Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Widebody Wednesday - Napping On The Computer

This is an old picture but still a good one - we have a new computer now but it is just as comfortable for napping on!

My humans are so busy this week they've been forgetting to turn the computer on so I can visit my friends' blogs. However, next weekend is a holiday weekend so we should have lots of time to catch up!

You do look very comfy there Eric.I like the way you got your paws in behind to balance your back legs. I like lying on the keyboard too, and also walking on it. Do you find that if you walk on it, it makes lots of interesting beeping noises? Don't know why, but mum doesn't seem to like the noises.
We missed you Eric! Lookin' forward to hearin' from you again!
Eric, you look so relaxed. But it does not look like a very soft sleeping spot. Maybe your floofy furs is a good cushion!
Oh, look at yoor floofy furs! Sadie sez yoo haf a beyootiful tummy and mom wants to kiss it, again and again.
Always nice to sleep on the warm computer.
Eric, you look furry 'alaxed and comfortable!
We can title this picture "A Hard Day at the Office."
We read at some blog or another that your piggie friend Basil is getting a brother named Parlsey!!! That is great, because guinea pigs are herd animals and do better with a friend than as a single.
Looks like the perfect place to sleep. We were just wondering, can you type with your tail?

Opus and Roscoe
Tee hee hee. You look awfully comfy there. Mommy wishes she could nap at her desk at work like that. We hopes you'll get to relax with your beans over the holiday weekend!
Yes, Scooby, Shaggy and Scout ('scuse me for using yore blog to talk to them, Fat Eric) .... we knew that Basil needed a companion, but Parsley is actually Basil's son and we had to wait until he is old enuff to leave his mum, which will be next week, so he's coming then.
What a pose FE!!! Luf it!

Luf, Us
A warm computer is a kitties best friend! Does the keyboard ever hit the floor? I keep meaning to tell you that I love your beauty mark!
Eric you just crack me up. I love that photo and it's a perfect WBW shot. I see your human's hand is getting in your way... how inconsiderate of him.
Great photo Eric!
I hope you continue to get some good naps though, if your humans are completely busy!
Eric, you always look so comfy when you're napping!
You look very comfy napping on the computer, Eric.
Yoo always has the best poses so dat Mom wants to reach out and squeeze you coz you looks so adorable alla time.
Your humans are very lucky to have you right there when they work on the computer.
You sure look comfy - just looking at you makes me feel sleepy!
Hi Eric,

You look so cute napping on the computer.
Mom says you sleep in the cutest positions Fat Eric ~poiland tribe
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