Friday, July 06, 2007


Floofy Friday: In Close-Up

Click for an even more close-up view!

Fat Eric you have the cutest little face. I specially love the orange spot on your cheek! You have much more white than me, I am almost all orange : )
That was way better than fireworks! You are so handsome!
We love that little orange spot also!
The spot is very handsome.
You are such a handsome ginger kittie. Mum just went Awwww, when she saw your picture.
Handsome especially with the cat style 'beauty mark' next to your whiskers!
F.E.- you are the most gorgeous ginger, ever!
Mum keeps threatening to kidnap you so she can cuddle you all the time!
Wow - you are such a handsome boy!!

Great close-up, Eric!
Eric our mum just put a big kiss on the screen. That is a reel glammer pikchur of yoo.We have nominated you furr the Rockin' Boy Blogger award, see our Post furr details.
Extreme floofy! :D
Wowy - close up in all yer floofiness!
Great close up Eric. Real good portrait.

Eric, that will make a good publicity photo if we Big Boys ever go on tour! -Shaggy
pee ess: Thanks for the support with my stoopid neighbor!
Fat Eric, I nominated you fro the Rocking Boy Blogger Award, you can pick it up in our sidebar.
Hello Eric...

You look very well-groomed.

Sometimes Pumpy gets bits in his eyes but you don't have any bits in your eyes and they're so nice and green.

I hope you've had a nice weekend. Are you watching Wimbledon?
I Dare You!
Come on over and check it out!
Eric, I have to say, you are an incredibly handsome cat!
You're just gorgeous, Eric. I love your floof!
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