Saturday, August 25, 2007


Saturday Sunshine

Here I am sitting in the sunshine. Yes, that's right, the sun is out today! We haven't seen it for about two weeks, despite this supposedly being summer, so it was really nice to go out today and bask for a bit.

I am still getting over the traumas of Thursday. When the Evil Cat Carrier came out again early on Thursday morning, before I had even had my breakfast, I was horrified. I couldn't believe we were off to the v-e-t at 8.30 in the morning! Then it got worse, because when we got to the v-e-t my humans went away and left me there all day!!! I thought I had been abandoned. I had to spend the entire day in a jail cell at the v-e-t's (at least they let me out of the Evil Cat Carrier) having more blood stolen every two hours. I sat there with my paws hanging out of the front of the jail cell, trying to reach out and grab the v-e-t and his assistants every time they walked past!

I was stuck there until 6.30 in the evening, when the v-e-t's assistant came and rescued me - she was quite nice actually so I gave her a big cuddle and shed some hair all over her. She took me to another room, and there waiting for me were the v-e-t and both my humans! They had come back for me! I was so relieved I threw myself into my mum's arms and licked her all over (I tried to act hurt and offended, but I'm just so bad at doing the whole stand-offish thing).

Anyway, the results of this day of torture were as follows:
1. My blood glucose is still way above what it should be, so the amount of insulin I am getting twice a day is being increased.
2. My mum had another lesson from the v-e-t about how to stick needles in me, because she is not very good at it.
3. I have been disfigured! Just because my floofy fur was making it harder for my mum to stick needles in me, the v-e-t agreed to shave a patch on my back to make it easier for her while she is learning! Look at this picture! My handsome looks are ruined! 4. Although you can't see it in this picture, I have also got another bald patch on my neck where they were stealing my blood, and yet another shaved patch on my stomach where the v-e-t was checking on the little cut I have got. I look moth-eaten! I look mangy! Oh, the shame...
5. I have to go back to the v-e-t's AGAIN next Tuesday! Can you believe that?

Still, I don't want to sound too negative. The sun is shining. I am getting lots and lots of stinky goodness. There is a Bank Holiday on Monday, and my mum still has another week of school holidays to spend quality time with me. I think I will get her to help me choose a picture of me for the Cat Blogosphere Calendar...a picture without bald patches!

Oh, poor Eric! I still think you are very handsome though. And you have so much floof that I bet hardly anyone will notice! If it would help your self-esteem, you should talk to your parents about a small kitty toupee...

Oh, Eric, we are so sorry you were put through all of that torture! Don't worry, your fur will soon grow back and we still think that you are a very floofy handsome mancat, indeed!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
That is a lot of very terrible torture! I been thinking that you have so much floofy fur, maybe you could do a comb-over to cover up the bald spot?
You look especially floofy in that first picture my friend. Looks like you just had a good brushing session. We keep you in our thoughts and mother is scared to death that I will get diabetes too so she's being extra vigilant with the d-i-e-t. -Shaggy
How horrible .... perhaps a story that you were cat-napped by space aliens and they wanted to take some of you to clone a whole race of superior beings might do the trick.

And make the beans give you extra loves and snuggles.

Oh Eric, that's a lotta torture. You're very brave for holding up so good! You are still handsum, we girls fink! A couplea bald patches couldn't make you ugly for noffin!
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree (and Pepi, tho he refuses to comment on handsum cuz he's a guycat)
Hi Eric,

Has your mom thought about home testing your blood sugars? My mom got a human glucose meter (one that takes just a tiny drop of blood) and saw a couple of videos on the internet about how to take the blood from my ears. It took a few tries, but she and I got the hang of it in about 1 week. It doesn't hurt at all!! and I didn't have to go to the VET for a "curve", my mom did it at home on Saturdays when she was off work. She reported the results to the VET. Also, she would test me before my insulin shot and make sure I wasn't too low! Just a thought!!

Poor Eric...We wood do what Daisy sed, a little "comb over" to hide da bald spot. We think yoor mom cood learn to do da test too. It's not reely hard, mom does dad's whens he's home and he does his own at work. He sez it hurts less when mom does it but it doesn't hurt that much when he does his own. Mom does his "pen" injection too. I don't know if maybe dey haf a veterinary type of pen injector dat yoor mom cood use but dey is much easier den a syringe.
dear eric, you look fantastic!
don't worry about those patches. hair grows incredibly fast (our mum can never vaccum all our hair from all over the place and still, we have plenty of it to drop, hahahaha)
please, obey the rules, that means,
eat and take what you've been prescribed.
we like you so much! so bad!
purrs and hugs
petu and blanche
Poor Eric, but if it helps your Mom give you shots it's a good thing. We want you to stay healthy. Just bask in the sun. I think you are still handsome even with the bald patch. (Sam)
Your FL furiends,
Purrs Eric, the fur will grow back and by then your mum will be better with the insulin shots.

I can relate to the rain, we are finally through a week of rainy days and lots of rain. 9 inches worth!. Today sun and open windows!
No fair. It has been thundering here in Ohio all day long. Boo Hoo.
Don't worry about those bald patches; you're still beautiful and the furs will grow back.

Just enjoy the sunshine!
Oh we hope that the sun stays out for a while. That's horrible about being stuck so much and about your beautiful furs!
Oh, poor Eric! We are all very concerned about you. Maine Grandma and Mum just want to cuddle you all the time.
I hated being shaved, too, but you DO have nice pink skin to show off!
Take care and enjoy the nice weather!
Oh dear! They stole your fur!
Don't wowwy, you wook just as handsome with or without the bald patches!
Bless your little heart FE!!! You and Dorf can compare shaved spots. He has the huge shaved spot on his neck from where the feeding tube was inserted, the shaved front leg for the IV, and the shaved bottom of his hind leg for the blood pressure monitor. But it will help your mom a lot to be able to see where she's sticking that needle. And pretty soon, your furs will grow back.

We're glad the sun is shining for you!

Luf, Us
Eric, I feel for you. I hate it when people make me all bald. It's just not right. The last time it happened to me, it took eons for my fur to grow back...and mine's much shorter than yours. Poor guy. I hope your insulin situation gets better too.

But you're right, at least the sun is shining.
You are still furry handsome, Eric, even with shaved patches.

I've still got lots of shaved patches too. A shaved tummy from my big operation, a shaved patch on one arm from the anaesthetic, a shaved patch on the other arm from when they stole some blood, and a little lumpy bit on my shoulder which they said was a minor reaction to one of the vaccinations they gave me.
You are very floofy Eric. I think the bald spot is very manly... sort of, mature. A comb over should do the trick.

I hate getting poked, ow!
Eric, dude, don't worry! No one will think you're any less Mancatly 'cause you have a bald spot. You've got to get your sticks every day to stay healthy and they couldn't get through your floofiness any other way.
At least the sun came out for you! Getting your furs stolen along with your blood is just awful! I hope your Mommy gets the hang of the injections. I bet she'll be a pro in no time flat!
Poor Eric, I am sorry to hear you had such a rough Thursday. I think Daisy is right, you should do a comb over, ha, ha, ha that makes me laff and laff and laff.

I'm glad you are getting good care.
Oh poor Eric, they've mutilated you! Don't worry though you still look lovely and floofie. We've heard that that Rocky the Gutter cat has a lot of spare furrs. Maybe you could get some from him. You'd be Two-Tone Eric then.
We're glad you're getting some sun at last. We have had lovely weather here ever since the torrential rain last Monday. We are spending all our time in the garden, it's too hot furr hunting.
Dude - that's a purfect spot fer a tatoo!
Your furs will grow back pretty quick. I'm sorry that you had to go through all the torture. :(

Mom says thank you for the Birthday wishes Eric.
Your FL furiends,
Yay! The sun is shining on you! You've had a rough time lately and you deserve some warm sunshine.

Purrs to you,
Sorry you've been through so much.Yet
I think your still a very handsome kitty.
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