Friday, May 18, 2007


Piggy Post

Hi, it's Mandy here again, Fat Eric's Squillion. Eric said I could post today as he is rather busy. His Devon Grandma is visiting. She has been in Mericky for a few months (have any Mericky cats seen her?) staying with Fat Eric's uncle, and is staying with us in London on her way home. Fat Eric has been very busy being a good host and keeping her company when his mum and dad were working.

Fat Eric asked me to post these Piggy Pictures today. If you remember, our friend English Daisy has got some guinea pigs living with her now. Parsley, the baby guinea pig, has come to live with his dad, Basil. We knew that Scooby, Shaggy and Scout would like to see these pictures as they love guinea pigs. Daisy is getting on very well with Basil and Parsley. Cute, aren't they?
Hope efurrycat has a good weekend.

I have never seen baby guinea pigs before! They are very cute. Thanks for showing them to us, Mandy!
Hmm, I wonder how they taste? OH, did I say dat out loud...oops. They're furry cute tho.
Hello Basil & Parsley!!! Our piggies Emma Sue & Sasha send greetings!
Looks like you have quite the buffet going on there!
Shew, you've got a lot going on over your way! Entertaining is a busy job! But I bet he's very happy to see him Grammy! Tell him hello from Oscar the Puppy Cat!

Cute Guineas!
Oooh Mandy and Fat Eric - I do hope that Devon Grandma brought you back a nice present from Mericky?
Thank you for showing thuh Piggy Picshers - they are nice furries, and I KISS Basil but I wood neva eat them, they are mine friends.
Hi Mandy, Virginger says hello. You look so purrty in the garden with the poppies.

The little piggies look cute, but I am not so sure I could control myself around them.
Hi Mandy! That is a very nice post you did. Tell Eric "hi"! Those little piggies are cute. I think I may have been feral to long to get along with them as well as English Daisy...
Cute piggies! But I think you would not want me near them!
How cute is that?

Awww their so cute :)
What a great piggy post! My human is all "awed" about them!
Hi Mandy, you are so cute & Eric is really Fat.....but he still look great. Mom said he must be very nice to hug.
Hi Mandy, Parsley and Basil! I just love the piggy names!! What cute babies! How old are they?
She was in Mericky? I think I saw her maybe.

Also, I've never seen pigs before, they're cute!
Oh they are so cute ~Poiland tribe
mmmmm, yes, they do look very tasty, er, i means yummy , oh sorry mum says i have to say cute
Your piggies made MomBean go 'awww!', seems she used to raise some a while ago.

A little soy sauce maybe and they'd be cute...
they is cute - but they doesn't look like real piggys. I bet they doesn't taste like ham eifurr. - Miles
Hi Mandy Squillon - thanks for the update. Send my love to Eric. purr FAZ
Hi Emma's Cat - the piggies had to be given names of things that grow in the garden, to go with my flower name. Basil is the daddy and he is about 7 months old, and Parsley is 8 weeks old today.
Oh!!! We hast to show owr Paw dese piggys!!! He lufs Guinea Pigssys!!! Dey ist so kyoooot.

Luf, Us
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