Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Is Gluttony A Sin?

I am being accused of gluttony. You need to know what happened last weekend, point by point:

1. My humans went to Suffolk and abandoned me.
2. They arranged with Uncle Andrew to come and feed me my stinky goodness on Saturday night and Sunday morning.
3. My mum remembered the time that Uncle Andrew forgot to feed me, so, just in case, she made sure my bowl of dry food and my water bowl were well-filled.
4. Because of the evil d-i-e-t I am perpetually on, I am only supposed to have enough dry food every day to cover the bottom of the bowl. (I know, I know, it's cruel).
5. But, as stated in point number 3, this time my mum filled the bowl right up.
6. When the bowl is filled right up, the amount of dry food in it is the amount I would normally get over about 6 days.
7. I ate the entire bowlful on Saturday. Well, it was there! I couldn't help myself! I am not the kind of cat who knows when to stop where food is concerned!
8. Then Uncle Andrew, by accident, left the rest of the bag within my reach instead of putting it back in the cupboard.
9. I ate the rest of the bag before my humans came back on Sunday night.
10. My humans came back and could not believe that ALL the dry food was gone.
11. I lay around with a very fat tummy feeling very happy.
12. I pooped in my litter box four times as much as normal.
13. I asked my humans for more food because I was hungry again.
14. My mum says if I am not careful I will end up like those Super Fat Cats on the TV news who can't even walk and she is going to enforce the d-i-e-t rigidly.
15. I am sad about the d-i-e-t but I have happy memories about my weekend of gastronomic indulgence.

What do you think, my friends? Did I overdo it?

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!
I think you should get as much food as you want whenever you want it! Your not fat Eric, your husky.
Oh dear. Eric, you had a feast! I do not think you overdid it. You were smart to fill up your tank, just in case no more food was coming. You never know.

ps: was it a 20# bag?
Haha Eric that's the funniest fing we have heard. Well what did your Beans expect? Did they fink you would look at the dish and say to yourself, "Oh look,there's X amount of biskits, enuff to last me six days, so I will only eat a sixth of them and not a single one more."
Eating the rest of the bag was overdoing it a bit though. Do we haf to call you Fatter Fat Eric now?
Hahahaha our sides are hurting furrom laffing so much.
Eric, I agree with you. If they leave food out for you, you are supposed to eat it. That is that. You did your job. I like Uncle Andrew now. I love surprises like that!
We're with Eric and Flynn, the food that is there is for eating. The whole bag may have been a bit much.
Holy cat Eric! I didn't think you could get any floofier, but you did!
Are you planning to get your beans to go away more often?
If not, why not?
Yes you overdid it, and wasn't it great to have your tummy stuffed full of food!

Mum says she is glad she doesn't have to clean out your box.
Well, you may have overdone it a bit but we still remember your Uncle Andrew incident also... So now it is evened out - then you missed some food and now you made up for it!!!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oh goodness! You are really one greedy little thing. Laughing myself silly while I was reading your post.
I..can't...type...laughing...too...hard...MomBean...bent over...fur...hurts...
Well, you are obviously underfed and so needed that extra nutrition. Heavens, if they won't feed you, you need to take matters into your own hands!
We know you were bored with no company and just kept eating for something to occupy your time. Comfort food, they call it.
What goes in must come out...........
Eric you are so funny!!!
We told Grandma about you adventures. When we told her how much you pooped she laughed really hard and said," I bet he did!"
She still thinks you're awesome, though. (As we do)
Well done Eric, if they leave the food out like that what do they expect !!! we would do the same.
anyway, you are not fat, just big boned/big furred.
I am sorry Eric, but I think you may need to c-u-t back a bit. There is this new show in Merky called "Big Medicine", which shows the evils of eaing tooo much... Have you tried Weight Watchers? Hugs.
Hi Eric,
It sounds like you had a great weekend. Henry's right. You're not fat, you're husky. Some of usginger kitties are just big-boned. Or at least that's what I tell my mommy when she complains about my weight.I'm not as fluffy as you are, but I'm nice and warm and fun to cuddle with. I take good care of my humans and they take care of me. I have to go now. It's time to meow for food.
Eric, Mom is laffin' & laffin' so hard she can hardly see the screen. How can I comment, if Mom can't type for me?

Ya know what? You were on vacation/holiday too and I know my humans seem to eat like pigs when they are away from home. So there!
I know and hate that D-I-E-T word too! I say if they left it out - it's yers.

I am also a plus size orange kitty cat. My Mum is always trying to enforce the d-i-e-t too, but I'm just a plus size girl - it's time she just dealt with it.
Lol...Eric your too cute sounds like you had a great weekend. I don't think your a glutton I would have done the same :)
Isn't it great when there am no limits to yur food? We jus hope dat you are ok. Yur belly prolly got really big and now yur gonna be really really hungry. Maybe you should just eat mousies. Takes longer to digest. Hee hee.
Holy cow FE!!! Didn't you yak? Man, when we eat too much, then we just yak it back up. Kinda like bulimia or something, ya know?

Wow. Very impressive.

Luf, Us
This just means there is more Eric to love.

As Garfield says, "diet" is "die" with a T.
I wish I could overdo it like you did. Mom always MEASURES my food. However, when I've had cat sitters, they tend to keep the bowl full. Score! Unfortunately, I put on weight once when mom left on a nearly three-week trip some years ago. I thought the food part was great, but mom says that it will never happen again. It helped that it made her feel guilty for leaving me for so long.

Those were obviously special circumstances. It's not your fault. At least you had a happy tummy!
oh, Eric. your mum's so right.
if you keep on eating that way "the diet" will be so much harder than now...
anyway, my friend, you describe your weekend suffering in such a way everybody has had a good time here home.
Petu, Blanche and Ines
sigh, i have to always be on that diet thingy too and i hate it! i want my bowl full! not just the bottom. just like you...

smiles, auntie bee
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