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Floofy Friday: Thanks

Hi, friends. My mum is furry touched that all my friends are being so supportive about my health problems.

I am not looking forward to the kitty jail or the injections but I am very much enjoying the extra stinky goodness I am already getting, and I seem also to be getting a lot of extra cuddles from my humans during the last few days. They are being very nice to me. This is lucky because it means that when I jumped on the bed this morning to ask for breakfast and patted my mum on the nose and accidentally drew blood with my claw, I did not get into too much trouble! (Oops).

But...but...she gave away my Temptations to our neighbour's cats!!! Sob! I can't believe that she would do that.

We just found out that my Uncle Sim (who lives in Mericky with his cats Fred and Barney) had an unfortunate accident. He suffers from epilepsy but had not had a seizure for a long time. But he had a seizure in his kitchen, fell over, hit his head on Fred and Barney's water dish, broke the water dish, and ended up having to have 12 stitches in his head where he hit the kitty water dish. This is not good. Poor Uncle Sim. (We do not think Fred and Barney were very happy either).

I am watching my mum pack my luggage to take to the kitty jail. I am taking my Gizzy Quilt and my Scratchy Mouse with me, obviously, and my brush and comb so that I can be groomed by the kitty jail warders. Sigh. This will be my third time in the Evil Cat Carrier in a week. Life just isn't fair.

I will see all my friends when I get home (on the 15th August). Feel free to teleport to the kitty jail to visit me, it is here. In the meantime, here is a gratituous Floofy Friday picture of me - an old one, but one of my mum's favourites.

Purrs to all.

Oh man, Fat Eric, I'm sorry you got to stay in the jail cell for a while. I hope you get good prison food there so you can keep your floofy fluffiness up.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
I saw your facilities, and there are lots of pretty birdies for you to look at! Maybe you will have fun there. I hope so.

I am sad to hear that your Uncle Sim hurted himself. I hope his head feels better soon.
That is a very nice photo of your Eric. Sorry to hear you have to go to kitty jail, but it looks like a nice place.

I'm sorry your Uncle injured himself. I hope he heals quickly.
oh oh oh we is sorry that your Uncle herted himself.

sorry that you has to go to kitty jail - we will pop over a few times to par-tay wif you!
kitty jail sounds very bad. i have never had to go there, but i did have to stay alone with a lady to check on me once. i pulled out all my hair. don't do that, fat eric, it will crimp your floofy style!
I am very sorry that your Uncle Sim hurt himself. I hope that he heals quickly and doesn't have any more seizures. Your kitty jail looks pretty nice and you'll have all those birds to watch. Enjoy yourself as much as you can and we'll see you again when you get back.
Eric we just read the post about the diabetes! Our 19 year boy had had diabetes since he was 10 so we know all about daily injections. We are glad to hear that your vet caught it early!
Now mom is more serious than ever about my diet.
Sorry about the kitty jail, but you will have your favorite things with you.
Peace Buddy! -Shaggy
Eric, Eric, we just heard the news! We're so worried about you. Update us ASAP! In the meantime, we're purrin' for you.
Purrs to you in kitty jail. Perhaps we will teleport over to visit.

Remember, if all you can have is stinky goodness, make sure you get LOTS of it.
Sorry to hear about kitty jail and your diabetes. The upswing is you get to have delicious wet food!
Hi Eric

Wanted to let you know that I`ve awarded you with the Creative Bloggers award :)

Stay well, Fat Eric. I hope the kitty jail goes okay. I will think of you.
I love that picture of you, too, Eric. I looked at the kitty jail pictures and ... wow - birdies! It might not be so bad!
That's very nice that they have birdies for you to watch while you're in kitty jail. And at least they let you bring your Gizzy blanket and toys too! We hope that your Uncle Sim is feeling better too.

We also love that picture of you with all of your floofiness!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
If Uncle Sim broked the dish that is furry bad fang shui for kitties.

We will miss you while you are in kittie jail. I will see if mum will let me teleport over to visit.
Take care of yourself, old chum. Yeah, a jail with birds to watch, like that helps. I'm surprised you're not in the photo!
That's bad news that they are sending you off to jail again. We will teleport in to see you, but are you sure they won't try to keep us locked up too?
We are sorry Uncle Sim hurt himself and hope he is feeling better now.
I hope you feel better soon. You just rest and take it easy.

I love your big mousie friend - you look like you love him lots. Wish we had an ikea.
Oh no! Kitty jail!
Don't wowwy, you can teweport here anytime you want if you get bored!
We will teleport and keep you company!!!!
And don't worry, you can take the Dare that I posted today, Sunday 5, when you come back!!!
I Dare You...!
Come on over and check it out.
Pssst, Eric. Over here in the corner! I teleported in for a visit. This kittie jail is pretty spacious. Larger than what I get when I have to go to the kittie spa.

I know they put you on a diet, but I did bring a few temptations along. Just a few hopefully won't make things too wonky for you on the blood sugar thing.

If you lay in front of me, they will never see me. We can chat for hours.
I'm so glad to hear that they caught the diabetes early. Ernest and I hope that your treatment is successful.

Sorry to hear about your uncle. We hope he wasn't alone when he had his seizure. Hopefully his head will heal quickly.

That looks like the most luxurious kitty prison in the world! Birds to study and everything. Unfortunately, it's still prison. Ernest and I will definitely teleport over to visit.

Thanks for adding me to the Gorgeous Gingers! The animated gif is so cool!
You're having a bit too much excitement going on, Eric. We read your mum's entry and we're glad that what's troubling you is controllable. We are, of course, very sorry to hear about the treats situation.

And oh my, your uncle Sim, too! We hope everything gets better there as well. And maybe your holiday won't be so jail-ish as spa-ish. It could be OK!
Uh Eric, you think you have problems... S.O.S.o.m
Eric, Smooches and hugs. I hope you get your Diabetes in control and that the vet takes great care of you!
I LOVE that picture of you Eric, you are indeed furry floofy.

I have taken note of your kitty jail's address and will try to teleport over there to keep you company.
Hi Eric! I am sorry to hear that you are sick AND they put you in jail. How rude! But at least you get all wet food from now on. Lucky!

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm a dog! I have been challenged to find a NOMSSF (not of my species special friend). Do you think you could ever be my NOMSSF? Come on over and say hi!

Oh Eric, we hope it is not tooo horrible. Just suffer quietly and be very meek and mild and they will feel sorry for you and give you treats.

So sorry for Uncle Sim! How dreadful. We hope he is doing well and getting the proper medical attention and improveing.
Headbutts, Caesar
Oh poor Eric and Uncle Sim! I hope you both feel better soon. At least you will have your Scratchy Mouse with you. Mom says you look very handsome in that picture.
Hey Eric! Thought I would teleport over for a while again today. I know kittie jail has been a bummer for yor, but just a few more days.

HotMBC is having a party tomorrow. Maybe you can teleport over for a few hours. They won't miss you here!

Take care my fellow ginger!
Dear Eric, hope you have a good visit at the catty jail (well as good as it can be). We can't wait to hear how you get on. FAZ
Hi Eric,

Sorry to hear you have to go to kitty jail.Wow that's very scary about your uncle I'm glad he's okay.
Hey Eric, that kitty jail don't look to bad. Gee, you get to watch birdies. Looks like you don't get to chase them though. Sure hope your Uncle is getting along a lot better now. Sorry to hear you have diabetes but your insulin will take care of it. Won't be long now and your Mom and Dad will be back and you will be home again. Take care O.K. Eric.

Oh gudness, yoo gotta get bettur soon! That kitty jail luks kinda nice....we mean, that's horruble to be put thare, Fat ERic!

Stay happy, Eric. Were thinking abowt yoo big guy!

Rosie and Cheeto
Oh Eric! We haven't been by in awhile because we have been busy with our own little Dorfie. We are so sorry to hear that you got stuck in the kitty jail after 2 trips to the vet! Goodness. But the jail does look very nice indeed, with free entertainment all the while.

Maw used to pet sit a poodin who lived to be 22 and he had diabetes for about 7 years. It is very controllable. You just got to get the dosage correct, which can take some time. Then it might need to be adjusted later as things go along.

Good luck dude!

Luf, Us
Oh Fat Eric we hopes yer stay in the Kitty Jail goes well. We shudders to think that you haf to be away from homes for so long, we understand that still being in the midst of mofing ~The Fluffy Tribe
Hi Eric. Hope you are doing okay in kitty jail. I see you are getting out tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
hi Eric.
we are very worried about you,
since we haven't had any news.
we hope you are getting well.
we miss you and your ironical comments about...almost everything.
purrs and hugs
pepu and blanche
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