Monday, May 07, 2007


Human Watching And Bird Watching

I am worn out from watching my humans this weekend. It is a Bank Holiday Monday here which means they didn't have to go to work today. But did they spend it lazing around, making a fuss of me? No, they spent it rushing around "getting stuff done" - gardening, painting, concreting gateposts, putting up shelves, tidying the garage. Now they are tired - what did they expect? My mum also pinned me down last night and managed to clip all the nails on my front paws, even though I put up a good fight and wriggled a lot. She had me in some sort of martial arts hold, I think.

Anyway, we have had some good weather this holiday weekend, although today was pretty miserable; windy and wet. While the sun was shining I went out and helped in the garden. We have lots of pigeons in our garden who come and eat most of the bird food. For some reason they are not scared of me. I have lulled them into a false sense of security by lying watching them and not chasing them. There was some bird seed just by my paw, so one brave pigeon decided to come and get it...
It may look like I was asleep, but I was staring at him very intently. Come closer, little pigeon, come and get the bird seed by my paw...That's right, just a few steps closer...(At this point the other pigeons were all sitting on the bird table watching to see what would happen)

At the last moment his nerve broke and he ran away back towards the other pigeons. He was almost sure I wasn't going to pounce on him, but you never know...

Bird-watching is such an interesting hobby.

Boy I wish he would have come closer!
We were getting excited just looking at your pictures. Did watching him make your teeth chatter?
Oh, I couldn't do that. No pashenz I'm afrade. Why do da beans think that a holiday means stay home and work like a dog. And were duz dat saying come from, I'z neffur seen a dog work...
Pigeons are dumb. They should be scairt of the mighty hunter!
you almost had him in your clutches!
We live in the Middle of America - Kansas City, Missouri.
Rudy would love to join!
Wow Eric, a true game of dare and patience! I admire your strength. And then to let him think he got away when you gave him a false sense of self inflation. Mark my words friend, next time he'll be cocky and you'll be ready! You'll be the victor!!!!
Come here little birdie. Fat Eric won't bother you, come closer, closer, closer..... Drat, he flew away.

Thanks for the Gotcha Day comment. I am a happy kittie!
My mom hunts for a bank. I wonder why she didn't have a holiday.

Probably just as well--she would have done "stuff" like your mum and dad.
Bird watching is the best! I've never been allowed outside right up close to the bird -- that would be awesome! I get birds flitting around right outside the window and I'm sure they're disrespecting me with their chirping.
Ooooh, so close, my floofy friend! Better luck next time- I think you have them lulled into a sense of security.
Enjoy the 'squab'!
Oh, that birdie was very close! I love watching birdies. :)
I love bird watching too, I tried to bring one of those pigeons through the cat flap once but the humans screamed and stopped me and the wretched thing got away. FAZ
Momma would love to know that hold your Momma put on you to trim your nails. I think she wants to use it on me!!!!!

Hello Eric!

Your humans sure got a lot done on the bank holiday. The man of our house was sick with a bad cold and the woman read a book, which she says is an honorable thing to do and she said that housework can wait.

You must be very intimidating to those pigeons.
so near yet so far
You are quite smart Eric! Staying so still for that pigeon! We had to manage yard work around our house to. It must be that time of the year, huh?
Pigeons are'nt to bright.
I congratulate you on your excellent self control, Eric. You must have nerves of steel to not attack that birdie!

Our Mom saw 2 new species of birdies at our feeders that have never been in our yard before. She was very excited about it, but I say you've seen one've seen them all.

Pigeons are funny. I want to wrestle with them too!
That pigeon wised up at the last minute once he saw your fierce glare. You let him off too easy.

Your humans got a lot done on the bank holiday. I hope you got some cuddle time, too. You were very patient and sneaky waiting for that pigeon to get close enough. Maybe you'll get another chance. Bird watching is great.
It takes talent to be a good bird watcher ~poiland tribe
Too bad the big fev-ver changed hiz mind. Eric, I are tagging yu fur the Seven Facts meme. Come bizit mine blog fur the rools.
We don't haff any piguns but we gots lots of doves. Trixie wants to pounce them so she hides but makes her ack-ack noise and they fly away. She did catch two other little birdies, but mom saved them and made Trixie come inside. Then Trixie was mad for the rest of the day and hissed at me.

Wow, you're so lucky! We always have a screen or a patio door between us and the birds!!
Far Eric, we tagged you for a meme, check out our blog for details.
I tag Eric!
come to my blog to read alabout it!
I tagged you for a meme. Stop by my blog!

I see Beezer tagged you too.
Hi Eric, just to let you know I've tagged you for a MeMeMe, see my blog for details. Purr FAZ
Wow weee!!! That ol' pigeon sure got close to your paws! Yikes!

Our beans are the same way. They work the whole weekend and holidays. And they never go on vacation anymore because there are 10 of us, and it's a full time job to take care of us. Not just a pop-in for 20 minutes job like a pet sitter would do.

Luf, Us
Hahaha Eric you are just too popular cuz we tagged you too.
Gosh Eric, it sure is to bad that pigeon didn't come closer and get the seed from your paw. You sure are patient in waiting. Cleo would have went wild and took off after it and it would have just flown away. Goodness, your humans sure was might busy over this weekend. Hope you get the pigeon next time.

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