Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Small Update

Thank you for all your purrs of support, my friends.

My mum took the pee sample round to the V-E-T this morning. They didn't have the blood test results yet but they said they would call her tomorrow about them. But then they called this afternoon instead and asked if she could come straight in tomorrow morning to talk about the blood test results. Now she is even more worried. We are doing lots of snuggling here to make us feel less nervous. My floofiness has been disfigured where the V-E-T shaved a big strip on my neck to help him steal my blood.

Please keep purring for me.

Tell your Mom to try to not worry too much. My People have had to go in the the Blood Talk and it turned out to be not much of anything, just needed to put me on pulsing anti-bio-ticks (which is not nearly as cool as it sounds. NOTHING was really pulsing. Sheesh.) Sometimes stabby people have you come in because they want to show you stuff on paper, and they need to hand over pills to torture the kitty with. It's not always bad news.
Oh Good luck Eric! I will start purring for you now that I am home and eager to purr!
Oh dear, Eric, I'm afraid we are a day late, so didn't read about the V-E-T visit until just now. We are purring and praying that when Mum goes in tomorrow to discus the test results, that it will be o.k.
Oh Eric, we will purr and purrayer for you until we hear tomorrow.
Thank you for the birthday wish. (Sam)
Your FL furiends,
We are purrraying for you Eric. Hang in there.

Ninja & Brenda
purring and purrraying for you, big fellah!! *snuggles* from all us missouri meowers!!
lots of purrs coming your way, Eric. let us know what happens tomorrow.

Anni, Samantha & Bebe
Purrin real hard for you my friend!
Tara and Kavan
We're purrin', purrin', purrin' for you, Fat Eric!
DMM and the Feline Americans
Gosh, now *I'm* getting all worried! Please be OK and let us know...
We're purring for you from Virginia, Eric. Lots of things are treatable. I, Jake, have had hyperthyroidism for just over a year, and it's under control with pills that Mom hides in my Fancy Feast.

Wishing you well,
Eric, if I purred any harder I might break my purrer.
I hope its all ok. Be sure to gives lots of loves to Mum and tell her not to worry too much
PURR, PURR, PURRR, PURRR, PURRR. I hope the visit with the beans and the VET goes well. Keep us posted so we know what is going on.
oh geez Eric, we is werried! you has to be OK! we is purring and puurraying for good news!
Hope you are okay, Eric. I'm purring for you!

Here's something that might make you smile. I found a furry nice kitty who's floofy orange and white tummy is almost as good as yours! (almost, but not quite)
I am hoping and praying that everything will be all right, Eric. I hope Max is right and it's not really bad news, just papers and maybe some medicine that the vet has to show your Mum.
Continued purrs for you and your mum! Peggy, Lilly and Laila
Please tell us as soon as you learn something. I am a little worried. I had better turn my purr-motor on high!
Poor Eric! Thinking of you and look forward to hearing...
purrrrrr...we have Huggy Bear on the job. He is our resident purrer.

purrs and headbutts
Jasper and the McKitten-Cats
Hugs and purrs to all of you and we're saying lots of purrayers that everything's ok.
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