Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sleepy Sunday

It is Sunday. It is raining outside again. My dad has gone down to see Devon Grandma for the weekend. My mum is cleaning the kitchen (amazing how a bit of grease helps cat hair stick to things!) I am napping. Since I came back from the kitty jail I have been varying my napping location between on Scratchy Mouse in the living-room and under the yellow chair in the spare room.

Well. Having come back from the kitty jail on Wednesday and started to settle back in with my home comforts, imagine my horror early on Thursday morning when the Evil Cat Carrier came out again. My mum put it down in the living-room and then went to put on her shoes. When she came back...I was gone! She searched for ages before she found me hiding behind the living-room door.

I was almost relieved when I found out we were only going up the road to the v-e-t, not straight back to the kitty jail, but I meowed very loudly all the way there anyway. The v-e-t had to teach my mum and dad how to give me an insulin injection. They practised with sterile water. I got bored. My mum found it much harder than she thought to get the needle in the right place because of all my floofy fur hiding where the needle is! I might have to have some floofy fur shaved off to make it easier.

My mum is really nervous about doing my injections properly. She does it when I am eating and I don't actually notice the injection but I do notice when she grabs up some of my skin before she injects me - I turn round and give her a hard stare. She is scared of sticking the needle in the wrong place but I am OK so far. (She stuck the needle in her finger the first time, heh heh).

Because of the injections twice a day, I have to have my meals at very exact times now and I don't like this very much. I stand in the kitchen yelling "I'm hungry!" and she says "You can't eat for another half an hour", it's completely unfair! At least now that I have been taken off dry food I get a lot more stinky goodness and I do like that, even if she makes me wait till the right time.

On Thursday I have to go and spend the whole day at the v-e-t's, can you believe it? I have to go there early in the morning before having any food or insulin, because the vet wants to do this glucose curve thingy and measure my blood sugar all day to see how it goes up and down. Then we will know how I am doing with the injections so far.

My mum has found some really helpful websites. I feel OK but I wish it would stop raining, I want to go outside and watch the birds. Meanwhile I will carry on napping...zzzzzzz....

P.S. Oh yes. I forgot to mention. The v-e-t weighed me again and in the last fortnight my weight has gone down again from 20 lb to 19.4 lb. If this carries on I will be Skinny Eric instead of Fat Eric...

Be strong!

(MomBean used your name once while BabyBean was in the hospital. When one of the nurses asked how BabyBean was eatin', the reply was: 'Like Fat Eric.'

The nurse just looked at her funny for a moment.
Poor baby, not getting fed on demand is awful. We'z glad yoo is doing okay wif da shots. Sounds like yoo take yoors better den our daddy does!
I will be sleeping all day too. It sounds like a good day.
Poor Eric! But you will get better and you will get used to proper feeding times! We keep proper feeding times OURSELVES! Sometimes we have to let the staff know because they missed it....
Hang in there!
Your friend Karl
Hi Eric. When I first got diabetes, mom had to learn how to home test my blood sugar with a human glucose meter!! It took about a week and we got a routine and then I didn't mind here poking my ear at all!! She was scared too at first with the injections, but we got used to them. We used the "tight regulation" protocol and Lantus (glargine) insulin and it only took 49 days and I didn't need it any more!! I only eat low carb wet food now and I have been off insulin for 1 year!! Best wishes to you. By the way - because mom home tested my blood, I didn't have to go to the VET to have "curves" done - that was a bonus for me and less expensive for Mom.

Eric, we feel for you. Getting stuck at the vet is bad enough, but imagine being stuck at home all the time.

I don't think you'll ever be skinny Eric though--Gemini is a tiny thing but you'd never know under all that fur!
Oh Eric, I feel sorry for you having to eat according to a schedule now. I would be complaining very loudly if they made that rule all of a sudden.

You are being very patient with your momma as she learns to shoot you correctly. She's going to get really good at it soon. Just keep allowing her to practice.

I think you look bigger because of your big white belly. You're not fat at all.
You are a brave man, my friend. Hang tough with the trips to the v-e-t and enjoy your naps.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Eric, you are very brave! And I am happy that you get to eat all stinky goodness instead of crunchies. I'll bet all your floofiness makes it harder to give you your injections. I never thought of that before.
Bummer on the shots my furiend. Hopefully they will help. Weight loss is a symptom of diabetes.

It has been raining here too both yesterday and today. Mum is happy, she could sit and read. Over 3 inches of rain so far and more to come.
Ew, a shot twice a day! Wow, you are so good. But I'm glad you are doing it, it will make you feel better.
Well... at least it's not once a day... we're keeping you in our thoughts.
You might become Skinny Eric, but I think you will always be Floofy Eric.

Keep up the good work Eric!
My mom says she would be nervous about giving shots too, but she imagines it will become easier with time and experience.

After my bladder stone surgery, Mom started feeding us twice a day also with no food left out inbetween. That kind of sucks.
I hope the insulin does its job and your diabetes is under control. I would feel nervous too if the Feeders had to give me a shot twice a day!
Yoo are furry brave Eric, it's not nice being shot, but at least you get Stinky Goodness twice a day. We only get it in the evenings. We have D I E T crunchies in the mornings, but they don't work.
Thanks for the compliment you left on our Post.Hope efurryfing goes well furr you on Thursday.
Poor Fat Eric. Eating by the human schedule, limiting treats and cruchies and SHOTS as well. It's too cruel. You need a nice tummy and back rub to make you feel better.
Mum wishes she could cuddle you.
She's also impressed about how good natured you are about the shots.
Take care!
It may not seem like it, but it IS good mews that yur loosin weight, gettin stinky goodness alla time, an yur Mom is learnin to do the needle stickin fing. It means you'll be wif us fur lotsa more time!

Um, at yur size, isn't it kinda hard to hide?
Poor Fat Eric having to go through all this. And poor Mum. Maw has given insulin injections to poodins and woofies and it is much harder to make sure it goes in when there is a lot of fur. And you have a LOT of fur our furriend! Hang in there dude! Stinky goodness all the time! Yay!!!

Luf, Us
Eric, this is just terrible. A strict feeding schedule and 2 shots a day! You have our complete sympathy.
Oh Eric, you are positively wasting away! 19.4 lbs! WOW!

I am glad you don't mind your injections too much. I wouldn't like to wait for my food though either. I want to eat when I holler, although my Mum doesn't always abide by my rules : ( I hope your test goes well.
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