah, I hear ya about the weather! It's cold in our house again and it's raining and grey outside.

The quilt looks fantastic.

love, Pearl
Eric, your mum needs to get away from those little beasties at school! They get so twitchy this time of year!
If she is old enough to have midlife issues, tell her to get a good job with cats and blame it on her hormones. Then she will be totally relaxed and happy.
Fat Eric, it is very kind of you to let me share your Floofy Friday post - you are a real gentleman. You are so hansum, too, and look great on your kwilt.
The guinea pigs are fun, too.
I don't think my mum will let me have a Blog - she says we spend too much time on the 'pooter as it is, just emailing and reading other blogs. Sigh ......
Those are beautiful quilts, and they look so comfy :)

Thank you for the kind words for Georgia. It means a lot to know that others understand..
You and your friend Daisy are quite lovely relaxing in your fluffy Friday post!

And yes, I am TAGGING you with a MEME too! Tell us 7 random facts about you dear kitty!
Your bed looks extra comfy with your quilt in it Eric. We are having horrible weather here too. It's cold and the rain has been tipping down.
HAHAHAHA, luk how skinny (errrr....unfluffy) Daisy is compared to yoo!! HAHAHAHA
Eric - your Gizzy quilt is so beautiful! And English Daisy's too! You are so right, it goes so well with her very pretty furs.
You look quite floofy even in your quilt bed.
Those quilts look great with your furs. You have a lot of fur Eric.
Eric, your quilt matches your bed beautifully and really shows off your colors!

Please say hello to English Daisy for us.

The Crew
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