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Humans Behaving Strangely

My humans have been behaving strangely. Last Thursday they both put on these strange clothes and said they had to dress as Tudors because they were going to visit the year 1584. They were going with the sticky little people my mum teaches, who were all wearing strange clothes too.

They went to this place. They were very very lucky with the weather because we have been having day after day after day of rain lately and the day my humans played at being Tudors was sunny all day. (Don't get me started on the weather we've been having, it is July today and half of England is flooded from the incessant rain, I WANT SUNSHINE!!!) Here is a picture of where they went, so you can see what lovely weather they had and what it looked like:
Anyway, I bet you would like to see a picture of my humans in their Tudor clothes, I was laffin and laffin, as Jeter Harris would say. Here they are:
When they got home, I gave my mum a big cuddle to welcome her back to 2007 from 1584. But I was frustrated because she had this strange hat-thing on her head so I couldn't lick her hair like I usually do!
You can tell she was very glad she made it back from the sixteenth century to see me again. She said I would not like to be a Tudor cat because they had to catch all their own food and did not get given stinky goodness. I think I am a 21st-century cat at heart.

P.S. My mum says she knows her glasses are not sixteenth-century but she cannot see without them!

Was going back to 1584 the same as teleporting to another country? It looks like they had fun, and they were lucky that it didn't rain. It just won't stop here.
Glad to see your mum gave you cuddles when they got back.
Eric, your humans look very very nice! I love that picture of you snuggling with your mum. I do not think I would like to be a Tudor cat, either. But it would be fun to play dress up for a while!
What kinda tudors are they? Math tudors? English todors? Does you gots to go to remedial school? They do not look like tudors!
That's just the kind of thing my mombean likes to do. Well, not the dress up part. But visiting places. She went all "Ooooo" and "Aaahhhh" looking at the pictures. Did your beans bring you back anything?
Eric, I heard that Tudor feasts could have something like 150 dishes. Imagine all that food ... Now ask your humans where your portion is! :)

Actually, glasses, in some form would be perfectly Tudor. I saw or read someplace that Henry VIII had lots of pairs in his later years that he tended to leave everywhere - always in different places to where he left the cases.
Beans. Is. Weird. Back then, they didn't haf air conditioning, central heat, or efun plumbing! My beans travel back to Renaissance Faires sumtimes, but Bonnie an I stay here. Cats is more sensible. Purrs!
Mum says it is nice to visit these places, but is happy not to have to really live there. I agree with Victor, I like central heating and my nice bowl of crunchies.

Glad they had a nice day. Mum had the picture box on and we saw bits of the concert from Wembley, blue sky!
Yoor beans have a time machine!!!!! Yoor gonna be rich....oh, mom sez it was play acting. Darn, gess yoor not gonna be rick, but yoo still have mom cuddles which is sometimes better than being rich.
Wow that looked like fun, dressing up for another century and pretending. You look so cute with your Mom hugging you. You live in a very beautiful place.
Samantha & Tigger
Oh, we absolutely love that picture of you snuggling with your mum! And we don't want to be tudor cats either!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
KidBean's uncle does that too, I'll have to ask him how he can go from 1600 back to here.
NO STINKY GOODNESS? oh I could not live in that time eifurr. - Miles
Wow! That looks like fun Fat Eric. I may need to ask for your assistance though. My humans are thinking of taking their honeymoon to London (in spite of the car bombs) this September. I'll need someone reliable to keep an eye on them..
My beans only dress up for Halloween. I don't know what I would do if they did that more than once a year! Moms and dads can be so crazy!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Lovely picture of you & your Mum Eric!
We hope that between the two of them you mum & dad kept those little beans under control!
1584! I don't think I'd like to live back then either. No feline greenies and no squishy kitty food.

They were very lucky with the weather! The Feeders are leaving for England on Wednesday and they've resigned to the fact that they will be cold and wet and under an umbrella!
Be glad you live today. Cats weren't treated too well during Tudor times. know humans sometimes. They seemed to have had a lot of fun, though. Did they bring you back a leg of mutton or something?

Let's trade on the weather! We need the rain, you need the sun.
What a lovely photo of you and your Mum! We think no matter what century you're in, you're a well-loved kitty!
Mum STILL can't get over your size and floofiness.
Wow!!! Time Travel!

"Back To The Future" 3 or 4??????

Skittles, The Huntress
Well, we're sure glad that it stopped raining long enough for your Mum and Dad to take the sticky things to the Tudor fest. It looked beautiful there.

Those are great cuddle pictures of you and your Mum.

We're having LOTS of rain here too.

Luf, Us
Very strange indeed! But they look nice enough, your beans!
Hi Eric,

It looks like your humans had a good time.Have a Happy and safe 4th Of July :)
i'm so very glad that your mum and dad came back...and that they didn't make you go too. no stinky goodness...!?!

ben fuzz
Oh those are such lovely pictures, Eric. It's nice to see your humans!

Was that Hampton Court Palace?

P.S. -- about the weather. I was peeved because the beeb said that it wouldn't rain today and I was really looking forward to some sun spots and don't you just know that it rained AGAIN.
Omigosh! It's a wonder I didn't run into your humans when I was traveling through time!!! I'll keep an eye out for them from now on!
These are funny photos, though much better than the silly things mine wear to bed.
Looks like your Mum and Dad had a really good time. My Mom had to read all about the Tudors on "This Place." She likes history. Did you finally get to lick her hair when she took that thing off her head??

Wow, happy reunion. Both of you look very happy.

Your mum is pretty.
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