Sunday, June 10, 2007


Same Old Same Old

In case you were wondering, I am not still hiding out in my catbed (thanks for revealing my pain to the blogosphere, Mandy!)

I haven't been able to get to the computer though because my mum is writing school reports. I've had a pretty boring weekend, done a bit of sunbathing, mewed at her to get off the computer, mewed for more attention - that sort of thing.

Looking back at my blog from June last year, I see I was having exactly the same problem with this report writing. Practically everything I said in this post still applies!

Still two weeks of report writing to go. But I will be posting on Wednesday - I have a great Widebody Wednesday post!

We were worried about you, my friend. Mum drove by a house in Maine that had a sign hanging out front. The sign said 'Free Kittens'.
Thank goodness she didn't stop. I hate to think what she might have brought home...
It's reely hard when da beans is to bizzy to help us blog. We'z haffing kittens here, dey be fosters and go back to da shelter when dey is about 8 weeks, so, no 'fee kitten' signs here.
I will be looking forward to your widebody post!
Well, it's clear to me that your mum needs to get you your own computer.
But if your mum is starting on the year end reports, that means soon she will be done with the school term. Then she can stay home and cater to your every whim.
Oh, Eric, I feel your pain! It's terrible when we mancats get our bellies all beefed up for tummy rubs ... and then humans get busy with silly human business and ignore us!!

Hi Eric,

I understand how you feel. I'm always competing for mom's attention with the neice thingy.Hang in there and have a great weekend :)
Well it's good to see your back. You left fortunately when I wasn't around much, so I wasn't that worried, however had I come back and you weren't --now that would have been different.
Can't wait for Wednesday!!!!! See you then!
I am looking forward to the widebody picture!
Poor FE!!! We looked at last year's post. That must totally suck when your Mum is writing those reports! We're anticipating Widebody Wednesday!

Luf, Us
We can't wait furr your Widebody pichur Eric. Hope those reports are soon finished so you can get back where you belong.
When does your momma finish school for the summer? My mom is finished this Thursday, but only has three weeks until the "new year" starts on July 10th.

Have you made a guess in my 500th post contest yet? Stop by ...

Eric, I feel for you. Mom's been so busy with work stuff and not feeling well, we haven't been able to get around to visiting our friends.

But dude, sometimes we have to assert our manliness and demand equal computer time!

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