Monday, May 28, 2007


Gingers and Gardening

Well. Here in the UK it is a Bank Holiday weekend. Usually this weekend there would be lots of fun traditional events happening, such as cheese rolling. My humans were planning to go to a classic car show. Unfortunately, the rain has been pouring down all weekend, so mostly they have been staying in watching old movies, while I have been unable to sunbathe in the garden and have been mostly sleeping on my Gizzy quilt instead. Pah.

However, I have taken the opportunity to update the Gorgeous Gingers website. Do you know how many of us Gorgeous Gingers there are? You may be surprised...there are now 66 Gorgeous Gingers, not to mention 12 Rainbow Gingers! That's a lot of ginger gorgeousness.

Some of the latest members to join the Gorgeous Gingers are Rudy (the brother of Parker), Siofra (pronounced Shee-fra), Napoleon, Maurice, Pixie and Elmo of We Three Cats (whose mum is a talented and famous book illustrator) , Mr. Tibbles and Kellie. All of them most worthy GG members.

As it is still raining, I refuse to go outside, but my mum has been brave and has been taking pictures of our flowers in the rain. They may be wet but they still look pretty.

Hope it's drier where you are!

Yes, dry. We need some rain but not as badly as some others.
thanks for adding a link on gorgeous gingers, fat eric!

those pictures are beautiful...

we--like you--have been having lots of rain. this area is nicknamed the pacific northwet!

Thanks for adding Siofra to The Gorgeous Gingers. She is trying not to let the fame go to her head. ;-)
Seems like the Devon weather has been a bit better than yours Eric.Saturday, and Sunday morning was lovely, but then the rain came in on Sunday afternoon by the bucketload.Today was nice and sunny, but very windy. Hope your weather improves. The flowers look lovely even though they are wet.
Wow, I didn't know there were so many gorgeous gingers! All the gingers are very beautiful.
Cheese rolling! The English Feeder says that it's a very important sporting event!

The gorgeous gingers are looking good! I still need to send in a photo...
So much gingerness! That is good and I will have to go and check everyone out.

Mum says we could use some rain. We had a nice weekend with sun and nice temperatures. Hope it gets drier so you can go outside with your mum this week.
Ha-ha, Cheese rolling! Now that's funny. (can they roll some to my house?)

Gingers rule!
Dogs drool!

KC said...
O, Eric, there be so many of tha Gorgeous Gingers, how neat. i's gotted a few ginger spots on me, u knows.
hee hee.
Purrs, KC
That is a lot of ginger gorgeousness! It's been raining off and on here, too, but not nearly as much as you have been getting. We are happy about it, as there has been a drought going on for a long time. The flowers look wonderful, even wet.
MomBean says that she'll take some rain for you, our lawn is so dry my BabyBean gets little marks on her legs from the grass.

Did you get to keep the pillow?
Eric, what a good useful time you've had. It was nice on Monday but Sunday it poured here too. You have the loveliest garden.
those are furry purrty flowers Eric!!
Yes, it's drier here. And that's good, because our river starts in the mountains and my OTW says the ice isn't all gone up there and if we get too much rain the river might flood the town and make us all leave, and the hotel the Big One works at would let us stay, but one room is really small for two peoples and three cats (and maybe five, 'cause the shelters don't let people bring their cats, and Squeak and Fade's parents would probably get us to take the kittens with us)

But your flowers are pretty. My OTW misses the pretty rainy flowers and trees of Vancouver.
Rudy's tail has been way up in the air since he has become a member, he is now impossible to live with. Sigh!
Yer lady is sooo brave to go owt and get watur all ovur hur fur the sake of taking pickturs! Yoo trained hur well, Fat Eric!
those are furry beautiful flowers yer Mom grows Fat ERic ~Poiland tribe
Those are such gorgeous flowers FE!!! Maw hast garden envy now.

We has been gettin lotz of rain!!! As a matter of fact, our main reservoir is now 1 ft. above normal!!! But our other reservoir is still 10 ft. below normal. (Maw doesn't know meters).

We hast just discovered "We Three Cats" blog site. It is wonderful!!

Maw hast herd of dis "cheese rolling" sporting event before. Sownds danjrous.

Luf, Us
we're totally fascinated by "cheese rolling"! that sounds way cool (and yummy)
Wow, there are a lot of GG's out there! Thanks for the info on the newcomers.
It's been raining a lot here, too! I wish it would stop but it's important so that the world can have beautiful flowers like the ones in your garden. They're gorgeous! Hang in there and I'm happy to say I'm a GG! Now if my Daddy would get off his butt and help Mommy add your graphic to my site!
there are interesting things among two gorgeous gingers! check out my blog and oscar's blog to see what it's all about!

Thanks for putting us on the Gorgeous ones. Bank holiday here was wet dry wet dry wet dry, hot cold hot cold hot cold. Weather cat all in a confusion and great clouds rolling around the sky. But we managed to walk a bit.
You have lovely flowers in your garden. Our human too lazy, but we have tall weeds, good for stalking the mice through like jungle cats.
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