Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Feathered Friends

Had to go to the v-e-t twice again yesterday to have my blood stolen. Good news though, my blood sugar is down at "normal" levels for the first time since my diabetes was diagnosed. Everyone said I was a furry good boy at the v-e-t's surgery, even though the waiting room was full of d-o-gs. Hopefully I don't have to go again for a couple of weeks.

I don't want to get boring and talk about nothing except diabetes, so let's change the subject! I have been having fun watching birds in my garden. It said on the news yesterday that house sparrows have gone on a list of species in need of protection in the UK. But we have lots and lots! We have a large family of fluffy little sparrows tweeting all over our garden. There are about 25 we think, but they are hard to count because they don't keep still. Hard to photograph too! Here are some eating the food my mum puts out. Don't they look yummy cute?

YAY!!!!!! Eric, we is so so so happy that your sugars is normal!!! wooooooo hooooooooooo
That's wonderful that your blood sugar is stable. I'm sure it's those birds. I think you need to be allowed to hunt them. Exercise is excellent for diabetes.
Eric, I am so happy your blood sugar is normal now. I'll bet that helps you feel much better.

Those sparrows are cute.
Maybe all of ours have gone to your garden. We haven't seen any for years here in Wimbledon.
I am so happy to hear that your blood sugar is normal. Yippee! Your house sparrows are cute. It is strange to think of such a common bird can be in need of protection. Things are getting bad for the natural world.
Great news about your blood sugar!! Yippy! Yippy! Yay! Very cute Sparrows!
Glad you are doing better, fella. I'm more interested in frogs and toads these days, they are a bit easier to hunt and all over our yard!
You were right the first time. They look yummy!
Sparrows are not dry kibbles, right? :)
Great news about your blood sugar! And those sparrows look like lunch to me!
I'm upset! I told MomBean to get me a Scratchy Mouse from Ikeeyah and she said the didn't have any!
We're so glad to hear your health has improved.

Sparrows! We've got millions of them here in the US. You can take some of ours.
We're so glad that your blood sugar is normal!!! Keep it up FE!

Uh, we could ship you some house sparrows. We have lots and lots...

Luf, Us
Fat Eric we are so glad that yer diabetes is doing betters and that yer blood is like is should be. If you eat the sparrows that are protected do you gets into trouble? arrested? we hope not ~The Fluffy Tribe
yay for bwood sugar back to normal!
Those spawwows indeed do wook *cute*!
Yay, your blood sugar is normal!

Those sweet little sparrows do look yummy, I mean cute.
Good fur yoo Eric! Hey - we can ship ofur a few of dem house sparrows if yoo want. Dare are squamillions of dem here. They mate like crazy and even will kill ofur birds and build nests right ofur dem. Mom has seen it in action.
Good news, Eric! Hey do you want us to send you some sparrows? We could probably send some pigeons too.
That is grate news that yer blood sugar levels are down to normal.
I wuz taken to the V E T yesterday and torchered by having three teef ripped out of my mouf. Then they stole my blood to check furr diabetes, kid-mees and liver funkshun. Now Flynn hates me. Yoo can read about it on our blog. It wuz terrybull.
We haf lots of sparrows here, but they are getting less HeHe, Yum Yum.
Those sparrows look like they'd be fun to eat, I mean, play with. I'm glad that your bloods are being good and stable.

Earl Grey
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