Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm Back!!!

Hooray, I have been liberated from kitty jail. Yesterday there was a big storm with lots of rain and wind, it was quite scary. This morning it was still very windy but of course this did not deter my humans from driving to the kitty jail to set me free. One of the staff at the kitty jail gave my mum my bag with all my stuff in (like my Scratchy Mouse, my toys and my comb) - luckily my mum checked in the bag because they had forgotten to pack my Gizzy Quilt! We found the Gizzy Quilt still in my jail cell and we were just getting into the car when another ginger cat (who lives at the kitty jail and roams free around their office area) took a fancy to my humans and tried to get in the car and come home with us, but don't worry, I soon saw him off.

When I got home I had a good meal and then snuggled for a bit with my mum, then I went upstairs and checked out the whole house just to make sure no Evil Intruder Cats had arrived in my absence. Everything seems fine. My humans saw a mouse in the kitchen when they got home last night - they have never seen a mouse in our house before so they think it only dared to come in because it knew I had gone to the kitty jail. I don't think it will dare show its face again here now I am back!

My humans had a nice time in Derbyshire and had good weather (except when they were driving back through the rain storm), although my mum says she spent quite a bit of time worrying about me and my diabetes (as she should, having dumped me in kitty jail!) They did lots of walking and saw lots of sheep and cattle and wildflowers - my mum even saw a kingfisher on the river there. They also went on some steam trains and some vintage trams and saw some classic cars so my dad was happy. I might let them post some pictures if they ask nicely.

We are all quite worn out now so we are chilling at home today. I have to go to the v-e-t again tomorrow to start having my insulin injections so we are hoping that goes well. Meanwhile I am going to check out my friends' blogs and find out what I have missed while I have been away!

Welcome home, my friend! We are quite upset to hear about the whole diabetes thing. We know you'll get the best of care and lots of lovin' from your beans, though.
Truth to tell, Mum is a little worried about me getting it as I'm an older, larger boy. What were your symptoms?
Hope all is well in England!
Hi, Eric! Mom's eyes lit up when I read her the steam train part. My beans rode Amtrak trains on der bacation, but they's diesel an lectric, not steam.

Too bad yur beans didn't safe the mousie fur you to play wif! Glad yur home safe an sound. Hugs an purrs!
Hello my friend!! Glad to hear you're home and that your mom and dad had a nice holiday. (Although it couldn't have been THAT nice if you weren't there.)
Hooray! I am very happy you are out of jail and back home where you belong. I'll bet the staff at the kitty jail were trying to STEAL your beautiful Gizzy Quilt. Thank goodness their evil plot was foiled.
Welcome back Eric! I am so furry happy that your jail time is over. I hope you have lots of nice sunny days to enjoy your yard.
I sooo glad that you are home. Mine mombean's been worried 'bout you and wanted to know that you are OK. Ya know with the sweet blood and all.
Oh Eric, I'm so glad that you're out of kitty jail! And you're not angry at your parents for taking you there?
Maybe you're distracted by the visit to the vet.

I hope that you get used to the injections. May you be in the best health possible.
Hooray!! We're glad to see you're back home cuz we missed you.Hope efurryfing goes well at the V E T and they don't do too much stabbing. I can come and find the mousie furr you if you like. I don't need to teleport cuz I can run like the wind.
I am so glad that you are out of kitty jail and back home where you belong. I'll bet that mousie ran as fast as he could the minute you got back. It's very lucky that your Mom checked your bag and noticed that your Gizzy quilt was missing. It would be terrible to leave that behind. I hope the vet visit isn't too terrible.
we're so glad to hear you're out of jail! we sure hope your appointment to the V.E.T. goes well - purrrrrrrrs!
::happy dancing:: YAY!! Eric's back!!! good thing your mom gotted your gizzy quilt back!
good luck at the v-e-t tomorrow
Welcome home, Fat Eric! Way to tough it out during your stint in Kitty Jail. I still can't figure out why Beans think spending time without kitties is a vacation.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Welcome home Eric. Glad all went well. FAZ
I am glad to hear that you are out of jail. I hope the vet visit goes well.
Hello my friend in floofy-ness! How good it must feel to be back in your home again!!
We have been worried about you and the diabetes, but those shots are going to make you feel better.
Keep us all updated, and we'd love to see vacation pictures.
Glad you are back home. Cheeky mouse to invade your house.

Glad your beans enjoyed DERBYshire.
Hi, Eric! Ernest and I are happy that you are home again and survived kitty jail. We hope that your visit at the vet goes well tomorrow and that taking the insulin works out.
we are *twirlin' an' twirlin'* in the kitty happydance to know you is free at last, an' happily reunited wif your beans!! it was furry mean of them to go off at such a critical time in your life, but then they just seem to have their own timetables, don't they?;-) anyhoo, best of fluffyginger luck to you, me lad, at the v-e-t tomorrow. do please keep us posted!

best fishes, your bud,
Glad you are back home.

Do you have an e-mail address? I was reading up this book called "Heal your cat the natural way" written by a medical vet called Richard Allport from the UK. This book details alternative treatment methods, eg aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy etc, to complement the traditional medical treatment we are used to.

One section deals with diabetes mellitus. Are you interested? I can pdf a copy and send to your mail account.
Yay! Welcome back!
Hope you'll get much much better after the injections and your humans give you wots of tweats after the v-e-t tomowwow.
I'm glad you're back! Hope you're having a relaxing evening ...
Welcome back my friend! I am glad you didn't lose yur Gizzy quilt! Good luck with your V.E.T. visit tomorrow. Diabetes sux, my Mommy has it.
I hope your insulin injections go OK ... that does not sound fun at all. And I suspect that other cat at kitty jail just wanted to come and visit with you and maybe hunt that mouse. Glad to see you got set free...
welcome home buddy! I hope everything went well for you. Shots are no fun.
my mouth is watering at the thought of that mouse. maybe you'll get lucky and he will come back! some indoor kitties have been lucky enough to have dumb mice come into their homes. sigh, why can't i get that lucky.

wishing you lotsa snuggles from your beans today!

PS I tagged you for a Middle Name MeMe!!!!!
great news!!!
we were so worried, you can't imagine our human faces and gestures at reading about you and the jail and the blablabla. she can't help it, she's argentinian, so influenced by her italian blood.
anyway, the three of us are very happy to have you back.
purrs and hugs and purrs and hugs
Glad your back from that kitty jail now show that nasty mouse who's boss.
Good to hear you are back home. We hope you start feeling better soon after your shots.
Man, I hope the daily stabbings aren't too painful. I watch the Woman do it every day, and she doesn't cry or anything, but it still seems to be a royal pain.
Glad to hear that you are back home, good thing that you remembered your gizzy quilt. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
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